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Found 13 results

  1. Sure beats the Billabong, hands-down ! http://www.domain.com.au/news/finalists-for-britains-shed-of-the-year-competition-revealed-20160601-gp8rel/
  2. G'day all, Within a few months we are intending to become a minor supplier to "Pet People" in our area and so far we have not got a fish and aquarium Guru or a worm farm Guru Shed 100 uses Gurus (experts and or enthusiasts) and they are not bosses but they keep an eye on what is happening in their area of expertise and order materials and are pivotal in making their shed activity a success and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate. Shed life should be a journey for anyone who wants to try different activities and likewise our Gurus do not have to be "stuck" with their area of expertise. Some Shed 100 activities with Gurus are Our committee, set-up expert for small production runs, welding including stainless steel and aluminium, wood working using machines, metal working using a lathe and some milling, leather work, clocks, coin jewelry, casting small objects in resins and low melting point metals, art (painting and etc) wood turning pens (gift quality in exotic wood) wood turning general. We have equipment for but no gurus for: sheet metal rolling, shaping and spot welding, recycling non ferrous metals into small sheets and wires for things like belt buckles and trophies, nickel plating, knife and tool sharpening, glass lead-light. We get a lot of donated materials and goods so some things can be made or refurbished for zero $s. We do workshop stuff for free for local not for profit organizations and the Mount Ommaney Special School and we would like to continue to do that. If you are interested in fish but have not got the space or the tick of approval from your domestic manager then why not join our shed, We have long "smokos" and talk about whatever. Please comment or contact me. FYI (There are more registered Men's Sheds in Australia then there are McDonalds) Men's sheds are attributed with saving male suicides and the concept has gone from Oz across the world. Every shed is different, some are more like drop in centres, others are very workshop oriented, some do music, some do bus trips, and cooking courses for those who want it and anything really if you have some expertise to lead the way anything that interests the men will be successful.
  3. I currently have a 9 x 6 shed dedicated to fish Has tanks with plumbing and without Two big massive blowers Heaps of Supplies food chemicals etc. I was think as i dont have much time these days is the see if anyone is interested in renting the whole shed or maybe even go halves in the shed. I own my own house so the shed wont be going anywhere Also the house and shed is fully insured for accidential breakages Also guard dog onsite Just dont want to the whole shed to goto waste and if it helps someone else who is renting etc would be good WIll also be creating another shed just before summer. Just pm me if interested or anyone has any ideas
  4. Doing WC today and feels really hot in the shed i have a hanging thermometer in the middle of shed says 39 no wonder I'm hot whats yours ? FJ
  5. I know your meant to leave the shell in the tank when shrimp shed, but with crays the shell is alot harder. Do i leave it in there for them or take it out?
  6. im about to start setting up my new shed im stuck trying to work out the best way to run my tanks, ive narrowed it to 3 options. my main goals are to set up a system that has relatively low water,power usage with not to high maintenance (so i can enjoy playing with the fish not all day cleaning filters) not eay to find the balance that also gives you the flexibility to set the water quality to the fish in each tank. 1) build an internal filtration area in each tank using air lift pumps to run it. approx area width of tank by 15cm of tank length divided into mechanical and bio filtration and the 3rd chamber will be for the air lift and heating if required. (the room will have a reverse cycle system/ de humidifier) Pros - low power consumption, no cross contamination of disease/parasite Cons - more maintenance, portion of tanks cant be used. 2) setting up sump system running approx 6 tanks (200lt each) pump running about 4000lt/hr 3.2x/hr flow rate. sponge filter in each tank to increase circulation. Pros - all tank space can be used, Cons - power bill higher, possibility of disease transferred. 3) play like the big boys and set up a proper recirculation system (aquaculture). have all tanks running into 1 or 2 main systems. Pros - best filtration capacity out of all. easiest maintenance out of all systems, automated water changes Cons - cant control water perimeters in each individual tank. ie ph will be the same in all tanks. highest power consumption, cross contamination chances high. anyway there are the 3 options i have come up with, really like to know what everyone thinks, any other ideas let me know.
  7. Hi all Will be moving to our new house soon, with the fish to be placed into the two bay shed, looks like titan / total span etc two car garage. One side of the shed is shaded from the afternoon sun by a large tree, however most of the roof will be exposed throughout the day. I'm thinking it will make things a little to hot for the fish, so I'd like to put some sort of insulation onto the underside of the roof to help reduce the heat transfer. To that end if anybody has done something similar it would be great if you could let me know the way in which you went about it. Many thanks in advance
  8. Is there any hope for me.Thought i was goimg to be working away from home for 6months. And heard today that it is going to be put back a couple of months.So today i set up a spare tank i had in the shed to grow up some ellioti fry i have.I can see what is going to happen 1 leads to 2 then all of a sudden you have 20 tanks.What am i to do. Anyway was setting up the tank today and the missus caught me in the act she didnt even object.Looks like it is game on.
  9. almost done, getting excited now. full 6 page thread on Tropheus fanatics" forum, its a tad epic.
  10. Hi Everyone Was cleaning my motoro tank tonight and I found what I am 100% sure is the barb off my motoro, however the motoro still has its barb. The barb I found is identical to the motoros barb, even down to the jagged edges, the only difference is that it looks like a bone. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this? Cheers Deeg
  11. Spent the entire day today removing the crap from my future fish shed that has been accumulating in there for about 10 years. Thought i would share some quick pics. It's never been usable because of all the junk, so my parents have given it to me providing any changes are made at my expense, I clean it out etc. Going to eventually insulate it and heat it all (still haven't decided how, parents say a clear NO to air con). So yes very exiting and much better than having all my tanks in my bedroom and having no furniature apart from my bed... Any handy hints as to how you guys heat your fish rooms would be great. Something power-saving is a must. Enjoy before and after shot oh yeah and there is obviously still work to do.. gotta get the gurnie in there soon. cheers
  12. I just saw an empty shell of a cherry shrimp just sitting at the bottom of my tank, just wondering if someone ate him or if they shed? There is only yoyo loaches and endlers in the tank so i don't think endlers would but maybe the loaches?? anyone else had this happen
  13. Hi all. If your near camira today pop in at 5 hayes ave. got a sizzle happening to be donated to the local comunity. $2 sizzle and $1 drinks or combo $2.50. Got some fish 2 sell to africans, angels and lots of plants and tetras. 10 am - 3pm today only. Cya there. :egrin::egrin:
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