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Found 21 results

  1. Anyone keep/or kept reheaded severum before?
  2. Hey kids! So I finally took the plunge and bought a 4ft/75gal/285l tank. After much deliberation I decided to get a Red Severum to put in it. I nearly went for a Texas but then I talked myself out of it Anywho, here's some pics. I've named him Darius. He's very cute lol, consider this your formal warning. He is a little bit bigger than a 50c piece. Please ignore the crazy looking tank as I am yet to buy substrate/appropriate decor. At the moment I am using the all-in-one filter that came with the tank and I planning to upgrade to a canister. I'm seriously considering a Fluval FX6. Thoughts? I am planning to use white sand (this stuff) which is a course/coral looking kind of sand (not actually coral though). The tank background is black and will probably stay that way. Thanks for letting me share. This is the kind of tank/fish tank always drew me to the hobby but I never had the space for one until now so I'm really really happy about it
  3. Current fish are 7 blue sevs 3 gold sevs 2 red sevs 2 urau 1 flagtail and 4 geos
  4. Hi everyone...okay so I have an oscar that wont grow and I noticed today that I also have a severum (Torrey) with a funny looking face...I did not notice this when I bought her...mind you she was really small and so it would have been difficult to spot...and I had not had a severum before ...anyway... I was looking at my severum and I noticed that one side of her face (the right) sticks out further than her left side. The bottom section of her gills on the right flare out farther too..her mouth looks straight..although it's so little its kind of hard to say for certain..is this some kind of deformity??..She also has more spangles on one side of her face and barely none on the other..she is growing, healthy and eating..I never had any intention of breeding her,so if it is a genetic thing, that's not a worry..but does anyone know any more about this kind of thing??..I have done a google search but have not been able to really find anything....have to admit though I am kind of a bit bummed out that she's not the best looker..when you start to design a tank and have a picture in your head of what the finished product will look like; hearing visitors to my house say "what's wrong with her face?" is not what I had in mind.....but I love her, and she's gonna have the best life I can give her anyway...
  5. Hi everyone, I purchased a green severum 6 days ago from petbarn. All the severums were tiny maybe just under the size of a 20 cent piece. I now have it in a 38G growout with some rainbow fish. (rainbows are bigger than severum) Is a planted tank with river sand and driftwood. Fitration is a hamburg matten filter utilizing poret foam. Severum is active but will not eat anything but frozen (thawed) bloodworms. I have tried flake, crushed hikari pellets (had to crush as he couldn't fit the small ones in mouth..but ultimately spat this out)..tried mashed peas, zucchini...it is getting frustrating that he wont eat...he seems healthy though for now, but I just want to know if anyone can suggest an alternative food I might try..I was going to look for some worms tommorrow..even though they are going to have to be very small..there is no way he will be able to eat a big one. This is my first south american fish and I want to ensure that I am doing all I can to raise a healthy fish. Thanks.
  6. It's day 6 of treating the tank with melafix and pimafix. There is no improvement, and today all the sevs are at the surface. Temp 26C, Ammo 0, nitrite 0, nitrAte 5, ph 6.6 (used to be 6.8 before the tank went to hell and became a bare bottom hospital tank) The cories are in a separate 3' hospital tank, and the featherfin and gibby are in another 3' hospital tank. The severum tank has 3 canister filters and a power head for extra surface agitation. I'm following the instructions on the bottles of melafix and pimafix, and it says to dose daily for 7 days THEN do a 25% water change. I would normally do that twice a week. I have been siphoning out whatever debris is in the tank floor each morning, but that's only 5 or so litres on a 6x2x2 tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey everyone my female severum is laying eggs but her partner keeps eating the eggs is that normal its there 2nd time laying eggs? need help plz
  8. hey everyone i have 4 severum cichlids one is a semi pair if u get what i mean lol and i have two random severums in there with them and my oringinal pair are starting to lip lock and have been digging and beening a real bully to the other 2 sevs. do u recon i should take the other two out and my pair will lay or wat need help thanks
  9. hey need help two of my sevs have started lip locking every now and then they is a male and a female is that breeding behaviour or fighting. would be appricated if someone can help me thanks
  10. im just wondering on how to breed sevs thats all i have two that are lip locking is that a sign of breeding or fighting cause one is a boy and the other is a girl lol
  11. Has anyone got one of these, or know where i could get one. They're amazing. Sooo pertyyy!!!!
  12. Woke up this morning and notice that my litte Green Severum doesn't look to good. when it tries to swim it does loops, kind of like backflips. Anyone know what could cause this? I don't have a test kit to test the water so I can't give any readings and my LFS isn't open for another hours and a half. PLease help thanx
  13. I have 5 very nice gold sevs from different sources, that I've raised together from 5cms in the hope of getting a pair. Of the 5, only one has developed facial markings which had me presuming him to be a male. He is the 3rd in size and the two bigger ones are about 12cms, whilst he is around 10cms. This morning, I saw the two largest (females?) locking lips, trembling, all the typical cichlid mating behaviour whilst the male looked on, up close, flaring his gills and chasing the two smallest away...........almost like he was egging them on to see who would be the stronger............that, or he was simply the referee controlling the crowd as well as the fight :confused: Late arvo, I noticed that the two largest were still in combat, but would take a break every now and then to bale the other two females and male up at the opposite end of the tank. They have also took to digging for the first time. Call me romantic, but at first I thought the two females were fighting over the male, but now it looks like they are in a "relationship" and the male is on the outside. Could one of these be a male without facial markings or are they just sexually confused adolescents? kev
  14. i got a gold severum that just sits at the bottom of the tank motionless or leans up against the rocks. is it a problem or is it just lazy
  15. Just mucking around with my cheapo camera, on auto settings, (thats all i know how to do ). Anyhow i thought this one came up allright, so im gonna post it now i finally worked out how to do it with photo bucket. Brendan
  16. Hi all, anyone know how to tell male or female on a gold severum? Thanks
  17. Hi, My severum has developed three white pimples with red rings around them . None of my other fish are affected (yet) but can you tell what they are? Descriptions in the net are a bit vague but worms? Should I separate him? Thanks http://qldaf.com/modules.php?name=gallery2&g2_itemId=3435
  18. I've searched but cant find any info on how to sex severum's? Any help would be appreicated Regards Marc
  19. Just some photos for you. Eggs were down after I got home from a trip. Hope this is the right section! And... just for good measure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjpSHL0Q3Eo Will be interesting to see if they hatch, and what the fry will look like. They will not be distributed.
  20. Ok I am hoping someone out there has some idea about americans and what I am asking lol. I have no idea about them and they are not my fish. My friend has these 2 americans that look just like these pics (these are not the actual fish) They are Severums I am guessing. They have have just had babys. I was wondering if they would be concidered xbreed or not and if it is ok to take them away form the parents at 2 days old as she has offered them to me cause she is not interested in the babys. If I dont take them they will be loach food . Anyone with 1/2 a clue would help please. Thank you
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