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Found 25 results

  1. There has to be some benefit to these guys besides pretty shells. Potential pain relieving cone snail venom more complex than first thought
  2. I've Got 3 snails in a 15-20l fish tank i when i got them they shells looked like slightly decaded i guess like gritty i guess i describe it as that. & i was reading they need calcium to fix there shells but. i read you can use aquarium salt/ cuttle bone which i have. But what it doesnt say how much to put in & how much cuttle bone to place in the water. & when ill start to notice snails shell heal. Also what is it a GH test kit? General hardiness of the water? what should that be for snails? but also have 2 prego female guppies in the tank at the same time.
  3. Hi everyone, After some one advice and assistance. I saw a small tank at a shop which was around 2-3 feet long and only about 15 cm high and wide and thought that would look good with some shellies in it. So so I want to make this my first DIY aquarium project. So decisions: Size? 3x1/2x1/2? Dimensions? Exact glass measurements? Glass thinkness, the glass shop said they can do 6mm or 10mm, so I'm unsure. Filtration, heat etc! so many questions, any help would be awesome.
  4. What types of shell dwellers are available in oz
  5. thought i would share my tried and true method of safely extracting alto comps and calvus from their shells to steal their fry and to clean their shells from all the gunk left over from last spawn which can and does spoil some or all of the next clutch if the female doesn't clean up properly or simply cant! this is why sometimes you will notice less fry with each spawn instead of more, the egg rott from the last batch is spoiling them ; >>> So, here it is. If its just a male or non-paired or non-spawning girls that have hogged a shell I extract them by placing the shell right up to the front glass with the opening facing you, give an inch or so room from the opening to the glass, when they come out a few mins later they say WTF im not living here up against this front glass, and that BigRock bloke is ugly enough from a damn distance as is, im out of here lol ,...so they simply abandon it! males abandon instantly and females who aren't fanning ofcourse will abandon it pronto aswell !! a fanning female usually wont. So with them,soon as I notice fry I go get an exact replica shell that's been cleaned and dried then i'll gently move her shell over just a few inches and place the new shell in the exact same position and place where hers was and then sit back and watch, she will come out a couple mins later and you'll see her expression almost say wtf lol what am i doing here? this isnt my shell thats my shell. And bang she'll go in the new one and that's when you dive in and grab her shell full of fry works a treat! and she is none the wiser all except her fry are gone, the pair bond also stays the same, theres NO territory dispute or sussing of new shells or placement etc, coz they have no real clue what happened when you do it this way and they'll begin another spawn soon as they can. This method is also more deviously fun than other methods when doing it, so enjoy!! ;
  6. Hi guys just got my turtle back I I've just noticed then that it looks like a decent size crack in his shell don't know too much about turtles could this be him growing or is it just overlapping? Appreciate the help can post pics soon
  7. just want to get some shells for my calvus to breed in looking for a decent size to. wanting to start up a calvus tank
  8. I got some shells a few days ago from a guy named Greg Hayes. Amazing shells, great prices. They have a minimum order of $30 + $12 postage but they are great quality, promptly couriered & have an amazing selection even barnacles. Better than Bunnings as you can not only choose the type & colour of shells but from a range of sizes too! Check out the website, Coral Coast Shells Seashells , Seashell Crafts and Seashell Products. He's based in Macksville NSW. ***FORUM SPONSORS*** he wholesales to companies in Sydney, sure he might deal with you guys if you're interested. BTW yes I checked to see if it was ok to put up a thread for him. Here's some pics of the small selection I chose
  9. I have Multis and love them, just wondering what else is available and how hard they are to get hold of?
  10. hey all my female black calvus has been in a shell for two days now so im assuming she has eggs,fingers crossed...... how long should i leave fry in shell for,as there are other tangs in the same tank and i dont want to loose them. any advice would be great. cheers marty
  11. i am setting up a shell dweller tank and was wondering if anyone knows what the best lfs would be to pick up some shells and shell dwellers, i was in pet city on the weekend and they had a few shell dwellers in there but didnt see any shells for them altho i didnt ask as they where really busy at the time and i have just put the water in the tank and it needs to cycle first so i wasn't in a big hurry. also any info or advise on keeping them would be appreciated as well, i am not sure what species i am going to get yet or if i can even mix species? thanks in advance
  12. I am looking at getting some of these as a change from "Tangs" that I currently keep . I have searched google and there is not a great deal about keeping and breeding these . Has any body on this forum ever kept these ? or still keeping them ? If so is there anything substantially different to keeping "Tangs" ? Is their food requirement different ? Are they even available in Australia ? Are they expensive ?
  13. I've been told by different ppl different things what do you guys recommend for a freshwater sump? Considering shell grit is for free:D
  14. Title says it all really. I noticed one missing for the last few days, spent countless time and heard many questions asked by the wife what the hell was I doing sitting in front of the tank counting fish for half an hour. But I found him! started pulling rocks out for the 3rd time this week and for some reason I pulled out a shell and gave it a shake and heard something in there. Cracked it open with a hammer and found the poor bugger bent like a banana in the shell unable to move. Died within a few minutes after breaking free. Another one chalked up for learning the hard way. All shells facing down now.
  15. I just saw an empty shell of a cherry shrimp just sitting at the bottom of my tank, just wondering if someone ate him or if they shed? There is only yoyo loaches and endlers in the tank so i don't think endlers would but maybe the loaches?? anyone else had this happen
  16. I was just thinking of setting up a nice shell dwelling tang tank on my desk and was wondering what was available and what was recommended. Never kept a shell dweller before and just recently interested in them so bear with me
  17. Hey there everyone. i was wondering if anyone else has had issues with golden mystery snail shells not looking as nice as they should? I have alot of them except, i think due to overcrowding the shells on the snails havnt developed properly. Is there anyway to help treat this occurance? Clipper
  18. i keep a couple differnt species of comps and calvus and need to find more breeding sites. i was wondering if i could take all the egg out of the shell ad clean it and use it for various species of comps and calvus. would the chicken egg shell perlute the water or anything like that or disolve over time?
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. i was wanting to use a kids pool to breed bristlenose is there any problems that could happen???
  21. Does anyone know Shell Dwellers Neolamprologus Medina?? what are they called now??
  22. hi... i have a 4"x2"x2"ft tank with lots of fish i recently got a 9inch by 6 inch barnacle cluster an i was hoping to make it a home for 2 new fish dont kno much about shell dwellers but i do want to stay away from anything agresive... cheers some names an any personal info would be great...
  23. hi all, my brother was given a turtle its shell is flaking anybody now what this is??? cheers shane.
  24. I have just started up a Shell Dweller tank with 15 small to medium sized Lamprologus Ocellatus. The tank is an AquaOne AR126 which is approx 45 litres. At the moment I am feeding them one decent pinch of flake or frozen bloodworm a day. Is this enough?
  25. Came across a pic I recently took of one of my Lelu and his shell that he goes nuts over, he only comes out for a snack or if any other fish (usually his own kind) show interest.. he's obsessed And a nasty little devil at that He sits right up inside, goes in head first and spins right around.. yet to get a pic of him right up inside, however he popped out when I came too close..
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