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Found 15 results

  1. keen to see everyones sump setups, ive never setup/ran a sump before and need ideas! every detail would be great. The sump will be for a 5x3x2.5 (Lwh) and it has 3 40mm holes drilled at the top of the tank, 2 slighty higher than the other one. The stocklist for the tank will be motoro ray pups and maybe a few other things untill they grow out then into the 8x4x2.5 when it gets built. I know rays need clean water. I have had one before. What size sump tank should i use? what size return pump? What brands are the best? What media does everyone use/like? looking at a shogun 500w heater for it, what does everyone think of these? Pictures would be good. Cheers !
  2. Hey guys, thought I would just post up a pic of my current 8ftx2x2 american community setup. It has been running for a couple of weeks and looks pretty good so far. I think it needs something still but I cant put my finger on what. Anyway, I still have to stick a background on (thinking dark blue) which will probably help a lot. I made a 3d background out of expanding 2 part poly foam but it shrank and **** itself so I got rid of it. The tank is running 2 x aquaone 2700UVC filters with MarinePure, micropore, matrix and the obligatory foam. Water is nice and clear! In hindsight, with the stand the way it is I should have done a sump, but NVM. Tank has 2 x brasiliensis, 1 x convict, 1 x green terror, 2 x blue acara, 3 x firemouths, 2 x ellioti and a large albino sailfin pleco. Next project is I have the 6x2x2 tank I am going to have a Dovii in. Currently ordering gravel and bits and pieces for it. Still deciding whether to flip off the canister filters on it and get an FX5 or something for it. This is a picture of the 6ft before I moved the fish out of it: So at the moment, looking around for a dovii or pair of dovii for the 6ft. If I get a single male I might look at putting a DJ in there too and maybe a jag. If I was to convert to a sump on that one I would need to make a new stand which is a pain in the arse, so might just stick with canisters. Suggestions on the 8ft? Like I said I think it needs something. Just not sure what!
  3. I've setup a couple of new tanks recently so I thought Id share a few pics 8x2x2.5 (20mm base, 12mm sides, effing heavy tank this one lol) Hopefully just have the oscars and a couple of pbass in it very soon.... 4x2x2 30 Aulonocara stuartgranti Maulana "chitumba bay" (bred from WC) aka bi colours. Couple of males just starting to show some colour. Should hopefully be able to churn out some big batches of fry from this colony.
  4. All popular sizes of stands, hoods, cabinets and tanks still in stock. But get in early to avoid missing out! Once we are sold out of a style or size...... it may be a week or 2 before we have more. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/age-aquariums-119/timber-stands-hoods-80099/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/age-aquariums-119/colonial-timber-cabinets-hoods-80096/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/age-aquariums-119/dalbarb-2-pac-cabinets-modern-australian-made-aquarium-furniture-80101/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/age-aquariums-119/glass-aquariums-now-available-aoa-new-container-just-arrived-68237/ Come check out the display store in Browns Plains, and let us hook you up with a bargain package. An empty tank........ is the perfect excuse to tour all the lfs and breeders fish rooms over the holidays, to find the perfect fish to stock it with! Livin' the dream
  5. hi everyone can u please post pics of your marine sumps ??( if u have one ) thanks
  6. Just wanted to start a thread on my tanks. Only problem I have is my oscars are so clumsy doesnt matter what deco I put in there they hurt themselves!! Tips and thoughts appreciated. First pic is of both tanks. Can only post one pic at a time on mobiles.
  7. Hey guys, im looking at setting up a few tanks on a stand for breeding in the near future however im not sure which is the best way to go about filtering the setup. Ive currently already got a 3ft tank but I am looking at getting another 2 4x2x2's, with the primary use for the tanks as breeding ( not sure on the species) Obviously with any fish keeper, keeping electricity usage down is a must as its only getting more expensive. So what types of filtration is there, whats their pros and cons and how much would it cost to set up are the questions Id like to put forward to the many experienced members of this forum. All input is very welcome Cheers Steve.
  8. Hey just got back into the fish and have only had tanks set up for a couple of weeks. Planter is 3x15x18 has homemade co2 aqua clear 300.Fish are 10 rummynose 10 neons a couple of rams and bn pair. The other tank is 6x2x2 it will end up being my umbee tank but will start with a community of americans until they outgrow it or i get some more tanks.Atm there is some creek fish cycling it for me but they better not get to cumfy as i will be getting some umbies dovii and cubans very soon.The first shot is the planter when i set it up.The second is about 2 weeks later.The other 2 are of the 6ft running for about 5 days starting to clear up and no loss of guppies or gudgen so me thinks almost time for the killing machines to enter. Cheers leigh
  9. Are they worth it? I got permission from the parents to go ahead with one. I was thinking 2 or 3 4fters with a 3ft sump but i dont know weather its worth spending all that money and the dry goods and livestock if fish might no breed. i dont know what to do
  10. Hi i want to setup a fish room, I cant decide on a cost effective (electricity) but very efficient filtration setup. Any ideas or tips would the appreciated. 1. Sump with media, coral and heater etc. 2. High volume air pump with sponge filter and a heater to worm up the fish room. 3. Sump for the African and plum in to the baby/grow out tanks and high volume air pump for the bristle nose and the heater for the hole room. Imo 3. seems the best. Thanks Josh
  11. I would be keen to see pictures of peoples pond/tub setups if anyone is keen to share. In particular the filters. I have an idea for a plastic box with a few layers of different media, top fed by a pump/powerhead, which trickles down and drops back into the pond from a height. But im keen to see what people have been doing!
  12. hey all, i have been checkin out the cookie cutter setups over at cichlid forum for my new 4ft. i would just like to know how much i can trust them? http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/c ... er_55g.php hope this is right section for this cheers all
  13. Here's some pics of my current favourites! Black Angel (Now Deceased) - Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami (Now Deceased) - Dwarf Cichlid (Now Deceased) - Silver Vailtail Angel (Now Deceased) - Current Tropical Setup - Black Ghost Knife Fish - Blind Cave Tetra - Bristlenose Catfish - Corydoras (Sterbai, Julii, Peppered, Bronze & Albino) - Danio (Albino Longfin Zebra, Giant & Pearl) - Featherfin Catfish (Synodontis Eupterus) - Golden Sucking Catfish - Koi Angelfish - Rainbow Shark & Bristlenose Catfish - Red Tail Black Shark - Reticulated Loach - Sailfin Pleco (Glyptoperichthys Gibbiceps) - Silver Molly - Swordtail - 3Ft African Cichlid Tank - Brichardi & Golden Sucking Catfish - Flameback - Julidochromis Marlieri - Melanochromis Maingano - Pseudotropheus Saulosi - Pseudotropheus Saulosi & Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" Battle! - ID Please? - Please comment and/or query.
  14. hey there, I just thought id start a thread for all members to share photos of their tank setups or systems. You can include a list of the species being kept in each tank if you like. It may be useful for everyone to get ideas for your own tanks and to find out which species are compatible. I encourage all members to post their pics no matter how good or bad they are, and please stick to pics of your whole setup. there will be a seperate thread for fish pics... Please limit each post to 6 photos at the maximum. to kick it off heres one of mine its a 250L corner tank with 15 Ps demasoni and 5 electric yellows. lookin forward to seeing everyones setups!..
  15. Hi Just wonder what setups people have for their turtles? Would be good if other turtle keepers could post up pics of their setups and a brief description. May help me but also others that maybe thinking of getting some turts. I have a 4x2x2 tank but I just can't decide what is the best way to set it up at the moment. I have two Macquarie Short-neck turtles (just under 10cm shell), two barras and some sucking cats (to clean up scraps). Filtration seems to be my stumbling point at the moment. A powerhead big enough to filter the volume seems to make too strong of a flow for the turtles, they spend all their time hiding or fighting the current. The low water level makes it hard to run a canister filter. Any suggestions? Thanks Jenny
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