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Found 10 results

  1. I was just hoping someone may be able to tell me if my Severums were male or female? Please
  2. Is it possible for 2 female to be laying eggs? Coz my sev's layed a fair few eggs and they're all white. Or is it because its their first time?
  3. my severum pair are finally digging pits so far they have 2 pits and they are lip locking so hopefully some eggs soon
  4. Hi All, I've been researching a bit about Severum's and their colour variants (I have 4 greens, two have paired). I came across these (rotkeil severums Fish Profile for Redheaded Severum, Read Headed Severum, Redhead Severum (Heros sp. 'rotkeil')) on a site in the U.S. Has anyone got these here in Australia or has anyone seen these here? cheers
  5. in my 6x2x2 display (sevs and oscar) severums want to breed and oscar keeps going in there area what sized tank would you reccomend i move them too for breeding till the fry is free swimming ? ill move the sevs back into display once fry is big enough to fend for itself ! OR should i just turf out the oscar? hes a nice big red oscar and i like him alot :S what should i do ?
  6. to everyone who said IT WILL NOT WORK - you were wrong to everyone who said GIVE IT A SHOT MATE YOU NEVER KNOW - thankyou alot btw this is only stage one of my tank and im adding gravel tomorrow i figured it was just more important to get my fish in a tank happy fishing
  7. currently 2x golden severums 4 x discus 2x rams 14 x neons 1 x baby saratoga leichardti (10-15cm) 2x rams 2 x swordtails? im not sure NOW I KNOW THERES AN OVERSTOCK IN THE TANK! THATS 2 TANKS IN ONE thats my stepdads tank with some of my fish the saratoga and 2 severums are mine! they are going in my 6x2x2 when i set it up completely (about a months time) i know its an unlikely mix but the leichardti isnt aggressive AT ALL! ive put him in with feeders and he hasnt even chased them he hides from them! so my 6x2x2 is going to have the leichardti 2 golden severums(will possibly get 2 more if mine arent a breeding pair if mine are maybe some green ones! ) 1x leichardti 2 x severums(possibly 4) and lots of little red cherry shrimp large gravel 5-10mm with an undergravel filter! what else can i get ! i want everything big(toga) small(???) medium(severums) MINITUREE!!!(reallysmall something) and red cherries!
  8. my gold sevs just spawns and wondering what i should do, leave parents in, remove 1 etc? thanks.
  9. as the title says i would like to sex my gold and green severums i have 2 gold severums at around 12cm but dont know there sexes and i also have 4 green severums 3 are around the 10 to 12cm and theres pne smaller one can someone tell me wat to look for or some pics cheers brad
  10. Hi, My pair of green severums have just breed in my 6ft community tank and i was wondering what would be the best thing to do with the fry - move them into a smaller tank by themselves or just leave them in with the parents.. Also what is the best to feed the fry besides crushed flake or pellets? Thanks Cav
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