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Found 39 results

  1. Just had a look at Bainesy new shop (ex Fishchicks), he has some of the best rainbows I have ever seen offered in a shop. All pond raised. Stunning.
  2. I'm chasing good quality pouris base rock! Where would be the shop to go to please I'm chasing about 9kg
  3. Dropped by to Hungs shop today for a chat and some food, saw the following fish for sale so I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone is after any: Motoro ray pup - he said it's male Baby silver arro Lots of L168 BIG males from 10cm-12cm could be a female in there very little hair Lots of long nose whips good sizes A few baby toga jars Mangrove jack approx 12-14cm An awesome looking big male red flowerhorn Plus others which I can't remember. Oh also by his counter there is an ad posted by one of his customers it reads - 50cm Mangrove Jack for sale $400, if anyone is keen either go down to the shop or gave hung a call to get the contact number of the person who is selling it. Happy shopping peeps!
  4. Hi Guys, Found this on reddit found the price of the Jardini interesting, guess it makes sense its exotic for them. house of tropicals - Album on Imgur Cheers
  5. Today we have the joy of stocktake and counting everything. The store will be closed and any web orders from now will go out on tomorrows run. We would really appreciate it if you need to contact us to please email us.
  6. .Hey guys, does anyone one know what pet shops on the Northside would consider buying my venustus?
  7. yep a new pet shop in kawana pet barn and its got a vet there to just like best friends across the road from them
  8. So I was in Brisbane on saturday for my uncles birthday party and I decided to have a look at a couple of pet stores. I visited darra, Mappins and redlands pet centre. The one pet shop that really caught my attention was Darra the fish in their were all so cool, nothing like anything in cairns. Yes the tanks aren't perfect and I did spot a couple of dead fish but there were so many fish that I love and rarely see in pet shops around cairns. below are some pics of the Mangrove Jack, Saratoga and Motoro stingray.
  9. JARDINI AROWANA AUSTRALIAN AROWANA, Green Spotted Puffer items in Pet Zone Tropical Fish store on eBay!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. ..until we came home with a pair of convicts o.o They were protecting the tank's lava rock ornament rather enthusiastically.. We looked on the inside, and sure enough, there were eggs on the rock... Aw ^___^ We asked about buying the rock (20% off, for a pre washed, pre used, pre soaked piece of rock with fish sentimental value? .. yes please!), and the pair.. $30 for the lot.. I just couldn't leave them to be separated by another buyer I really need to stop looking at the fish in the shop tanks, hahaha
  12. So I have been thinking for ages now about starting up a petshop I'm only 20 so it's either now or never I think who else has thought the same and what are your reasons you haven't started it or have you started one. All a learning curve for me I'm very serious about it and understand there's a lot of work so was just curious what other people have done with this same sort of dream lol
  13. Mods please delete it posted twice lol
  14. Hi Guys so what is the best aquarium shop on the sunshine coast, if there is one?? Are there any good ones between Noosa and Caloundra?
  15. Via there facebook site Tropical Marine Centre on the sunny coast is Relocating. 50% of freshwater fish so it says Dont know where it is moving to. They dont say Just thought Id mention it Cheers
  16. If this is in the wrong section, I'm sorry in advance Took the old boy with me on a trip to Redlands Pet Centre today. I have read about the shop on here and have been keen to go see for myself. I'm on the sunshine coast Awesome. Just a great store. Tanks are in pristine condition and fish all look healthy. Good range of all products. The staff are really friendly and the best bit, if you asked them a Question and they were not sure, they went for back-up. So to a site supporter... CHEERS and I will be back for more fish and gear soon Cheers Duncan
  17. hey all has anyone been to City Pet & Aquarium in blacktown NSW? just having a look on their site and seems like they have awesome fish!!! cheers jack
  18. Morning all, soon we will be heading off for the day & I am keen to buy some live rock, good quality fresh with lots critters & well priced. If anyone can suggest a good shop between brissie & the goldie it would be a great help, at the moment the best place I have seen in Nielsens @ car brook. Cheers guys.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Anyone know of the shop thats out of town a little? I have been told about it a few times but cant find those threads. To be clear im aware of tropical marine centre, all shops on areodrome rd, wises rd, nicklin way and kawana way. Any others im not aware of? Bored today so I feel like shop surfing lol.
  21. Hi... I have had my tank now for nearly a year and have sorted out all the problems and learned through some mistakes and lost a couple of fish sadly. I was told that i could have discus in my tank and i think they are amazing fish. I learned of a wholesaler through here on the Gold Coast and so bought 2 discus... he didnt have what i wanted but it was a christmas present to me so i bought what was supposedly a white diamond . . white with a blue reflect in the fins.. and also a pigeon... they got on fantastic and swam as one .. after a couple of days the "whtie diamond" went lemon... i didnt want this as the other fish was that sort of colouring... and i wanted 2 different coloured to stand out... when i informed him and sent photos ... he replied that he did not give refund NOR SWAP... now this fish was not what i purchased or wanted ... so i lived with that ... it is my birthday soon and a friend said they would buy me a blue turk .. as that is what i really wanted ... when i added it to my tank .. the other one bullied it so bad for days i couldnt handle watching ... again .. he would not swap .. .so i sold it for $20 .. and then the other bullied the blue turk .. so i sold it for $20 .. i lost a lot ... and i bought a yellow diamond to go with the blue turk which is what i wanted in the first place ... but the blue turk has not let the little one eat... i did pick out a different fish while i was there but he advised the little one would go better and the price had been upped since i saw the price a couple of days earlier.... I have learned 2 things here 1. Only buy discus at the same time as then they are all new and more than likely get on. 2. Only buy from an Aquarium store as they will swap if the fish is not getting on with the others .... buying from the wholesaler has cost me heaps more than buying from an Aquarium shop ..... So beware ..... Also, i bought some beef heart home made food off him for my discus .. i had told him what else i had in my tank .... well ... it killed my ram ... 4 of them .. because it was too high in protein .. so that cost me an additional $60... he only has discus and angel fish .. so i suppose he didnt know it would kill my other fish .... but ... buying from this wholesaler has been the most costly experience i have had in my experience so far.... I felt to post this for others who might learn from my mistake and not make the same one.....best aquarium shops on the coast ... Aquarium and Petland behind the brickworks.... Bernies at Bundall special manager of the fish area ...... aquariums alive nerang ....
  22. Ok lets say you have 100 fry at selling size do you 1 Sell the 100 in one go to a shop OR 2 Post them up on FS ads and wait ?? Pro's and Con's Pls This may help some people who are newer to breeding fish FJ
  23. Near myers or something old clevland rd Sketchy i know but does anybody know what its called ,phone number etc? Thanks if u can help
  24. Been asked by a few Kiwi mates if theres a good place in NZ they can internet order stuff from. Well they asked for a cheap place to buy prime. I'm just assuming theres some place they can order it online, even just a lfs that does online sales too. cheers
  25. Anyone know of some shops in sydney that will properly O2 bag up fish for flights?? I'll call some tomorrow, just wondering if anyone knows of any in the meantime, Im looking for a shop for my mate to get some fish bagged before he takes them to AAE to be sent Thanks Yall
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