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Found 6 results

  1. Just thought I would show you guys the start of my little breeding setup. This is my first time attempting to breed so all tips are welcome. Ill be purchasing some electric yellows from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] in a few weeks and cant wait to get started. Will be running these three fry/ grow out tanks all through 1 sump underneath ( next weekends project) Thanks to [MENTION=5332]lloydashton[/MENTION] for the tanks they are perfect.
  2. Just a few quick questions on tank construction / shapes I will in teh near future be getting two tanks, but they need to fit around some framing. essentially the shed frame intrudes on the area the tanks will sit. The front and most of the tanks, can be a full 8 feet long 2440, the back of the tank can only be 2200 ~ 7'4" The shed frame protrudes about 10cm. My thoughts: make a 7'4" tank the full 2 foot wide, and then add side drops to each end. or could i have the front piece face a full 8 feet, so the side drops dont look added on have the tanks made at 8x2 and cut a 45degree off each of the back corners, would be about 20 x 20cm to fit. possibly the best idea??? have the tanks made at 8x2, and have a 12 x 12cm square cut out of each back corner, but will the 90deg angle in the base cause a massive weak spot and a potential place for a crack to emanate from??? I want these to look great, as they will be the centre pieces of the fish room, the bottom one will be all but 8x2x2 filled with Tropheus and petrochromis, the top one will be 8x2x18h and full of featherfins, sandsifters, and a few shellies.. Cheers
  3. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick
  4. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick (sorry i put this thread in the wrong section b4 )
  5. Hey guys. A couple of weeks ago I bought an Apisto Agassizi pair for my 2ft tank. I put a flower pot in the tank for the female to live in, and by the end of the first day she had taken up residence there. For the next week and a half, she'd pop out ocassionally and have a look around, and all looked well. Then yesterday, she looked like this: As you can see, her colours are very faded and she looks a bit bloated. But I'm not sure if bloat is the problem, because some of her fins are split and one or two scales on her other side seem to be missing. Could it have been aggression from the male that caused this? I separated the female into a breeding net as soon as I saw her like this, which put her directly in the flow of my internal filter and it was blowing her all over the place - she's swimming really weakly. So I put her flowerpot in the net for her to hide in and escape the current. I'm not sure what else I can do? She looks pretty far gone to me, but if there's anything I can try I'd be really happy to hear it.
  6. Hi all, would like to check with u all about Albino zebra. I have recently bought some albino zebra and i today moved them to another tank (which is easier to see as the tank they used to be are at the bottom tier ). Have found 1 or 2 or them are quite short in length (compare to the rest) but very fat, they are ard 5cm. is this their normal shape?? The others are like normal zebra shape but not these 2 ?? Thanks
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