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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, i am seeing if anyone has the inside knowledge and know who the aquarium shops get there natives from? My local pet store wont order unless theres a certain amount and there not all usually available at the same time. Im after 2x salmon tail catfish, 1x eel tail, 2x mouth almighty (m&f), 1x bass, 2x bullrout, 1x yellow belly, 3x sleepy cod, 1x archer fish, 1x Saratoga jardine and 1x jungle perch. Big list and trying to get all within 6mths is gonna be hard. And help is appreciated. Willing to travel around brisbane and goldcoast if any pet stores have some. Even open to buying online. Thanks in advance. Muzzie h8ter
  2. I had a look (today) at two shops, WOW they had a lot of livestock. They had some whoppers too. They had reptiles but the surprise was how many live packs of crickets they had in stock. Neons were dearer than I expected and guppies were cheaper. Neither had Bettas in stock. The ones I saw did not have many tanks, mainly fish. What did surprise me is the corner filters in the holding tanks all looked neglected, but maybe they were all good on the inside. The air stones were all very active and all the fish looked good. I saw a red claw that was too small for me to keep when I fished for them and it had a $20 price tag. MMMmmm vewwy interwesting!
  3. I have to go up to Toowoomba tomorrow for business reason, I will have time to kill between appointments, anyone know if there are any good aquariums up there ? I will go and check out Wet Dreams on the way up.
  4. So I have ordered 2 new tanks from Aquascape in Toowoomba wondering if there are any decent fish shops to check out while we are up there? Cheers Karen
  5. Hi going to north side of brissy today just wanting to know of any really good aquariums shops for exotics and cichlids and the best all round aquarium shops there. Thanks
  6. On the north side were used to going to visit aquarium stores and being somewhat disappointed with what we saw but yesterday while we're staying on the south side we went around and visited two of the sites sponsors. Age of Aquariums and Pet City. It was incredible, completely and utterly impressed. Great stock, large range and very friendly staff! Would actually consider looking at moving to the south side instead of the north side just for the great stores around.
  7. Off to clontarff north brssie this morning, any fish shops NEAR it? Not in the heart of brissie lol:lol:
  8. Wondering about the best aquarium stores in Sydney as it seems im going to be hitting the big smoke.. Also wondering about best ways to get in contact with fish keepers down there as far as breeders go etc... I figure its a new location & I might as well take advantage of any stock that is not so easily available up our ways... Also here my dumb question of the day...Can you bring fish in your walk on luggage???....ha ha yee haa...dont ask you'll never know...if not..I'll just be sending them up by the box load...
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. where abouts on the north side of brisbane are some good pet shops (for fish and good prices) thanks a heap:)
  11. heading to the coast Sat / Sun and looking to check out fish shops while down there, any reccomendations
  12. I'm coming down to the Gold Coast next weekend and wanted to have a look at some shops, can any one reccomend some decent ones. Other than Aquariums Alive. Cheers
  13. I am looking at visiting another fish shop or two and I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. The ones I go to are Red Dragon at darra, Exotic Fish at Rocklea, Gators at Redbank Plains, Pet city, City farmers at Browns Plains, H20 Babies and Pauls aquariums & ponds... What have I missed out? and what is worth a visit? Any help welcome! Thanks
  14. does anyone know of any good online shops for fh's???
  15. Hey guys just got to Malaysia today im in KL I want to go check out some aquarium shops if any body knows of any good ones that would be great . Also going to Singapore so same for there as well .i wouldnt mind bring some goodies back .Thanks guys . Matt
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey All Anyone know any good American online shops that ship to Australia ? Cheers Josh
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. http://www.aquarticles.com/articles/tra ... 0Kong.html
  20. I'm looking for a really good fish shop one that I can just look at heaps of different fish that I've never really seen before with heaps of fish massive selections and good prices thank you
  21. I would like some help in knowing what to look for when going into Aquarium Shops. I would love everyone's opinion on what to look out for and to know if I am buying from a good shop and healthy fish. So far we have been lucky and not so lucky. We don't live down near Brisbane as we are 200kms north of there, to have a wide variety of shops to visit. So some ideas to tell if they are good or not and what to expect in the shop in regards to their tanks etc. Jane
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Guys, I am heading down to Bris tonight from the Sunny Coast. I just wanted your advice on the best live stock shops around Brisbane for me to check out tomorrow. I am specifically after male malawi haps and peacocks. Thanks in advance.
  24. hey guys just wondering what the best shops are in ipswich an surrounding suburbs for aquarium products such as filters air pumps generally all things aquarium related ive been told age of aquariums is a good place any info would be great cheers matt
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