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Found 41 results

  1. The sea stars are no good any more, the peroxide makes them look lazy in algae reduction. These quite rare forms of algae come up like mushrooms, not coral mushroom's, land mushrooms, lol. It seems not only were the sea stars eating my other pretty algae forms, but they had these guys to scared to come out as well. I have only ever seen these guys in 2 sites, never any where else, and their name, I have no idea. They vary from blue/purple to extreme orange/pink and all colours in between. They grow sort of like flowers and spread via a vine like method, then up come like new flowers you might call them. These must have been waiting under my corals to appear. They are not completely safe, the imperator picks at them, but not enough, it appears, to make them retreat again.
  2. Been cycling my aquarium, and have been able to get the nitrite etc to 0 but the nitrate is really high, when I test it using the Red Sea kit it goes bright pink 50+ but when I do the 1ml to 4ml Ro test comes out about 5 and when you times it by 5 = 25. I have invertebrates etc in the tank and they are fine. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the Red Sea nitrate/nitrite kits, think I might grab a different brand today and see if it makes a difference. Sent from my iPad
  3. We currently have in stock a limited quantity of Reefer tanks. They make reefing easy and they look so, so good while doing it. The fantastic design of these systems means that everyone is catered for, from the beginners to the experts. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system. This includes a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system. They are only available for in-store pick up due to their size and weight.. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Red_Sea_Reefer_Aquarium_s/2120.htm
  4. seriously thinking that after 20 years of saying im going to give salt water a crack that i will,has anybody had experience with a red sea 130d system?
  5. Nice price on the Fluval Plant Nano Light - $99 and the Fluval Sea Nano $125 Get in quick at this price.... For more information and availability Fluval Nano Plant and Fluval Nano Sea <----Click Here
  6. Near everywhere at each dive will you see a battle for existence, if you are looking? From whales eating whales at the top of the chain way down to to protists fighting to the death, its all about death in the ocean, it looks so beautiful but its much more then that Who will eventually win this one, unless and sponge eater comes along, I put my money on the sponge!
  7. These guys are so cool because way back when I kept them, in the aquarium when lights are on, they wrap around anything, heater leads, power head leads, any thing, including your finger if you live it still long enough, I did that once, lol. I made up fake urchins out or acrylic rods in resin balls, they still got eaten. They will always get eaten eventually, maybe not now the top tank i made a harmless tank, maybe one day again, i just like seeing them in all there varied colours, the tiger patterned ones are the best but rarely see them. I see them on fan corals and whip corals as well. The endemic grasping astrobrachion adherens brittle sea star, very cool, oh and a bit weird, lol, they are so harmless its pathetic!
  8. The much anticipated Red Sea Reefer Tanks are just about to arrive - we have received confirmation that our stock should arrive in early next week. If you have not seen them they are nice tanks..... Here is the range that we are receiving in - there are very limited quantity arriving so you will need to be very very quick. Red Sea Reefer Aquarium
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas also disturbing - SFGate
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. There is no more room for these acans in my bottom tank. The morphs and Rhodactis splitting are covering every thing! These spares get chopped up for the other club members at the next meeting; tank and tubs clean out time! What ever I put in the tubs the sea stars dive on them, real slowely,lol, and clean everything off leaving very pretty acan polyps.
  13. This stunning animal looks like a glitch in reality's programming
  14. Took my kids for a visit yesterday and while it was really exciting to see the freshwater section and get a reminder of how big some of these fish can get. I have to say though I was a little concerned as to the state of some of the fish. I'm not going to be critical on them without all the facts but it really looked like poor water quality and overcrowding was becoming a bit of an issue especially in the barra and pacu tanks. When I was there the water was fairly cloudy and I could see a lot of their eyes were clouded over as well as seeing other physical signs of not being in the best of health. The pacu tank in particular looked like someone said we need more colour so lets cram in as many red devils as we can. Now to be fair I am guessing that lots of these fish could be rescued fish and as a result they did not get to them in good condition in the first place and that perhaps there was a feeding time just prior which would explain a bit of the cloudiness, and that some of these big guys must be fairly old and might be showing signs of age, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing with these 2 tanks. Kicking myself for not taking some pics to post but I am sure if anyone has been recently you would notice the same thing. Don't get me wrong most of the other displays were in great condition but these 2 tanks really surprised me. I guess in some ways I am comparing it to the freshwater exhibit in Bali Safari and Marine Park which I thought had an awesome display. Again not being critical without all the facts as I am sure they do a fantastic job at most things. *Sorry just realised I posted this in the wrong section - mods feel free to move it*
  15. Sea slug mating features a stab in the head A new (unfortunate) take on the term f_*!head ??? D'oh - title typo, was meant to say 'penis'...
  16. Hi All. We just received our order of Dupla Marin Sea & Reef Salts in 25kg Buckets. Priced from $119.00 pr Bucket. Link - Age of Aquariums - Dupla Marin Premium Sea Salt 750L Bucket Link - Age of Aquariums - Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt 750L Bucket Usual Discounts Apply. Ben
  17. You know it seemed as if squids were the big winners of warming oceans and the destruction of the big fish species that prey on them by over fishing. buuuuuuuuuut looks like they dont get it all their way after all. The Acid Test: Changing Seas Trip Up Baby Squid | LiveScience
  18. Sea butterflies: Spectacular photographs show beautiful but endangered sea butterflies as they swim in the ocean | Mail Online
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hi ppl, just beginning, researching tanks and equipment and wondering if some more experienced ppl would like to share their opinion as to whether I would b better to get the cheaper by half, aqua reef and upgrade whatever needs upgrading or wait and go with the Red Sea model at twice the price that apparently doesn't need any additional components or upgrades (except chiller). I would love to hear from those that know rather than relying completely on sales ppl. I'm aiming for a nice, bright reef tank with some colorful fish, have no specific specie 'must haves', just a beautiful tank
  21. New Scientist TV: Best videos of 2012: Sea lice reduce pig to bones pods may be good food but sometimes they are not the food!
  22. Octopus Kingdom on Photography Served Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology | Welcome Secret Lives of Plankton Revealed in Microscopic Glory: Scientific American Green Photos: Sharks | Traveling Greener Coral reef - Fish, Coral reef - Fish photos, Coral reef - Fish pictures Curiosities: Acapulco Fish Swarm lol Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle - Apparently Apparel - A whole new STYLE of coverage!
  23. During the launch of the Red Sea Max-S tanks, we decided (in conjunction with Red Sea) that we would like to follow the tank on a year's journey. We want to show our customers the build of another customer's tank (a customer just like them). We thought our customers would find it interesting and useful. Rodrigo bought our first Max 650-S and has started his posts - to show his journey and the growth of his tank. We hope that you enjoy! Week 1# Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate 0 ppm Phosphate: 0.1 mg/l Alkalinity: 9 dKH No photos were taken. After searching for a new aquarium in shops and tank builders, I bumped into the Red Sea Max S-650 at Pet City at Mount Gravatt. At the first glance, I found it a little expensive and thought I would never buy it. However, the tank is complete with T5 lights, skimmer, fresh water reservoir, good size sump, cabinet and power centre. I had been getting quotes from other shops and realized that after buying all these equipments I would spend more. So, it turned out that what initially was very expensive, wasn't too bad. Actually wasn't bad at all. Besides, when you buy a tank from a shop or a tank builder, you have to rely on one person experience. He would be responsible for the design of your tank. Buying a Red Sea tank, I was sure that the concept was tested and approved for people who understand they are doing. As it is a top company in the aquaria industry. It is necessary put some effort to assemble the system. Although it is not difficult, there are lots of bits and pieces to put together. Following the manual and the online videos are essential. Depending on how handy you are and the tools you have, it’s possible to complete it in 4 or 5 hours. I would save one day, as unpredictable situations always happen. I was lucky because the tank I have bought was being used as display at the shop. So the cabinet, which is the most time consuming stage, was ready. Even so, I spent a couple of hours to assemble the power unit, plumbing and etc. It’s not a quick task. After all work completion, I topped it up with collected salt water, and live rocks from my previous tank. I kept the lights off on the first week. Week 2# Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.1 ppm Nitrate 30 ppm Phosphate: 0.25 mg/l Alkalinity: 6 dKH Photos are attached. I turned the lights on in the second week, with high level of nitrate and phosphate the algae, as expected, started to grow. Three box of Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit came along with the tank and I am following the program according to the instructions. Each kit comes with Nitro-Bac (bacteria to seed the live rocks); Bacto-start (blend of nitrogen and phosphorous to control the development of aerobic and anoxic bacteria), NO3:PO4-X (controller of algae nutrients) and KH-Coralline Gro (buffer complex to promote growth of coralline algae and other micro fauna). The alkalinity dropped and I noticed a relevant increase after using KH-Coralline Gro. I did not see any improvement on levels of nitrite and nitrate. However, I have added some tough corals in the tank (green leather, chalice and acan) to see how they would go. It turned out they did really good, with beautiful colors and long vivid polyps. With these corals in the tank I could see how efficient the internal circulation is, as the polyps movement is amazing. Beautiful to see. After the succeeded attempt with the corals I decided to add two little blue tang that were sitting on my temporary tank that I had set up to accommodate my live stock from my previous aquarium. I was reluctant because of the high nitrite levels but it wasn’t enough to stop me. That was the second succeeded attempt, as the fishes are fine till now. Although I have other fishes waiting to be released in my new Red Sea S 650, I think I better off stop with the new addition until the next week. After all, the tank is still new and hasn’t cycled yet. Nitrite and Nitrate levels are yet to decrease and more fish means more waste and more nitrite and then nitrate to be produced.
  24. These pics are just a couple of nice colour variations we have seen of late on collecting trips. They multiply at best A sexually, though they use sexual means as well in that one of the sexes will send out either eggs or sperm and the other senses this release and ads to it with that sexes additions to make new life. This beautiful feather duster is at the end of one very daggy looking brownish worm safe in its tube. Some places of collection we go to we find these in the millions almost. One a few of may favourite marine creatures.
  25. Complete range of Red Sea Max S-Series Aquariums Now available online. For anyone local to Brisbane we have a S-650 on display in store. Here is a rundown, Owning a thriving piece of coral reef has never been easier than with Red Sea’s new MAX S-Series range of aquariums. Carefully designed to support e ven the most delicate stony (SPS) corals, the MAX S-Series seamlessly integrates all of the necessary systems and components with contemporary style. Total Reefkeeping Solution The Max S-Series is an innovative plug & play, complete, full size coral reef aquarium system. It is designed to allow you to focus on the beauty and diversity of your own piece of coral reef, rather than worrying about component selection, suitability and compatibility. Max S-Series aquariums are fully equipped with everything you need including features such as ultra clear glass, reef spec lighting and filtration, customizable fascia and a one-plug control panel. Choosing the Red Sea MAX S-Series will make reefkeeping easier than ever before. Customized systems Make your Max S unique by choosing from a variety of six modern colours. The cabinet side panels and doors are attached to a marine spec aluminum frame and are not load bearing so they can be replaced at any time, allowing renovation or a complete colour change on a functioning aquarium. This feature combined with the replaceable trim on the light and aquarium will add a significant resale value to the MAX S-Series. All external surfaces use weather resistant polyurethene paints (similar to those used in the car industry) giving an elegant and durable finish. Elegance and durability combined MAX S-Series aquariums are constructed from 12 - 15mm ultra clear (low iron) glass supported by saltwater resistant plastics and a marine spec annodized aluminum frame. Designed for simple home assembly, all of the glueing, sawing and wiring has already been done for you. The saltwater-resistant colour trim around the top and bottom of the aquarium is long-lasting and can be replaced at any time should a different colour scheme be preferred. Sophisticated, Upgradeable Lighting System The unique MAX S-Series slide & swivel lighting system consists of three individually switched lighting units. The identical front and rear 4 x T5 units are hinged to the lighting chassis that slides across the top of the aquarium providing total access for all maintenance and reefscaping tasks. The centre unit has an additional 2 x T5 lights and LED moonlights. Additional configurations for the centre unit will be available in the future. Changeable front and side colour trim panels match the aquarium and cabinet. A dual timer lighting controller is included as part of the complete system controller in the cabinet. Total Reef Filtration The complete reef filtration system starts with the surface skimmer that feeds the water to the in-cabinet sump via a flow-regulated, silent flow downpipe. The filtered water is returned to the aquarium by a main system pump that also supplies water to all of the filtration systems such as the protein skimmer, an optional chiller and/or reactors. Connection between the aquarium and sump is via standard union connectors so no plumbing is required. The MAX S-System is supplied with the main system pump, C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer, mechanical and carbon filtration media and all piping including preparation to connect a chiller and auxiliary reactors. Integrated Power Centre The MAX S-Series filtration system follows the one-plug MAX concept and features a power control centre with easy access to 10 individually switched power sockets for all pumps, and other accessories, safety protected with integrated circuit brakers. Priced from $4395.00 for a complete turn key system. Link, Age of Aquariums - Aquariums Ben
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