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  1. Ive grown up being told that 3cm is the size to reach before selling BN catfish, be it any type. I'm now at a stage that my peppermints are breeding like crazy, and by the time their fry are 1.5cm (in a separate tank) they have hatched another batch (in our community tank). My question is, what size is to small to sell? I understand when they have their egg sacks, thats crazy too small. But what about 1.5cm? They are bigger, eating solids.. Whats your thoughts? xx Cheers, BNgirl
  2. A big shout out for the boys at AOA, a few weeks ago I bought a bar of dog wash soap for our new pooch, Eddie. Washbar, I think its called. http://washbar.nz/products/original-washbar-soap-for-dogs/ Neem and tea tree oil. Finally got to use it on Friday, as we had some purina puppy wash to use up before we got to the soap. Well the results are amazing, his coat is the best it has ever been, and he still smells great 3 days on, no hint of dog anywhere . What a great product. I hope you continue to stock it. Especially impressed with its Anti-Flea, lice and tick properties too. Once again you guys know how to pick a great product . Two thumbs up and thanks again. Grubby.
  3. Hello my name is Aaron i was hopeing to find someone selling brochis multiradiatus .ive heard someone saying theres a guy on her that has them ? i would realy like 5-6 of them im penrith area NSW Sydney so id need them posted to me . plz let me know if u can help me out thanks =) [h=3][/h]
  4. hi, soz for noob question, but which classifieds forum do i use to sell a full setup, inclusive of fish and plants? not exactly "dry goods" lol
  5. At three o'clock today I saw this on a ceramic cave box and thought - that can not be right and and had another look and I have heard of beero'clock and it is that time of day, yep it says Beeramid. I thought that is not even a word so I had to check to the world according to Google and yep it is there...Google it
  6. Hello All How can i advertise my juvies on qldaf?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. .heres the link: 4ft fish tank with accessories | Fish | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Ningi | 1060559453
  9. After getting last power bill im thinking seriously of getting out of the hobby Last bill is $1100 that's after solar rebate I worked it out my pumps use 670 watts, im not sure what is works out to be in $$$$ i think we pay 34 cents a kilowatt The days of having a hobby is a becoming a luxury
  10. I have had no fish for over a year now.. I swore I wouldn't get any more until I lived in a place where I could build the most awesome pond Ranchu kind has ever seen! But... Much like when an addict swears this is their last hit I was kidding myself. So after long consideration, a bit of saving (well just putting $5 a day in a jar instead of buying coffee) and my wife actually encouraging me.. I now own the corner where the chair is we pile all our crap on when we get home! And what did I put in my newly acquired corner ? It's EBI time!!!! I have wanted one since they came out, or at least since deadfishfloating's thread... So off we went (the wife and I) to go see Ben And Donny at AOA to finally give Ben some $$ after about 14 thousand visits just for a chat. Note the ""Shrimp Crack" I'm more than keen to trial, I"ll make some updates on that when I gets some prawns up in here!! Here it is straight from the box, on it's new home next to some messy shelves.
  11. Hi all. Over the last few months I have come across a number of aquarium shops who have had tanks with black beard algae. I've being fighting this beast for some time so know how easily it spreads and that it's pretty much impossible to totally eradicate. Seeing it pop up in so many aquarium stores though got me wondering as to the legalities of knowingly selling plants with black beard algae. Surely there is some law relating to plant nurserys etc selling knowing diseased plants? Would that also apply to aquatic plants in aquarium shops? Would black beard algae be included or only fungus type afflictions? Would plants with spores be enough or would it need to be full blown algal growth? I'm not cynical enough to suggest people are causing a disease, so to speak, to sell a cure, but at what point does it go from apathy or ignorance to negligance? Just curious.
  12. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks a lot of people are selling off there breeding colonies doing massive discount sales on fry and selling lots of there breeding setups, what's going on? Why are so many selling up? Also noticed a lot are saying over it I find it strange so many can be over it all at 1 time...
  13. We have a rule about buying and selling fish: The aim of this rule was very much about the folks who want to buy from a wholesaler and on sell at a profit. It does not fit in with what the board is for being for hobbyists to interact with other hobbyists. However where is the line. I have noticed with the increased number of places to buy and sell there are some who take free , or cheap fish from one location and then on sell at another for a profit. This is a tricky one, as many fold with a big spawn may have nowhere to keep them, or need to free a tank and sell at a cheap price to someone else who has space to store, and take the time to sell. Not much wrong with that. Other times fish that are perhaps intended as feeders or not sold as quality specimens, can end up being sold as quality fish. Interested in opinions and thoughts but please leave any names out of the conversation!
  14. Is there anyone around albany creek selling breeding colonies or anything interesting ???
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. I am looking for a 10-25L nanotank that is marine compatible. I have found a $130 Dymax IQ5 online, but I want to support some LFS if they sell it for a comparative price, or have a similar tank that is sold at comparative price? Also, is the Dymax IQ5 worth the $130? Can someone else recommend a similar tank for a better price? Or a better quality tank for the price?
  17. Thanks again joller for selling me his collection of manacapuru f1 and wc peruvian angelfish. That peru is soo nice. These are gonna make a great addition to my wild type collection
  18. never been to one so is it just you bag your fish with oxygen for the auction or can you take in buckets and bag there. I know the auctions go for a fair few hours Any tips, ideas etc????? Might be a silly question but Thought I would ask rather than not.
  19. I was wondering what people do when the have fry that maybe for some unknown reason cant sell and (i personally dont have the room for a grow out tank atm, well possibly if i move some fish around) has anyone sold them to a pet shop ? is it easy? do they rip you off ???
  20. :mad:Hi all Trading rules state *QLDAF recommend that fish sold are of a 'saleable size'. Saleable size generally means 4 cm_ (from tip of nose to end of tail) - except of course for smaller fish / dwarf species (<4 cm). http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-live-stock-53/trading-section-guidlines-62965/ but I have noticed fish for sale well under this, even 2 cm, is this a rule, requirment or a throw away line that make people feel good, personally a fish in not a fish, juvi or other untill it is 3 cm +, healthy able to survive transport and any known defect apparent. I can't see how fish that don't meet this can be sold (not including small fish ie guppies) my thoughts ben
  21. At what size are people happy to buy or sell B/nose (mine are at 1cm At the moment)? Thanks.
  22. i was just thinking the template needs to be changed. its so hard to read when people sell multiple fish. perhaps something like this: FS/WTB/EOI:- Type of fish/goods:-Sex(if known):-Size/Rating:-Breeding:-Qty:-Price:- Photos:- Location:-Shipping Y/N:-Contact:-Comments:- so ie: fs: moscow guppies, m, 2-3cm, breeding:no, qty:25, $2 each photo: you know what they look like eoi: L1000, m&f, 10-12cm, breeding yes, qty: 7, $1000 each photo: google wont work. location: brisbane contact: pm coments: L1000 dont exist. case in point(no complaint about the thread. just the template): http://www.qldaf.com/forums/live-stock-14/fs-my-l-number-collection-397-104-333-134-201-270-a-60525/ there are a few more of such threads.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. hey all i am selling 2 species of americans: 2 blue acars male and female i think male about 10cm and female smaller, 2 pearl cichlids male and female i think the male is about 10cm aswell and female smaller and 5 africans: 1 male blue peacock and about 9-10cm and the females are tiny the biggest female i have its about 6cm i think or smaller trying to make room for my sev pair hopefully they will have eggs soon call or text Riley: 0415971843 Plz take some can be sold serpertly if u want but urgent sale
  25. Sorry if this is the wrong section, been awhile since ive been online lol. Im just wondering if anyones seen any good healthy pygmy corys or otto's for sale anywhere lately? Need some too finish off a small blackwater setup with pencilfish and wild betta's. Would prefer pygmy corys, something about the little twerps floating around like hummingbirds is quite endearing. Cheers Steve
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