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Found 61 results

  1. I spent most of my day today setting up my new desktop "nano" tank - As I am old and do not see as well as most , mine is for the visually impared !
  2. Hi, I am bout to setup Co2 for my 4ft 300 litre tank. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to get and brands to avoid etc? And with the Co2 bottles, why do people pay $300-400 for aqaurium brand bottles when you can get Co2 bottles from home brew shops for half the price? Am i missing something?
  3. So I have got moving setting up my tanks for the apistogramma. This weekend I have resealed 6 tanks and once the silicon dry will set up with sand from Bunnings. I am going to set the tanks with Bolbitis, as it grows well and is undemanding. I want a complex tank so that I prevent aggression from over excited males, and once with fry dominant little women. I will make some breeding pots as I used to use. Once I get some sand and water in the tanks I will add some photos, and my pots. Also on the look out for good true German Rams.
  4. Just looking for advice on setting up a new tank for my young oscars. Im picking up a 4 and a half ft tank monday and just wanted advice on what colour gravel and tank backing etc to promote the colour. They are only dirty old tiger oscars but I got given them as fry and have grown on me are around 15cm now. I have some really big driftwood pieces to go in. This is the first tank the missus is letting me put in the lounge room and I want it to really pop. Any advice or ideas will be great. Cheers Ryan
  5. If you need help setting up a African tank setup read this Thread, First of all pick a good tank size to suit your fish (most Africans are good in a 4x2x2 but don't overstock) Filling your tank with water is the next thing (it is best to put 1/2 a teaspoon of Epsom salts, 1/2 a teaspoon of Sea salt and 1/2 a teaspoon of bi-carb soda per 20 liters in your aquarium, This will help to get the conditions of the water to the closest water conditions in Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika) If there is any more help you need feel free to ask a question.
  6. Before The Clean 4x2x2 After The Clean 4x2x2 Further Update On Clean 4x2x2 Tank Setting Up Fish Tank 4x2x2 Setup Running Thanks To [MENTION=3956]AquaholicsOnline[/MENTION] 1x 4x2x2 Fishtank 1x Beamworks Reef Light 4ft 1x Biopro 2200 Canister 1x Aquaone 9500 Airpump 1x 100Watt Heater
  7. Hi Guys as some of you know im setting up my 4 ft tank soon i just wanted to know how long should i have my cannister running b4 tranfering over the fish to the new tank
  8. With all of my aquariums now up and running i can now set up my discus tank. At the moment i have 5 albino coreys, 15 white clouds, a chocolate pleco and a sailfin pleco. I will pick up the discus tomorrow night. Give me some tips on what i should get for my tank. I have a black background going up and some led lights.
  9. Hi guys, im looking for a 6x2x2 or bigger tank to set up a predator tank. Not 100% sure how to go about it fish wise. Just a few queries. Are frontosa ok to have by themselves or a pair at most? Or are they waaaayyy better off in a colony? I would like one maybe 2 but i dont want a group. Other than that, is it ok to have single rivulatus, oscars, red devils, SGT, Salvini etc? Also how would aus natives go in there? ONE last question. I want some cool catfish in there aswell, dont wanna spend an arm and a leg on something super expensive but i do want some cool catfish. What are some suggestions? Thanks in advance guys and sorry for 100 questions. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  10. Hey All! So I've recently decided to convert one of my tropical tanks to an African Cichlid tank and am hoping to get a bid of advice and help I have kept Africans in the past, however it was some time ago now so my knowledge is rusty at best though I've been doing a lot of reading online and on the forums here to get my knowledge up to date. So as a quick rundown of the tank I'm setting up, specs are as follows: Tank Size: 3ft L x 1.7ft W x 2ft H Tank Capacity: 75 Gallons or 280L Substrate: Crushed Coral - Recall from my past experience keeping Cichlids that this is a good choice and helps buffer the PH. Filtration: Aqua One CF-1000 - 1000L/PH Heating: 300W Heater keeping it at 28 degrees at current. Water Parameters - Tested as of today PH: 8.0 - 8.5 Alkalinity: 720PPM - Not sure if this is my test strips playing up but this has come up extremely high... max on the chart in fact - Would appreciate any advice on what this should be for Cichlids and how to get it down? Hardness: 25PPM - On the low end which has been perfect for my Angels, but from what I've read Cichlids to prefer harder water, again any pointers on how to bring this up would be appreciated. Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 Quick pic of the tank very basic so far and I still need to find some more rock to chuck in there... Just not too keen on paying the pet stores a small fortune for a few chunks of rock. Now the basics are out of the way, the fish I'm hoping to keep are primarily Electric Yellows and Electric Blues, at least initially. To my knowledge these 2 species can be kept together relatively well, but I've got a few questions I'm not so sure about that I've been reading mixed info on.. 1. Will both colonies breed within the same tank? 2. Will they interbreed? I wouldn't have thought so... but I've read a few things saying otherwise and I do not want to interbreed these fish, I'd like to keep the strains pure. 3. On an average, how many fish could I put within my tank without overstocking? (I do understand there's no 100% exact answer to this) I'd also really appreciate any suggestions anyone has on any other species that might mix in well with one of or both of these (depending on answers to the above). Again I do want to breed them, but not as a 100% serious breeding exercise.. I know the preferred breeding method is to have separate species based tanks. Look forward to hearing some feedback and ideas! Cheers, Dan
  11. I've recently purchased a bio pro canister filter. How would you all recommend I set up the filter media trays. Ther is 4 baskets it came with bio balls, ceramic noodle things, charcoal and 2 layers of black foam stuff. Should I use all this or any other ideas and what order should the layers go in
  12. Hi guys, finally setting up the old eight foot tank and decided i want to go planted. Quit my old job at the Brookie produce and am now working for Pisces, so i have a few options of plants. First things first, what is the cheapest option for lighting a 70cm tank? this tank gets ambient light during the day as it is actually outside under a semi clear roofed awning. Doubtful that i will heat it as the tank itself is just too big, and being outside there is no insulation. To CO2 or not to CO2? really unsure about this one. previously i ran fx5's on this tank with a high American cichlid bio load, however not sure about fish, especially not being heated. Shrimp maybe? being outside i will need something in there to keep the mozzies down thoughts/ideas anyone?
  13. Hi all, I've just had a 7 x 2 x 2 tank built and I'd like to set up a planted tank. At the moment I'm thinking 6 x discus 4 x neon blue rams 4 x gold rams 1 x flagtail 20 x rummynose 20 x cardinals 6 x whiptail catfish 8 x corydoras What do you think? I'm not 100% sure about keeping discus either so welcome to different stocking ideas!
  14. Hey I'm looking at setting up a basic salt water tank for a mangrove jack, I'll be getting it in three weeks so I'd like to have a tank cycled by then its a 4x2x2 1/2 with a chamber sump but I have a wet and dry sump I could use also, I have fifteen kilos of coral pieces heaps of Jap mat, filter sponge, Dacron, Scoria, and sponge filters I can use. I've been reading on the internet all different ways and looking at all different setups but it seems everyone have there own opinions so I'd like to get a few opinions from you guys and see what I can come up with thanks in advance.
  15. I want to set up a new 4 x 1.5 x 1.5ft tank and was wondering can I just transfer everything out of the old 3ft tank into the 4footer and everything will be fine so tip everything out of the 3ft into the 4ft to say or will I still need to cycle it with out the fish for a while any advise would be great
  16. Picked this up the other day.... will look awesome when it is all up and going! Eheim canister sitting underneath and I will eitherget a second canister or just build a sump. Will probably end up upgrading to an 8x2x2 for the americans but will see. Will have two sailfin plecos, 1 red tiger oscar, one silver tiger oscar, and a lutino red oscar. There is a clown loach in there at the moment which was a freebie with the tank. Also considering a red tail shark and school of silver sharks but will wait and see on that. I have two nice rivulatus I contemplated but then got paranoid and wussed out. Has anyone here had success with keeping rivs and oscars together? The tank will have multiple pieces of driftwood and rocks, just havent got them in yet.
  17. Hey guys! I just picked up this baby brand new yesterday, and started setting it up today. It has new black quartz sand, a new 200W heater, as well as the fish, plants and driftwood from my 2foot just chucked in there. I'm using the lights and filter that the tank has built in. I also bought some Vallisneria and the Java Moss and they're just floating in the tank for now. I'm waiting for the two pieces of driftwood that I also bought to waterlog. I'm not sure if I'll use the driftwood I already have, I probably won't because they're starting to fall apart. I also have some rocks to use as well. FAUNA: 5 Cherry Barbs (2 males, 3 females), a large Mystery Snail and a colony of Red Cherry Shrimp. My Dwarf Gourami died recently, so I will probably get another one of them, but otherwise I will probably get a couple of more female Cherry Barbs as well as some Kuhli Loaches. FLORA: Java Fern, Java Moss, Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, and Bolbitus Heudelotii. And no, don't ask me how much I have spent on this tank...I don't want to know!
  18. Hi guys As per title, I would like to set up a 4x18x20 tank with American cichlids. After some reading it seems like Geophagus Tapajos Orange head might be a good choice as they don't get too big. Can you please give me advice on the substrate (I don't want sand as they tend to get sucked into the filter), the decor, tankmates and most importantly who breed good quality Geophagus Tapajos Orange head? Your advice is appreciated Cheers Toan
  19. My doctor has asked me to help set up their tank in their waiting room, I suggested African cichlids and that's what it looks like will be going in, the tank looks around 200 liters, it's 120cm by either 45 or 50cm (depth and hight) I will double check next time I speak to her. I am thinking mbuna as I can choose fish that will always be colourful and they're very active. How many fish could go in here comfortably? And also what would be a suitable filter? The fish I was thinking was possibly two or three colonies, yellow labs, rec zebra, ob zebra or acei. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  20. I have been planning on how I am going to setup my breeding tanks for bristlenose soon hopefully. Wondering if I should setup with drilling holes in all tanks and running pipes all together to a sump or just running them singularly with air pumps. Which will be better and easier. Looking at setting up something similar to 6x 2ft 3 high or 6x 2ft long ways 3 on top shelf and 3 on bottom if that makes any sense lol. Any suggestions please.
  21. I'm setting up my 7'planted tank and I'm a bit of a newb with plants.. if I put down a layer of Eco complete fine then the coarse ... What happens when you go gravel vac and it gets all mixed up or do you just not need to gravel vac as Eco complete claims it breaks down fish waste ? Thanks
  22. Just wondering if anyone can give some advise on setting up new/old 6ft tank that had discus in it but now want to put my colony of electric yellows in it is as simple as emptying the water out and adding new water and away i go or is there much more involved any advise would be great
  23. Hi all! I just got my hands on a 2nd hand fluval fx5. Going to be setting up for peacock bass in my 4x2x2. Just wanted to get some ideas on how I should stack the trays. Tank set up is in our living room and the media I will be using is Mr Aqua Biological filter media. All tips would be greatly appreciated. Will I need to run polishing pads fx5 round blue sponge? Will I need to run any other stuff like bio balls, carbon? Thanks Smokin
  24. Hi, I am going to be setting up a new 5 ft tank in the next week or so as finally convinced my hubby to let me upgrade so Im ultra excited. I currently have an Aqua-One AR850 which is an all in one unit and very easy to use/ clean etc, have it 100% down pat but canister filters etc are totally new to me. Basically, I have purchased a cabinet as really dont like the look of the standard stand and will be going from there. I have included a pic of the new cabinet and measurements are: 160 cm long, 85 cm high, 49 cm deep so I am going to get a 5x2x1.5 to sit ontop of it. I am thinking I should get this tank new as have heard some horror stories about secondhand ones? Really want it to be display quality. Questions are: The new tank will be approx 405 Litres. What size Canister filter should I get as I will be stocking Tangs (Calvus, Occies, Petricolas and hopefully Sandsifters down the track). I did some research and it appears a 1500p/m would be best but as I said I know very little about these filters so hands on advice would be great. Also, is there any particular brand etc which would be best and do I only need the one filter, I will probably buy this secondhand due to $$$. Lighting: What recommendations do you make for lighting. I really like the clean/ slimline look but on my current tank use the blue a lot more than white so would prefer one that has both options. Also, should it be a 5 ft light or would a smaller one be ok. Any other advise etc would be greatly appreciated as I have never started from scratch before. Also, if anyone has secondhand items they are thinking of selling eg, lights, filters, Display Quality Tank and live Nrth side of BNE please send me a pm. Thanks heaps Michelle
  25. Getting a friend her first tank today, has to be small under 25litres. Anyone know some good/cheapish tanks online? Im about to surf pet shops and know they charge alot more. Never even bought a tank this small for myself haha!
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