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Found 8 results

  1. Anybody know if different species of silver dollars will school together? for example will spotted silver dollars school with normal silver dollars?
  2. I'm attempting to breed these bumblebee gobies in freshwater I'm going to give them a few months in this tank if no luck I'll do a bit of a change up and try them in something smaller with white sand and less distractions. All seem to be fairly active and even though most things I've read say that they are territorial these ones all seem to like to hang out. I have a peppermint an oto and a couple of harlequin rasboras in there but they seem to leave each other alone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just wondering if there is any type of smaller sized schooling fish that would go with Malawi cichlids? I don't recall seeing any so far in other tanks, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask? Cheers
  4. I'm looking to grab about 10-15 schooling fish tomorrow. I like zebra and leopard danios, but I'd like them to stay middle to top and from what I've heard danios are just top? I also like the bigger tetras (rosy etc) Ones that are under 4cm. But I'm not sure how well these school. I'm looking for something that will stay in a pretty tight group. Other fish in the tank are bottom dwellers. Orange Heads, pepp bns, sterbai corys Would love to hear some suggestions
  5. I was just wondering what schooling fish i could add to a African community tank? Thanks
  6. Hey everyone I am setting up a new dispay. At the moment it is lacking in the fish category. I have a 4 x 4 x 2 that is now full of meleluca roots, has a sand substrates and some leaves will be added sometime soon. I am looking at stocking it with some geos, and there are already three discus in there from my last display. I am looking at ideas for a large school of fish for the tank. I am leaning towards getting around 50-60 lemon tetras at the moment but I would love to hear other peoples suggestions before I commit. so throw me some suggestions for some schooling display fish that will suit my set up Cheers Deeg
  7. Is there a Schooling fish that can be put with American's that won't get eaten ?
  8. Hey guys, just want to ask your opinions as to the tiniest & tightest possible schooling fish - I'm talking something that will school a lot tighter than Tetras. Cheers Di
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