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Found 94 results

  1. Need a bit of help sexing my new additions. I'm 90% sure the larger of the two is male, but need some help with the smaller. I'm hopeless at sexing these guys. =) Also will be looking for good young adult pspots for breeding in the near future if anyone has some. The fish I'm unsure of is the same one in all photos. Higher resolution photos can be found here: http://i.imgur.com/0OmVxmOh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nBVE0xvh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QG2sbzRh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IxwuLnDh.jpg
  2. we think we have a pair, and are newbies, we have 2 4ftrs, one community tank anoe Man calls the 'terminator tank" in the we have our silver sharks a rosie barb and a tandanus. Getting a 5ftr, plans to make it the new terminator tank (more room) I want gold fish but LOVE discus, he? is no place to argue x. no 'fussy' fish pls.
  3. If some one could help me with getting a positive idea on sexing my L333 please thanks everyone all pics are of same fish cheers
  4. I know only picture of it face but can anyone sex it or need better photo
  5. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can let me know how to tell if a Gold Honey Dwarf Gourami is male or female? Is there a simple way or do you have to wait until they are older? Thank you.
  6. I bought these guys along with a couple of red empress, albino afras and maingano as fry a little while back from a breeder in chermside but I have lost her information. Just wanted to see if anyone could tell me what sex they are? I would have thought if they were male they would be starting to get a bit of colour by now, they are probably around 9cm. Also if anyone knows the person who was breeding them let me know because she said if they turned out female she may be interested in buying/trading them back. Cheers
  7. Hiya everyone, just wondering if anyone can tell me how to sex Bristlenose, I've got conflicting info from the net and LFS. I'm sorry if there's a post about this already, I haven't gone thru all of them to look.
  8. Hi guys im after someone to sex my L202 for me it's about 7-8cms let me know your thoughts please cheers
  9. First 3 photos are of 1 adult 9cm and the other 2 photos are of my other adult 8cm can post more photo if you need thanks everyone
  10. Can somebody confirm if my 2 adult are either male or female please
  11. I was reading an article on sexing Peppermints and they reckon if you grab them and give there snout a rub where the bristles grow up the snout the Males should be spongy and Females should be solid, does anyone else sex there Peppermints like this or have any way of telling as pandapete and I used the good old by eye sight method today
  12. Hay everyone first pic is a smaller calvus that stays out of shells and also gets bullied buy the larger calvus pushed up to the top of the tank. 2nd picture is of the larger calvus that spends most of the time in the shell. That is your thoughts on the venting pictures. Not sure if they are from the same batch but will check at a later date. thanks josh
  13. Can anyone shed some light on it. I have picks on my phone if that helps
  14. Hi everyone, If you're like me i.e. a Tanganyika addict you've no doubt had trouble sexing Altolamprologus species, here is a brilliantly simple guide to help! Female on the left
  15. I have to bristlenose and want to know the sex im positive one is male just unsure on the second
  16. Hi guys Just got myself a cuban cichlid and on the hunt for more. is it possible at 7 or so cm to sex them and what are the methods of sexing them? Thanks
  17. Hi All, I was hoping some people could help me sex my L134's - pictures attached, let me know if you need more. They are 6-7cms long and approx. 1 year old. Any help would be much appreciated, also any tips on how to sex so I know for the future would be great. Thanks, Chris
  18. Appreciate that there may be no easy answer to this, but is there a way to distinguish the sex of Threadfin Acaricthys that is at least semi reliable?
  19. I thought I had a pair of Royal Whiptails, the male is the smaller of the 2 and has had definite bristles for months now (first pic). The larger one I thought was female seems to be developing very fine hairs on "her" snout (second pic). Do females get any bristles or none at all?
  20. Hi, hoping someone can give me some info on sexing freddies without having to get them out and vent them. Are there any tell tale signs for either sex?
  21. Just wondering if anyone in Toowoomba knows how to vent sex african cichlids mainly Acei
  22. I need help to sex the following. Im thinking of buying these. The first photo there 10 and 11 cm and the second are 9 and a half and 7 and a half cm. Also what is a good price for each pair. Also roughly how far off are these from breeding at this size. Thanks all for your reply in advance.
  23. Can you please sex my 002's please. At around 6-7cm. Have had 1 person say they think 3 females 1 male.
  24. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Have this 'trio' of L397's - not sure if there is a female amongst them. Here's some pictures of two of the fish and another of the one I couldn't get out of the log. Appreciate your thoughts.
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