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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a 30 cm saratoga lei that is periodically shaking its head or jerking its head every 20-30 minutes. It currently lives with 6 aussie bass (6cm) and an eel tail catfish (12cm). The togas tank mates aren't shaking their but are flashing and there's no sign of fungus. The tank has a thin layer of gravel and a big piece of driftwood and some large red rocks and no plants. My water params and routine are as follows: Ph: 7-7.2 Ammonia:- 0 (API drops) Nitrite:- 0 (API drops) Nitrate:- 10-20 ppm (API drops) Gh:- 90 ppm (5 drops of API test) Kh:-54 ppm (3 drops of API test) Size of tank:- 5x1.5x1.5 ft Temperature °C:- currently at 28 Been running for:- 5-6 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 2 AquaClear 300 (70) (hang on) Feeding:- What food and How often: fed hikari food sticks and koi pellets twice a day and peeled prawns every few days. No live food Recent Medication Treatments: No meds. Did add some macropore in the filters a few days ago to get rid of the tannins leeching from the driftwood Last water change:- 5 days ago 50% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - every week 50% using Prime as my water conditioner. Hope that's enough information. I personally think it could be gill flukes as I haven't treated them for it. Had the saratoga for a bit over a month and the other fish for 2 months. Prior to that, had goldfish in that tank. Just want to make sure before dumping random meds into the tank
  2. my festae looks like it is shivering every so often. only for a second or 2 tho. is this a problem?
  3. I have just noticed something that i have never seen before not sure if it is anything to do with breeding or if its something to do with the water as i did a water change and rescape of the tank on friday. But i have seen it twice now not sure if it was the same fish but they were just sitting there innocently and then just shivered then seem to be fine. Just curious as i have read about it before but cannot remember what the outcome was and cannot find it on the new site?? Cheers
  4. hi there me and my girl are fairly new at ciclids and we arrrr wondering why 1 of our zebra"s would just randomley shake thnks..todd
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