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Found 91 results

  1. Hi just wondering if any one can tell me the sex of these to flamebacks plz. I was thinking the first was a girl and the second was a boy any thoughts plz cos they r fighting like 2 males
  2. Not sure how good the photo is, but this is my flowerhorn. Just got it the other day, and I'm curious what type it is and also what sex it is.
  3. Can anyone tell me the way to sex a male and female Empire Gudgeon please, are the fins different to look at to tell a male between a female? Cheers.
  4. Who can sex any of my L169's 1@6.5cm 1@7cm 1@8cm all same age 1yr old. And does anyone know how old they are to reach sexual maturity cheers
  5. Could anyone tell male and female apart? I find that is much easier with the other type of guramy as these fish often has pointed dosal fin in both sexes.
  6. Hi guy i wanted to find the sex of these guys l333
  7. Just purchased a L202 pleco at 7cm and after your opinion on the sex of him/her let me know your thoughts cheers
  8. I have a gorgeous sailfin pleco, approximately 25 to 27cm... but I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl. Can anyone identify the sex for me? It'd be greatly appreciated. Do I need a photo of anything in particular to help you guys determine the sex? Cheers, Lily & Geordie
  9. Hey guys what sex do you think this festae is. Bars only show when it's angry other wise the top of the fin is blue and there are no visible bars only very light spots.
  10. Hi all is this a red devil? male? He/she is 9cm
  11. Hi there.can anyone sex our green terror? Tia
  12. What sex do you thing the CRS are in the picture.
  13. can somebody help me sex this L002 fish please
  14. can somebody help me sex this L002 fish please ATTACH=CONFIG]62216[/ATTACH]
  15. I was wondering if someone can help me sex these fish - I thought they were males because they were sold to me as males & they have been caving but now Im not so shore - look at the face shape & females can have the spines to ?
  16. [ATTACH]60185[/ATTACH I have 3 ebjd that just out if curiosity would like help sexing, they all get along really well and I'm guessing the one with the larges top fin is male. Thanks heaps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Can anyone tell me is this is male or female?
  18. Hey is this a male or female they are so hard to differ it's about 6 inches maybe. And is it definitely a fenestratus?
  19. got this jag a few weeks ago, approx 26-28cm just under 2yrs old,, was in a preety dirty std 6ft tank with 6americans,eel. :/ its looking much healthyer and getin some really nice purple with blue coming thru on its fins any suggestions whether its male or female plz, cheers
  20. Can anyone help please? not the best pic.tia
  21. Hey if got any tips on sexing Blue Rams just leave a comment or if you have German Blue Rams FS, PM me
  22. @aqc247 Hi Ian or anyone can you sex this please, its about 6-7 inches long now and about 8 months old? cheers Gary
  23. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I have M/F, Best pics I could take Thanks First fish Second fish
  24. So i got a batch of 1cm electric yellows, today i notice one of the bigger one has black dorsal and anal fin, just like a mature male yellow would have but not as solid. Is it safe to say that it could be a male?
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