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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, Here is my nano 40cm cube for you all. Tank: 40x40x40cm Opticlear Aquatic Style tank Filtration: Eheim 2215 Heater: Hydor Inline 200W heater Thermometer: ADA NA CL thermometer Lighting: 2 x 36W PL lighting. Fish: 10 x Lamprologus Similis Substrate: 0.5 to 2.0mm coral sand from Age of Aquarium Hardscape: Opal red rock and shells. Thanks, Adam
  2. Hey guys, So I got some shells from bunnings and they are all about the 2-5cm total size. How big does the entry need to be for the shellies as I think they may all be too small... Cheers Trav
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas about this. Ive have four, two male n two female (i think) with five shells in a 2x2 tank for a couple weeks now. Everything seemed to be fine. This morning at the entrance to one of the females shells lay two dead males. The water is fine and they been eatin a quality vegie flake and a tiny amount od brine shrimp around her shell was a much larger that usual pit in the sand. Could she have killed them both? Or have they faught to the death over her?
  4. I posted a few days ago about my new pair of N. ornatopinnis having a shell of fry. Sadly as of today she's totally abandoned the shell and no fry are left. She's quite fat with eggs again though and is still hanging closely with her male so I'm sure they'll spawn again, but I'm looking for some suggestions on how to help this not happen again. First of all, is this common with new pairs? This is their first spawn and I'm thinking maybe she's just still working herself out. Next, the other three are still in the tank. I believe this is either M/M/F or F/F/M. They're still growing so it's hard to tell at times. None of these other ones are using shells or paired up yet, but they're still a little pushy and keep swooping the main pair. There's no hardcore aggression though, no ripped fins or any damage done. I've taken this opportunity to rearrange the tank. It's a 2x18x18; I've moved the texas holey rock into the middle of the tank now to create two distinct areas, and split up the shells in the tank to opposite corners. - Should I not bother with this and just remove the three spares? I'm pretty sure I can work another pair out of these three so I'd like to hold onto them for a while. I can easily set them up in another 2x1 tank this weekend. Thanks in advance for the help guys. Still a big learning curve here!
  5. anyone got any websites for i need 50 plused shells for my fish tank? thanks
  6. Ok all this talk of shellies has gotten my curiousity up. Is there a list of "shellies" around for me to research? What would you consider to be the prettiest shellie?
  7. Got to borrow a friends camera. The pics turned out pretty nice... ^ Dominant Male ^ Dominant Female ^ Some Action ^ Another Female ^ Sub-dominant Male
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