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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys so after not having any tanks for about the month mark or around that, i have decided to get back into it. not quite sure what i will be stocking the tank with, but thats all part of the fun! the tank is an all starphire 4x2x2 built by mick through aquariums alive, love the tank, ohhhhh and them edgesssssssss anyone got suggestions for stocking? cheers
  2. Hello all, I am trying to find sexy shrimp (Thor amboinensis) in Australia. I have researched them and they do occur in the GBR, but I can't find any LFS that sell them. Anyone knows a place that sells them and ships? I used to keep them in the states and I miss their booty shaking.
  3. Yep bit of promotion for the awesome natives out there.....and also what native fish would you like but cant get??...yes there are even natives that are too big or just rare/uncommon like an albino barra...or a nice red gulf saratoga ....or maybe those hard to find golden eel tailed catfish....or yep...even a lungfish or freshwater moray! Here's some nice aussie battlers.....
  4. Got this little el budgo supermarket classic(PM me with serious offers...no low balling,high grade top notch display super classic from Kmart or something only available in mass production runs...masterpet classic!)...but SERIOUSLY ....one of the first tanks I ever got and well I gave it a clean out..got it up and going and looks not too bad...so whats some sexy little guys to go in it?????...I would love a little pr of something if possible....some chilled out little guys....It only holds 21 litres if right...close to 2ft long but skinny as(about 18-20cm wide I'd say)....so just curious on peoples thoughts (those who know there sexy little guys!)...maybe a grow out for some Pbass.... Nothing that requires too much maintenance/heaters etc as they built these things with dumb in mind as its hard to get things in and out of it with the wierd framing at the top(holding the in built filter/light etc)..... Thoughts????????????
  5. just had to post, no pics yet, just found a huge spawn from the split pair of jds we got sunday from raycam and sarah1234 we are pretty stoked, now fingers crossed that he did the job and we get lots of little ebjds, we know you said they were sexy, well they are stunning, we couldn't be happier, thanks heaps.............. steve and jules...............
  6. Heya peoples, Can i get a fish idea please guys. I got no idea what it is ay, good lookin little thing but its got me stumped what it is lol SO PLEASE HELP ME =) Cheers all
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