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  1. Hi all, I am redesigning my 4ft tank (moving on from tropicals) and depending on substrate I will be either moving back to fancy goldies or trying something new with an axolotl. I have already bought two bags of Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum Substrate 8kg (so 16kg in total and it has already arrived) as the plan is to have a large gold vine driftwood centerpiece and live plants and mosses etc on and around it and get the plants established before restocking the tank. My question is, is the Fluval soil safe and ideal for axolotls considering they're in contact with it constantly? Or should I cap the substrate with something else like a sand? If I need to cap it, what would be best? Last time I had a live planted tank I just had plain play sand (I was a newbie lol!) which was not a good idea for the plants I had so I wanna try and do it right this time. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.
  2. Going to head down to Mitre 10 tomorrow and grab a bag of Richgro Play Sand to put in the bottom of the smaller bathtub I have, just going to use this tub as a nursery grow tub, just put cuttings of this and that in there and let them grow, also store other plants that I have to put in the bathtub to come, will this sand be OK, I know to wash it a lot before hand as well.
  3. Iv recently replaced gravel with sand in my frontosa tank and now I want the rest of my tanks set up with sand... I've used the coarse coral sand in the fronts tank and found it soooo much easier to vac. I just give it a bit of a stir while doing my weekly wc and it stays beautiful and white and bright! It also seems to have helped stabilise the ph around 8.2 and I no longer seem to need to use a buffer. How do bristlenose and plecos take to sand? Can they ingest it and suffer gut issues? Or are they more likely to enjoy digging around in it as apposed to gravel? and will the bn fry be ok in it? I paid $99 for 20kg bag of the white coral sand at a supply shop nearby and it would cost me about another $400+ if I used the same stuff to do all my tanks which I can't afford. I've got a bag of richgro playsand that says is suitable for aquariums and the such....read mixed reports on it but at $8 for 20kg I'd be laughing if it IS in fact suitable. also on the fry note, my tanks have exploded with fry and I'm running out of tank space at a rapid rate. I have some flameback fry I need to put somewhere....will they be safe in a bn tank with an adult pair of peps and various juvenile cats? The flamebacks are about 1cm currently.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows of Richgro's Washed Play Sand from Bunnings is OK to use in a fresh water Australian native tank, has anyone used it or knows if it's suitable? Also, I have some left over ADA Amazonia Soil, could I use that as a bottom layer then place sand over the top, then planted Vallisneria nana and other native Australian plants? Would it be suitable for Spotted Blue Eyes as well as some native shrimp? Cheers.
  5. My daughter showed me sand waterfall/fountains on Youtube recently so I decided to have a crack at making one. Ingredients: 1 mm sand. [ MUST be 1mm ] I used pool filter sand. 25 mm pvc pipe. 2 of 25 mm elbows. 1 airstone. Airpump and 4 mm airline. Half a brain. So I drilled a hole for the airline in the rear of the pvc and a hole in the top elbow to allow air bubbles to escape. Now I need to fine tune it to keep the sand falling directly in front of the bottom elbow otherwise there is no sand at the inlet. I will cut the top elbow shorter to hopefully fix this. To be continued.......maybe
  6. what are the best sand sifters around? i was looking online about somileptes gongota aka moosehead loach, jaguar loach, gongota loach. has anyone had any good sand sifters?
  7. Hello ☺ I was wondering what people liked to put on the bottom of their L333 tanks? Sand, Gravel, nothing or a mix, and is their any particular reason for the substrate you chose? Thanks ☺
  8. Just wondering if anyone has used or thought about hooking one of those Pool Sand Filters up to a rack system instead of a Sump Tank
  9. Red desert, red quartz sand. Any thoughts on using this product for aquarium use; sand sifting Africans (made for reptiles, hermit crabs and aquariums) The grain size of red desert quartz is finer than Tahitian moon sand.
  10. Whats your thoughts? Im looking at purchasing some bunnings play sand for one of my black cherry shrimp tank ,just want a different substrate for a diffrent look Whats your thought? Have you done it ? Picis would be great THANKS
  11. We received our ADA order in today including some snazzy little tanks, Soils and Powder in 9 litre and 3 litres. We have a pretty good range of ADA and you can check it all out ----> ADA Aqua Design Amano
  12. .I'm looking for crushed coral or aragonite sand for my fish tank but can't find any that is a pure clean white colour does anyone know a good brand that is
  13. ..Hi guys, Just want to know if anyone uses Up Aqua Shrimp Sand. I've looked around and it has some mixed reviews. I have it in one of my tanks and it seems to be ok but still early days I think. Just want to get everyone's experiences if any.
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  15. Hi. I recently tripped over and have stated playing with Pisces NZ iron sand. Very schmick! I am just wondering about the effects on the water (yes, yes, I know, should've tested before adding...) I have been reliably informed there seems to be no effect on pH, kH or gH, with only a possible slight rise in TDS. I am more curious however about iron, though unfortunately I don't have a test kit. I have seen a few items suggesting it as an iron source for plants. This raised a few question for me. Is iron measurable in the water, and if so, in what levels against sand quantity? If iron is being released, is it going to be available to leaf feeders like java fern or only root feeders? And last but not least, if it is being released into the water, is it potentially being oxodised by a UV steraliser? And ideas? Chemistry isn't my forte so be gentle please!
  16. Hey guys/gals quick question, I have say 60kg of moon sand in a particular tank, and would be looking at removing to add mary river sand, How would i go about this, so that i am able to collect my moon sand for down the track use ? Will be storing in 50L storage containers, so i would like a method where i dont have to store stagnant water once removed just the sand lol THANKS IN ADVANCE
  17. .Hi Tech Den - I'm thinking about getting some Iron Sand (love the look of it) for a tank that will be both a planted tank and eventually a Discus tank. Do you think that'd work out OK?
  18. G'day all, just wondering if anybody has kept Geos with BTMS? I had a quick search through the forum but couldn't find this topic being brought up recently. I've kept my Callos (Tang sand sifters) with the moon sand no worries but I'm just wondering, with Geos' overactive sifting day & night, would the BTMS be ok with them? I run my hands through it & although if feels slightly rough it doesn't feel sharp like the coal slag "sands" or other coarse sand but would like a few opinions please. Don't wanna damage their gills if it will be too rough for them...
  19. Deal of the Day - CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand 9.2kg Bags. Today only $29.95 - Age of Aquariums - CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand 9.2kg Great opportunity to rescape your aquarium in Australia's favourite aquarium substrate !!. Ben
  20. Hi, I'm planning on putting my pep bn newly hatched fry in a tank with black moon sand... Is it ok to do so???
  21. http://www.naturalbuildingblog.com/sand-bag-fish-pond/ Not a bad effort at all. Why dig, when you can go high.
  22. Hi all, as the title says, I am having trouble keeping the plants in the sand substrate. I put sand in so that I didn't have to use pots, so if anyone has some good ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Hey everyone! I'm looking for suggestions for plants to go in my 2ft tank with sand as the substrate? It's going to be for my new betta and would like some foliage to keep him happy! ATM I have a small Anubis attached to the driftwood but that's about it. Any suggestions on some good hardy plants that don't mind sand? Also the light is a good planted aqaurium light and I'm happy to use ferts. Ideas? Thanks heaps! P.S here's a pic so you know what I'm working with.
  24. So I recently bought a 20litre bag of Mary River sand from a landscape place for 6 bucks.' We'll that's pretty cheap' I thought to myself. when I went I went home, without thinking I put it In my 3ft tank. A couple hours later when I was browsing through another forum I came across a thread talking about how you should clean your sand before you put it in your tank. Now I don't know what to do as I can't just take it out! What should I do? When I put water in my tank will it be fine?
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