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Found 8 results

  1. Really struggling with keeping my yank fry alive. I need a fry saver that they can't slip thru. What's everyone using? Just lost 3/4 a batch of Oscar fry. Seething....
  2. Happy friday people... this is a picture of something Marcus has been working on Would like some feed back on it if you have the time. Water is being pumped up thru the filters from the ibc for circulation. Seems to be working well for them thank you for your time. Sherell.
  3. Could u use a hang on filter with no media except maybe wool to stop them flowing back into the tank Just an idea Let me know ur thoughts
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. My Caudopunctatus have just had their second batch of fry, the first batch was eaten by the other fish and i tried moving what was left into another small tank but they died (temperature change?). This lot i bought a aquaone fry saver and thought all would be good, but the little buggers must have swam through the mesh and been eaten by the other fish! Does anyone have any suggestions with fry savers that fry cant escape? Thanks for any help.
  6. Ok so went to bunnings got myself a couple nice containers Some aquarium safe silicon And some fly screen So can people please give me there suggestions on how to do it? Do i cut a hole in the bottom and put the fly screen on hte bottom or do i do that to the sides of the box? And if the sides then how to do get the eggs to tumble also the fry will range from pindani's to a variety of BN. Cheers any suggestions would be great i did see something good on here not long ago but i cannot seem to find it now :S
  7. Here is some pics of my first attempt at making a fry saver, I have a few ideas on how to tweak the design for the next one. I currently have about 5 million Rivulatus fry in it (ok maybe not that many, but you get the idea) 1.2 Litre Ice Cream container Drilled a hole in the centre to stick through the upstand For the upstand I just used some bits of spray bars from cannister filters. Also siliconed it in place. Next I cut some holes in 3 sides of the container I used a course filter pad from a cannister filter to cover the holes, I was going to use a fine fly screen mesh, but figured the filter sponge may offer some better biological filtration and give something for the fry to pick at (plus I didnt have any fly screen and Leanne would probably crack it if I cut some off the back door) Next I added an angle piece to the top of the upstand, and drilled a 4mm hole in the top to feed the airline into it, I didnt use an airstone, just shoved the airline down there. I was kinda trying to remember back to school days on whether this set up would work ie: pull new water through from underneath whilst pushing old water out through the sponge. (It did ) On the 4th side that i didnt cut the hole in, I have just used some suction caps to attach it to the side of the tank, My second attempt will need some thought on a better way to do this, as the other side sagged a little, so i had to prop it up with a clip and a piece of pipe (a tad dodgy) Let me know what you think, any feedback, critisism (within reason) will be appreciated. Adrian
  8. hi would someone be able to put a pic of there fry savers as i can not get the hang of it and how exactly to use them. i have bred heaps of common and albino bristlenose before but occasionally they kick the eggs out and they just fungus any help would be great thanks.
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