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  1. im considering buying an insulated (ex coolroom/refrigerated) shipping container and reporposing it as a fishroom. does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? temps etc of the actual room
  2. Hi all, I am set on acquiring some fish from a seller in Sydney, however as he has never sent fish interstate before he would like someone else to send the fish interstate to me. He said he can package the fish, which entails double bags with oxygen in a foam box. So my questions are: What else do I need to consider when organising the shipment of these fish? Who is a reliable person or shop that could do this for me? Best company or method to go by? All input is greatly appreciated as this truly means a lot to me and I'm desperate to get it right. Cheers, Richard.
  3. im a happy wee fishkeeper today , i shipped my first lot of fish today with road courier, I sent 7 discus to port mcquarie from gold coast and all arived safe and sound, even after a few fastway dramas i got great advice from a few members on here and it really helped heaps Darren
  4. Hey All We got some new goodies arrive and one of the new items is something im sure all you could use FISH BAGS Available in 3 sizes: Large - 3-4bags fit per standard box - 34cm x 60cm Medium 6-8 bags fit per standard box - 24cm x 50cm Small 12-15 bags fit per standard box - 17cm 42cm Obviously the more you buy the more you save These are HIGH QUALITY square bottom stand up bags. http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/accessories/fish-bags
  5. I would be interested in selling some livestock over the coming months and would like your ideas on different shipping methods and successes/problems with different carriers.
  6. As above I'm after a few really big bags to line a polyurethane esky to Transport some rather lager fish. Any ideas as to where I would get some? Only need 10 Regards.
  7. HEy ALL just after some info on shipping plecos I Have shipped heaps in the past, but typically its small Cichlids. Amate wants me to help him as he has never shipped before. It is about 15cm Just after some secrets, lol thicker bags? adding stuff to bags plastic etc This guys is going to Perth, so just want to ensure I have done everything I can for him so he doesn't pop a bag, or die.. Thanks heaps
  8. I haven't bothered shipping fish for a couple of years now, I had a Virgin Freight account for many years and shipped fish reasonably regularly airport to airport on direct flights from Coolangatta to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then Virgin Freight were taken over by Toll Express, who changed the consignment notes to delete the "live fish" option, leaving only the "AVI" option. This resulted in the price of shipping a box of fish to treble, as I was being charged the same rate as you would be charged to ship a cat or dog. And I was hearing lots of stories about shoddy service and high costs when shipping with AAE, particularly being given quotes and then being charged substantially more when you turned up with fish packed ready to go. So I stopped shipping. After being requested by a couple of members recently to ship some fish to Cairns and Melbourne, I dropped into Coolangatta airport looking for the AAE office to suss it out and found their name has recently changed to Qantas Freight. Apparently AAE was split up, some parts going to Qantas Freight and others to Star Track. To cut to the chase, the guys at the Qantas Freight office at Coolangatta airport could not have been more helpful, and I was pleasantly surprised at the shipping costs quoted, which I regarded as quite reasonable. And the quoted costs were pretty much spot on when I delivered the packed fish to Coolangatta airport this afternoon. So it looks like I am back into shipping airport to airport to places receiving direct flights from Coolangatta airport : Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and even Darwin and Hobart. Cheers, Doug
  9. hey all, i am looking to ship some fish to canberra in the near future. have never shipped before and need some good advice how to set it up and get it all sorted. if there is any rules regarding interstate transport of fish, how to bag them for a safe trip , costs etc etc. up until this point all my fish have been picked up from my house or taken to the lfs. any help on this would be greatly appreciated. cheers Brenton
  10. Hey guys I know there are a heap of threads on the site about postage etc and I've read a lot of them, but I really need a bit of personalised help with shipping a fish. The seller is in Perth and has given me the job of working out shipping. The box is 57 x 38.5 x 34.5cm and we're basing the weight on 10kg (It's a big fish). I called up Qantas freight (Formally AAE) and got a quote of $380 which I'm more than happy to not pay. Anyone know of a cheaper alternative? Does having an AAE account make it significantly cheaper? Road transport be any cheaper/safer for such a long distance? All opinions welcome, help me out here. Thanks, Finn
  11. Ok so has anyone shipped fish with clove oil. Just to stop them thrashing in the box ? Is there a ratio to use (I know this will depend on fish and water volume) Maybe there's something else on the market that's better Also is there any long lasting effects using such a method All comments welcome FJ
  12. Ok a foam box is 52cm long What if you need to ship bigger fish ? Is there a shipping approved box bigger than 52cm ? Has anyone ever used one ? FJ
  13. Just wondering how you guys would ship fish to Perth. Say around 130, 4cm cichlids to Perth from Queensland. How many bags would you use, and what size? I just got 130 delivered yesterday from Queensland in 3 medium/small bags. 45 or so fish in each bag. Also a lay over on the flight. They got into Perth at 430pm and quarantine was closed. Picked them up first thing this morning, with every single one dead:( Could this have been avoided with better packaging? And direct flight? I was also told they would use at least 5-6 large bags, but they didn't and now I am out a lot of fish and money. Doesn't seem fair.
  14. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt is among the finest salt in the market today. Specially formulated with required levels of calcium, magnesium and strontium. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt was develop to meet standard of requirements for the reef and captive marine animal environments. All ingredients used are pharmaceutical grade and are free of phosphate, nitrate and contaminant ingredients. Oceanpure™ Synthetic Sea Salt dissolves quickly to create a vibrant and crystal clear aquatic environment second to none. Nitrate & Phosphate Free Fast Dissolving Contains all essential trace elements Priced from $29.00 for the 6.4kg up to $70.00 for the 19.2kg which makes 567 litres Our famous $7.50 capped delivery is included with this so you can have multiple cartons delivered with a total freight charge of only $7.50 - Age of Aquariums - OceanPure Sea Salt 6.4kg - Age of Aquariums - OceanPure Sea Salt 19.2kg Usual 10% Discount applies which brings the 19.2kg size down to $63.00 Ben
  15. Hey guys, I may have to ship fish soon to Sydney, and I've never shipped fish before. I know a few things (thanks to Rastinger62 for explaining some basics to me) but now that I actually may have to ship fish for real, I need some specific info. So may as well ask for very specific advise in this case. How to package the fish, how to send them, etc. etc. I'll probably be sending about 2-6 juvies, approx. 3-4cm in length (maybe more, maybe less). Anyone have any experience and can provide me with some advice?
  16. hey guys anyone know where I can get a styrofoam box and plastic bag large enough for a 50cm mangrove jack, I need this urgently, i'm located on the gold coast, thanks in advance.
  17. hey all, i need to post shrimp and wondering who you do it through, australia post or courier? any help much appreciated
  18. Do Australian Air Express only ship inbetween airports where they have an office (namley capital cities) or do they ship to any airport ? i ask this as i want to order some fish from a place online, but if AAE only delivers to certain airports my nearest one where they have an office is Brisbane, and there is no way I am driving 4hrs down and then 4hrs back for only a few fish.
  19. Hi everyone i need HELP shipping fish to Melbourne and i have never done it before.
  20. I have some More EBJD's comming soon I know I will be asked to ship again Can someone help re getting myself set up for this ie, companies to freight, boxes, bags, O2 thanks also would be interested in bulk purchase at discount if you wish to on-sell Ben
  21. ok, I'm shipping fish for my first time. I have gotten 2 korden breather bags and a heat pack to ship a breeding pair of orange spot bn in. Q1) How do I activate heat pack LOL and I put it in between the bags while in transit I imagine. Q2) What is the best way to seal korden breather bags?
  22. Hi, concidering shipping some of my fish to sydney to a forum member down there but not sure who to use. If anybody in brisbane has experience, or if they are feeling really generous helping me out, please post up. I'd be shipping 11 Geophagus Araguaia i dont know how many per bag would be best either. Dont really want to risk the fishes health so unsure yet wether it will go ahead so any insight would be much appreciated. Ta Andy
  23. If you have done it before can you give me a rough price of shipping fish From SYD to BRIS, For lets say a 5kg box or any sized that you may have had to give me a bit of idea? Thanks Everyone
  24. Hey all, Just thought i'd offer as I've been doing it a fair bit for other members, if anyone needs to ship fish/have fish shipped to them feel free to give me a pm - shipping is done via courier and fish can be shipped all along the east coast of australia. can also ship via AAE (but courier is usually cheaper) some restrictions apply, like size of the fish, how many ect. ect. anyway feel free to give me a pm if you need fish shipped/want fish shipped to you. Michael
  25. Hi all. Due to questionable quality & high prices of Occies around QLD, I'm thinking of bringing some up from Melbourne. I can get my hands on 7 Occies @ 5-6cm (I'm after 2 of these) & 9 @ 15cm. Prices are VERY reasonable. I don't think I can get pictures I havent asked, but I was given the breeders details from a reputable aquarium owner here in Brissy. & the breeder assures me that they are pure occies, as he breeds monos, occies & Tems (No, there are no tems avaliable ATM). So I'm just wondering if anybody else would be after any & share shipping with me to make this viable. Cheers guys.
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