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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I have come back to aquariums after a long while off, and am looking for some help in setting up a new tank. With the glut of products that seem to all do the same thing, I'm after a shopping list of things I'll need, just so I can order in one go and be done with it. I live rural, so have the option of rainwater tank, or town bore water. Town bore water has a strong hydrogen sulphide smell, and I guess has added chlorine. Am unable to test at the moment, as I have been waiting 3 weeks for my test kits to be sent out from Brisbane. Seems some shops don't get the whole "online" context. I'm thinking of using rainwater in my tank, due to order stuff ups, I have had a whole collection of plants sitting in a rainwater container on my veranda, and they are all growing great guns, quite amazing to see! Tank is using eco complete as a substrate, a MML RGB LED and a aquel canister with Pure,Matrix, and macropore Cycling. Do i just chuck in some fish food and let it go? Heh, what a great song. Use one of the cycling type products like AquaCulture biostart/bioculture Seachem Stability Water condition - Fish will be Tetras Seachem Equilibrium Aquasonic Amazon Blackwater water conditioner Water treatment Seachem Safe Seachem Prime Supachlor Ferts Dino Spit Dino Pee I'll be able to give ph and hardness results when the test kits arrive. im hoping with being rural and having no industry around, the water will be rather soft. At this point I have a reg for CO2, but no gas bottle. Probably not much in the way of refilling one either, unless I go with BOC.
  2. Betta Australis "Little Champions Charity Betta Show" Riverlink Shopping Centre - North Ipswich This coming weekend 11th - 12th April. Open to the public. 9am - 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday. Most Betta for Sale after show. About 250 International and Australian Bred Fish entries. Come along and see, purchase some beauties and chat to Betta enthusiasts. Proceeds to Charity of Choice- Ipswich Hospital - Children Ward.
  3. Just thought Id be a nosey parker and look into something interesting...everyone says they want such and such a fish....but I'd like to see some little lists(not essays!) of fish people think they can quite realistically(give or take one or two..we can all dream!!)get their hands on in the future......fish that are hard to find that are hereish!!! or recently lost In other words whats your "Hunting List"....some might want to hide their targets and all good but remember someone could also read this and know of someone who knows somebody with a friend..whos up in darwin... :dance: My List is as follows(and yep grows/changes almost daily but these guys are stalwarts) Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus Tosakin(Fancy Goldfish Variety) Geophagus Winemilleri Parachromis Motaguensis Vieja Argentea Enough from me i'll be here forever(like many!) but yeah love to see the fish you guys are chasing and even updates....I think my list is pretty reasonable as all these fish have been "seen" in Oz the hunt continues!
  4. Hi all, I've got a few tanks set back up after a long absense and it's good to be back into it. Looks like my main shops for online plants are no longer in business, so who do people use these days? Cheers, Andrew - Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
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  6. recommend a place for online shopping i need heaters, pump, filters, artificial plants i need a reliable store ...
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  9. Ok, this will be fun. I have a 4ft with- blue rams guppys clown loaches small black shark Going shopping for some fish this afternoon, cant thik of what to buy though!! Ive had that many bloody tanks that i overlook the good species these days, any ideas? Throw them at me! Whats your favs?
  10. Hi all. I want to put a shopping trolley and a car tyre in my fish tank so that the tilapia and mosquitofish that I caught out of the local creek will feel at home. Does anyone know whether the rusting shopping trolley or the rubber bridgestone will adversely affect my water quality? Also, anyone know how I can get a shopping trolley without getting in trouble? (I'm thinking of stealing one of the miniature ones from my niece!) yes. I am serious! And I have a permit to holdnoxious fish!
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