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Found 24 results

  1. Thought id share a couple pics of my large gold Saum. I've grown him out from when he was an inch long. Also have another gold that im in tge process of growing out. He has got potential to be another looker. I also have a white/silver around the 4.5cm mark and is looking the goods. He's just a tad camera shy. All are fed on Hikari pellets, live shrimp, earth worms and the odd pea. Im a Saum fanatic and hands down my all time favorite. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. https://db.tt/MmL7NuQ3 really nice riv. Pushing the 25cm mark. Goes into his home in the next cpl of days. 2.5 x 2.5 x 2 all to himself.
  3. i was just wondering if anybody has these aequidens rivulatus "gold saum" here in Aus. or if anybody on here is breeding them? if so how much would i expect to pay for a small juvie?
  4. Hi everyone, If I choose to I am able to get a white saum female and gold saum male. These fish are a breeding pair but I just want to know everyones opinions on this. If I ever decide to move the fish on will they be worthless due to the two different species of the one pair? And will the fry be suitable to sell? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers, Ben.
  5. Just a short video of some of my babies, Salvini fry are 3 days old, Split Gene Jack dempseys are maybe 10-11weeks, White Saum Fry are 5-6 weeks, and looks like my other 2 White Saums are doing the deed! Once I get my other 9 tanks/fish room setup, will be plenty of pics and video's :egrin
  6. Hey guys and gals, I have just had my rivulatus's lay a batch of eggs :) My male is a very large gold saum and my very small female is a white saum. Is this normal for these different types to interbreed? and to what outcome of the colour of the tail should I expect on the babies? Thanks Craig
  7. I am amazed at this guys growth lately. The way he is going, he will catch up to the midas soon. He is getting a nice head on him too now. I threw in this shot to give a better idea of just how much the saum has grown lately.
  8. I have some Juvi gold saums, i consider them babies still, but iv witnessed some breeding behaviour today and low and behold - eggs are laid!!! Is this normal for these guys to breed this small??
  9. Hey guys Just posting a few pics of one of my GT juvies just starting to show some colour at about 8cm. Im really liking these guys. Any guesses what sex?? No pointed fins yet but showing good colour and kind of getting wide head....
  10. Hey guys thought is post a few pics n vids of my newly weds First is a pic of my male (15cm's) by himself. Then Look how fiesty he gets when i introduce the female. This is after adding the female shes a bit bigger i didnt measure her maybe 18cm. And heres a video of them, he keeps Shaking and twitching very fast. he only did it when he was by himself and we came up to the glass but now hes doing it all the time? its different to the breeding shake my Altifrons do. Below are videos click on the pic to view them......
  11. Hey guys I just got me some nice fat little Gold Saum juvies. Biggest is maybe 7/8cm head to tail. Is it too early to get an idea of the sex of these?? They all have rounded dorsal fins, all have a slight orange edging, a couple have extra blue freckling on gill plates (which doesnt show up on photos) Iv only had them a few days so not expecting much colour from them yet. heres a couple of them. Whatya all think??
  12. As above the male is about 20cm female about 15cm, what are they worth?
  13. I was trying out a couple of new diffusers for the overhead flash.
  14. if annyone goes past the tank he wants a fight he belts objects againts the tank at night it was cool but he dose this permenantly but if i put my hand in the tank hees fine im worried he hit the glass that hard /the sound was that glass cracking sound not cool well im expecting the tank to go boom anny sugestions how to discourage this behavior ? thanx john
  15. Just a quick shot of this guy. I was fairly happy with this shot as I managed to capture the beautiful colours throughout the unpaired fins.
  16. Was just wondring whether gold saums can get white edging around the tails and still be a true gold saum.. Ive had him for a while now hes about 10-12cm.. He was always a very vibrant orange around the tail and top fin, and over the last month it is now vibrant orange on the inside of his tail and about 2mm or so vibrant white surrunding that, if you know what i mean.. Has anyone seen this before ? Thanks in advance for ay feedback.. Cheers Steve.. Will try ad post photo..
  17. i got told that this is a female gold saum she has a more square ..er body to my male ....and the geo i have no clue on ...
  18. I know it sound funny, but one of my saums has got a "pimply" looking bump on its bottom lip, it doesnt look too bad but i was just wondering what you guys thought? i was thinking its just from jaw locking with the other female in the tank or from running into a piece of driftwood or something? il try and get a pic for yous too soon cheers willy
  19. well he or she imm asumeing she is aproxx 4 yrs old her partner passed away 1 yr ago and she is sad and beat up all her fins are bit and the gold/orng around the edge is gone is in my diplay tank and been getting bullied and now the blue lines on her face are gone? is it ? sex ?
  20. Finally got the new tank set up. It's a 3ft x 20 x 20 with a pair of Gold Saum's The male. They've only been in the tank about 3 days, so you can see the battle damage on his left side. They fought for about 2 hours before they settled down. The female: Pics aren't the greatest. First effort and the tank is in my classroom at work, so it's daylight when I'm in and the room is pretty well lit. Should get some better shots in winter.
  21. hey guys what you think of my new male, got him with a gal as a breeding pair, ENJOY! JOSH~
  22. Hey guys. Im up in Cairns. Im after some good quality Gold Saum Rivulatus fry. There are no good quality fry anywhere around the Cairns shops. Does anyone know of any good breeders around QLD that will ship ??
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