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  1. Got rid of my jags and oscars as they wouldn't let any other fish live. Switched to LED spots and moved in the discus. Already had 2 batches of wrigglers but they got eaten within a few days.
  2. so this is the project ive been working on for a little while now, thought id share with everyone.... this is the stand - youtube copy wrapped in MDF, sealed both sides of it and made it pretty the sump- 2ftr with acrylic baffles (used dow corning 999a) DIY return piping, PVC elbow jammed through a hole i drilled in the bracing sump full (well almost) of media DIY internal overflow boxs made from left over acrylic from sump lined the tank stand over hang with an LED strip for sh!z and gigs, works fantastic temporary dodgy looking electrical work naked(ish) system shot full tank+stand shot - rocks wont be used in finished project, just had them sitting around and wanted to remember how nice they were once upon a time. have to wait until friday, possibly saturday to get to AoA for white cichlid sand, ill grab some more noodles while im there and stock the sump up.... i have some more PVC to fit to the return line so it flows to the bottom of the tank, hits a T joiner and splits each way... first fill was today and i had no leaks so figured id fill it up with media and put it all together to cycle/ show off here... feel free to ask anything you like/ offer advice etc... running well, overflows work spectacularly well, little bit of a gargle on 1 side (1 sides overflow box is slightly lower than the other intentionally) main side is almost complete siphon, ill get that sorted swiftly;) future plans for the tank are a custom high sloping style canopy with 2 channels routed into the front and back to have a full side ways sliding glass lids on each side of tank, lighting is petworx LED which has great white light and appears to be very bright but i have a twin t5 sitting here doing nothing and i did like the cool yellow on the last setup so undecided on that, but either way it will be fixed to the canopy not the tank. i still need to get a "lid" for the sump, probably go with a thin sheet of pliable plastic- just as a splash guard/evaporation protections. will be all setup upstairs, cycled and warm and awaiting for stock by saturday evening next week so hopefully i can find a breeder and organise a saturday night pickup? we'll see haah!
  3. Hey all I am coming back from reef tanks and going to transform my 6x2x2 1000lt total volume system into a planted tank. The aim is a low maintenance setup...if that is ever true haha. I have a sump that is set up like the picture below and I am thinking of filling it with bio balls and using the 2 FBF one for carbon and the other... well not sure. I will run some wool or filter pads before the bio balls. I however cannot suspennd them above the water due to the sump design. Is there another more suitable option? Then it comes to fish list and I am after something vibrant i plan to have a coupple of discus in there and otocinclus for keeping things clean and some rummy nose. Now because of the discus I am thinking 6.5 PH and also safe tank mates. What comes to mind from you guys and gals? In a heavy planted tank with lots of little hide outs will I be able to sustain shrimp enough to not lose them all to the discus but also keep up a natural food supply? or should I ditch the discus all together and go for something else? SO I suppose what i need answers/help with is bio filtration advice and also fish list. I dont want an overly complicated filtration set up but just something that will work well. The fish list I am just after something that has beauty but will leave my plants alone. I am used to the beauty in marine fish so I would love to find something similar. Many thanks for your advise Oh and is there anything around to maintaine PH levels? been a long time since i did fresh
  4. How to tell if your female guppy is pregnant and setting up your tank for breeding: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  5. Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 6 x 2 x 2 fish tank and 4 foot sump, the fish tank has holes at the bottom for the output and input. The output is via a pipe that is a fair height into the tank (closer to the top) and the tank return is higher again (see photo). My question is is this enough to keep the tank clean? Thank you guys
  6. Taken few days later. One of the female gave birth and the Fry were moved to a breeding box temporarily: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  7. So we decided we don't need a lounge room and that our fish are more important! 😂😉 we decided to set up our corner unit again and separate it into 3 sections. Below is a pic of the tank on its side. To two longest ends measure 1330. We want to make a smaller square section in the middle and two larger ends on each side (you can see from the pic where the glass panels join in the second pic is pretty much where we are thinking of deciding it ) we want to have really good flow through the entire setup. What is the best way to do this considering filtration, dividers, gravel or bare etc for cats. We have another tank that is already divided but it's slightly annoying as the dividers are fixed and can't be moved to suit our needs at any time. So we want the dividers in this tank to be "relocatable" but are sort of stumped how to do it. We are thinking of using Perspex with small holes to allow flow through the whole tank and perhaps an under gravel filter system throughout with individual internal units in each section?? Otherwise we thought maybe using two canisters on either end with 20mm pipe with loads of tiny holes drilled for the inlet and the same for the outlet bar to creat a sprinkler type set up?? If that makes sense? any susgestions? I'm making this my Sunday job and hubby is already out knocking up a recessed stand and hood
  8. hi, soz for noob question, but which classifieds forum do i use to sell a full setup, inclusive of fish and plants? not exactly "dry goods" lol
  9. hello peoples, I'm new to fishkeeping as an adult. My family was into it a bit when I was young but I don't remember a lot. Have always liked aquariums and the like and was looking to get into a new hobby so I put together a basic setup. !00ltr tank, 200w light, filter, couple of ornaments and most importantly, I've 15 Ender guppies of which 4 are male. Some of the females are pregnant I believe so they should be multiplying fairly quickly I believe. Any tips, advice or anything at all appreciated. Thanks Pete
  10. Will post some more pics want to have black belts top tank agentas if i can find them in the middle tank and not sure about the bottom tank yet
  11. Just thought I would show you guys the start of my little breeding setup. This is my first time attempting to breed so all tips are welcome. Ill be purchasing some electric yellows from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] in a few weeks and cant wait to get started. Will be running these three fry/ grow out tanks all through 1 sump underneath ( next weekends project) Thanks to [MENTION=5332]lloydashton[/MENTION] for the tanks they are perfect.
  12. Hey Ive got a 2 tier rack, each tier with a 4ft tank on it. I was thinking about running one cannister for both tanks. does anyone do this at all? One thing I am concerned about is the syphon effect in a power fail from 1 tank to the other.....obviously from high to low Would I need check valves anywhere?? Pic below shows my plan and the ??marks are where im considering where the check valves would go?? thanks
  13. Gidday everyone I have purchased 12x4x1515 tanks and want to build a system,it will be a 3 teir system my questions are: 1.timber or steel stand ? I can build the timber stand myself or have a boiler maker mate that welds for 20 bucks an hour that can weld me one whats your opinions on both? and if I go with timber what size structual pine or hardwood would be best 2.I have a 38mm glass drill here which I have been told will drill a hole big enough to fit a 32mm bulkhead will this be big enough or should i go 40mm and buy a 42mm glass bit. 3.I dont like plumbing on the outside of systems so I was thinking of drilling the bottoms of the tanks and fitting internal standpipes with a strainer on top whats your experiences with this type of setup? would I drill the tank in the middle or at 1 end and then run the return into the opposite end? 4.The system will also include 3x4foot divided fry tanks that need to be plumbed into the system as well ,the tanks are divided into 1 foot cubes with no way to get water flow through them all. that will do for now I am sure I will have a heap more questions as it progresses will try and put pics up as I go cheers
  14. After window shopping at a non sponsor lfs I harrassed [MENTION=9562]t.p[/MENTION] to take me to AoA we managed to arrive 2 minutes before closing (SORRY GUYS!!!) as traffic was NOT on our side. With the amazing help of [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] and the guys I got my new goldfish tank and set up!! 2 foot tank and all the jazz needed to start the cycling!! I'm so unbelievably excites about this I think I will cry once my future finbabies join my household!!! The tank and filter. Kenpachi my cat checking out the tank And finally Kenpachi losing interest! Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  15. ..hi guys we have a few pics to share off our 6x2x700 tank setup so far. So far the back is painted black sand is in and the awesome huge timber is in sump all ready and plumbing all done just got to fill on Monday. we are going to have a pelmet and a 6 foot led light and for the fish they are going to be geos and all sorts of corys .Will put more pics up soon when water and fish are in cheers nev and paula
  16. .The start of my new tank 4x24x18h going to be setup with a 30cm high hood with a glass front with fake plants and vines for archer fish to shoot at food
  17. So I was thinking about doing a new setup, a 4 foot blackwater setup, some Archer Fish, my Eel Tail Catfish, and a Saratoga. Any ideas and no noes? And would a Saratoga need a bigger tank? And if no, how much is it generally for a little Saratoga fingerling? Inspiration: this pic and city farmers tank with those exact type of fish: From The Native Dude
  18. To all the aquarium plant experts, I have a 50cm cube tank with plant substrate. Running a 100W Jager heater set to 26℃ and a Fluval 204 canister filter with a Aqua one 6W 48 led light. It is stocked with cardinal tetra's, purple harlequin rasbora, ember tetra's, pygmy cory's, endler gupp, L002 & CRS. The plants I have atm are peacock, java & flame moss, subwassatang, 3 x different types of anubias, Rotala macrandra, Hygrophila difformis & a few others. Ph is at around 7. I have just bought a Fluval CO2 88 kit and need advice on setting the bubble count per 10 sec? Do I still need to add fertilizers? How long do I leave it on, I have heard mixed info on this one? How many hours of light per day etc, etc & any other helpful advise that I should be doing. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi All, Im starting up a new tank and just got a couple of question's as it has been year's since starting up one. I have filled my 6x2x1.5 with tap water and is running on a canister, I have added 48ml of Bio Start (Aquatopia) and added couple of sponges from an insisting tank to try and help the bacteria get started. Should I add Aquarium salt and Supa-Chlor Ammonia Remover as well? Cheers Doug
  20. Took the rescued from LFS pair out of the community tank & into there new penthouse lol They laid in the community tank but my plecco ate the eggs. So here is hoping they will produce a couple of young for us
  21. Hey guys Im getting back in the game after 4-5years of being without a tank so im brainstorming ideas for a new 3 tier setup for the first time, ive only ever had individual tank setups of various sizes before. The tanks sizes im contemplating are 3 x 15 x 18h or 4 x 15 x 18h Ill be building the rack from timber or if I can find a good 2nd hand steel one up for sale ill grab that depending on price differences. Ill be sources tanks new or second hand but want them all the same matching sizes. The one thing that has me a bit stumped is the filtration and water flow setup, I want to keep it simple yet effective and trying to keep the price of things down...taking power consumption into consideration also but not really a priority haha. Which way should I go with it, external canisters, internal filters only or sump....which I don't really want to do as space is a little limited in my garage as I tend to work on my car a lot....with tools, engine stands, benches ect in there also. Any pics, suggestions, thread links or even items for sale would be much appreciated Cheers
  22. OK so i'm tossing up an idea of drastically changing my current 6x2x2 display tank. It's currently a south american setup up with planted driftwood, sand etc etc I'm getting the flowerhorn itch bad and am thinking about emptying the whole tank going bare bottom with one or two fresh water rays (my son is obsessed with stringrays), 1-3 flowerhorn and 1 arowana. My concerns with the flowerhorn is that i might be better with just one so that none get harrassed. also will the fh pick on the fresh water rays? if i went say 3 fh would that be enough to share the agro if i get them all young? i would get males only as well I guess i would get everything juvenile so that they all grow up together and hopefully get along. it's just a thought at the moment but i'm very seriously considering it your thoughts? ideas? Suggestions thanks
  23. Hi my partner and I have been looking at salt water setups and we are interested in doing one ourselfs. Just not sure where we should begin as we have never had any experience in saltwater setups. We don't know anything about them, so we were wanting to know of all the info that would be needed for us to start as bigginers and also the costs that would be involved and also time and maintenance required.
  24. Got a little 4fter planted up and going. I think my issue is lighting but just after some advice substrate is a thin layer of gravel, then 9L of amazonia soil, topped off with a thin layer of poool filter sand. Im dosing with this liquid co2 Glutaraldahyde and Iron Chelate Fertilizer 500ml lighting is 4 x 36w T8's. In battens WITHOUT reflectors running Osram tubes similar spectrum to gro lux. stocking is a few shrimp and a few rams so very light bioload. I am relying on the amazonian soil to supply all fertilisation needs. I got the plants off a forum member but no idea what they are called although I was told they were low light requirements. The stems are doing fine, its the grass and sword type ones that are looking a little rough. thin looking faded leaves. and some of the grass is starting to rot. My guess is not enough light. Im keen to pick up one of these 2 x 54w T5 setups https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6410&catID=86 but also dont want an algae party. any thoughts? Thanks
  25. I have recently seen a co2 bottle of soda stream at Kmart and i was wondering what other things do I need for it to work and and what would the cost be?( they where '60 liter' bottles of somthin)
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