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Found 29 results

  1. hey guys! So today I went out and bought a gh and kh test kit..went home and did the test and as expected my readings were pretty low, my gh was 6 and my kh was 4. So hopefully next week im going to go out and buy the buffer from the store as I don't wanna make my own yet until I get a hang of it all. So my question is do I have to use buckets to do my water changes now or can I use the hose as normal and add the buffer in afterwards. How do u guys do it and how would you recommend I do it, obviously I want to do it the safest way possible, My tank is 300litres. I know this has probably been asked 10,000 times but I wanna get a good understanding of the process. Thanks guys.
  2. Good afternoon fish enthusiasts! Seachem have been touring Australia and we are lucky enough to have them stop by Pet City this Sunday (28th September) from 3 pm to 5 pm for an amazing FLASH SALE! We were very proud they selected us to be their choice for the Brisbane aquarium. Get a staggering 30% off the Prime, Stability and Clarity 250ml Seachem products, which will be upsized on the day to a 325ml variety at no extra charge!! Check out their awesome van too! Hope to see you all there ! -Pet City Mt. Gravatt
  3. Which of the forum sponsers sell SEACHEM products ?? A quick look on aquaholics,age of aquariums,the tech den, shows none of those 3 carry the products... Alternatively where do you buy your SEACHEM products, thereefshop,guppys or local LFS ??
  4. Hi all, I have just got another 4x2x2 tank, I have bought the seachem product Stability. If I dose the tank, as per instruction, is it safe to put the fish in after 7 days? Or should I wait a bit longer? This will be my Angel tank, and would only add 2 at a time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Has anyone had experience using both fraction and prime? Are they just as good as each other? The description says they are identical and i think the age of aquariums description just mighttttt be hinting at it It's half the price of prime so it'd be great if someone could give a definate answer, i'm sure Donny at aoa has had experience with it (I'd tag ya but i don't know how) Here are some links to back up the price difference and description 2L=$40- Continuum fraction https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6556 4L=$145 2L=$72.50- Seachem Prime Seachem Prime 4L Aquarium Water Conditioner FOR Fish Tanks Litre | eBay
  6. found this on another forum - not sure exactly how accurate it is but still interesting.... Buyer BeAware: SeaChem Excel
  7. For those that want the real thing. I just ordered 6 and with postage only $54.70 Amazon.com: Seachem The Bag Filter Media Bag: Pet Supplies
  8. Ok be gentle, my brains seem to be on holiday today. Does the Seachem reef buffer add calcium? My salinity is a up a bit so added top up freshwater. My ph is just a tad low at about 8.1 and my calcium could be a little higher at barely 400. Apart from that my phosphates with the HANNA checker this time are a sweet 0.01. I just added a little bit of the reef buffer dissolved. Will that raise both the ph and the calcium?
  9. I have used a lot of Seachem Safe. But I am now a bit confused about the actual dosing of Safe, particularly since Seachem's web site says "Do not overdose!". Seachem's web site and some retailers say: To remove… Chlorine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 1625 L (450 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Chloramine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 1250 L (300 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Ammonia: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 400 L (100 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). However the labels on my recently purchased actual Seachem Safe containers say: To remove… Chlorine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 750 L (200 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Chloramine: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 950 L (250 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). Ammonia: use 5 g (1 tsp.*) to each 150 L (40 gallons*) of tap water (removes 4 ppm). I have written to Seachem in the U.S and will post their response here when I hear back from them. Anoyone else a bit confused about this since it is a very big difference in recommended dosing.
  10. Quick question. Who sells Seachem Purigen on Brisbane southside? Thanks Richie
  11. Looking to buy 20L of matrix has any one found any place Cheep to but in bulk?
  12. I'm looking at swapping some media one of my Fx5's. I'm going to take out some noodles and put in some matrix. I was just wondering how much better the matrix is ?? I read somewhere that 1 litre of matrix is equivalent to 40 L of bio balls. But it didn't compare it to noodles. So just thought I'd ask before i swapped them over. JP=)
  13. Hi guys, Just curious as to what everyone uses as many have different products they use. I heard some people use pool chlorine and others just bleach? What brand and model bleach and also what instructions do you follow when cleaning? Thanks, Adam
  14. Hey, None of my local aquarium shops stock Seachem flourite black. Can anyone tell me the names of any online stores that sell it for a decent price? http://www.thereefshop.com.au/ had it for $30 but they are sold out Thanks
  15. Has anyone compared Safe against Prime? Better, worse or same? I am looking at ways to get my running costs down without comprimising on water quality. Safe is cheaped and you just add the powder which is said to be more concentrated than Prime is. How many people actually use it? It is approx. $80 for 1kg which would last you longer than Prime would for the same amount of water you are treating. Just looking for people's opinions and feedback.....
  16. Wondering where people get their Prime from, and where the the cheapest spots are? Is 2L for $79 plus postage cheap from here: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Seachem-Prime-2L ... t_Supplies How much does it cost out at Redlands Pet Centre with the discount? Appreciate any help, I'm quickly running out with all these Brisbane water problems!
  17. Hi guys and girls, I am wondering if anywhere sells Seachem products in bulk? The products I am chasing are Excel, Excel Flourish, Excel Iron, Stability and Stress Guard. Also API Melafix too, and Bio Chem Zorb sachets These products are used in my discus and tapa tank quite frequently just to upkeep my tank's healthy look with plants and to maintain best possible care for my fish. I am after bulk supplies of these products as as of late i have realised these products are costing me a fortune on a monthly basis. Any website would be handy. Thanks, Adam
  18. any body who keeps americans do you use this or any other buffer additive for americans? I have started using this on my f1 oscars after they were having a flip outs most nights and now they have calmd down and havnt tryd smashing the lids or smashing anything for that matter. Any other stories good or bad Keen 2 see if it really helpd or they just settled down.
  19. http://www.seachem.com/Products/product ... Alert.html has anyone seen or used these ??? and appx. cost ? Cheers Luke
  20. Hey guys, just wondering where the best places are to get cheap Seachem Products? Cheers Stace
  21. I want to use Seachem Neutral Regulator in combination with Seachem Acid Regulator to target a pH of 6.8 in my new tanks. Since I'm going to be juggling fish while I go through the process of moving tanks, I need to know whether these products will work quickly enough for me to add my fish on the same day, or whether I'll need to arrange some temporary accommodation for them. Thanks.
  22. hey guys just after prices for the tang salt. saw it for sale in my lfs for 250g cost 32$ . just seeing if thats cheap expensive or average. thanks
  23. Hey guys, does anyone put any trace elements or any other products in their fish food for africans in particular? Does it have any added benefit to breeding or other advantages? Any info/help is much appreciated. Stace
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