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Found 42 results

  2. Pictures of my Tank, hopefully the photos are attached! (First Try) [ATTACH=CONFIG]56104[/ATTACH] Side View [ATTACH=CONFIG]56105[/ATTACH] Side View [ATTACH=CONFIG]56106[/ATTACH] Cannister conversion with Aqua one AR980 [ATTACH=CONFIG]56107[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56108[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56109[/ATTACH] My yoyo playing dead [ATTACH=CONFIG]56110[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56111[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56112[/ATTACH] My tiger with Popeye, he isn't very photogenic [ATTACH=CONFIG]56113[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56114[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56115[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56116[/ATTACH] My Sick Serpae, has a silver lump on his side, not very photogenic either [ATTACH=CONFIG]56117[/ATTACH] My favourite Dwarf Chain Loach [ATTACH=CONFIG]56118[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56119[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]56120[/ATTACH]
  3. Got to use my Girlfriends camera today and boy it makes a difference! My photography skills need a touch up but you get the idea.. Finn
  4. Decided to take the little tank out yesterday and decorate it with some black gravel and aquatic plants for some fishy modelling. From a few hundred shots, I think these are the 2 better pics. & for some variety, here's a top view of my favourite ryukin. The plan is eventually use her to produce some '12 red' ryukins, the symmetrical red colouration pattern on the eye and fins is there, the red just needs to be more full Enjoy
  5. shots were taken aprox 6 meters from tank with a dsl camera and there wer lots taken protomelas vergatus male f1 Fossorochromis Rostratus male at 9-10cm and a random cuckoo cat at 15 cm
  6. We did Australia Zoo a couple of days after our Underwater World visit. The weather wasn't the best but we made the most of it. I have quite a few pics from this trip but without going too overboard, I'll just post some of my favourites. I also managed a few seascapes while we were up that way. Next time I'd like to get some sunrises. To many late nights this trip.
  7. I thought I'd share a few shots I took today from around the local area. Feel free to post any shots of your own to show others some of the flooding or devastation around your neck of the woods? Also, best of luck/wishes to anyone affected by this event and I truly hope for a speedy recovery for any involved. The 1st couple are just around the corner from me. Tansey Park. This shot is made up of 4 images stitched together. The river is actually on the other side of the trees in the distance. Captured from the same spot but in the opposite direction. That's the Logan toll road overhead. Tansey Drive underneath. There is actually 5 shots stitched into this one. This is the Logan River Parkland looking from the corner of Blackbird Street and Peacock Avenue. That's Blackbird Street under water to the right. Logan River Parkland Playground Equipment etc. I thought this was ironic. Anyone for a seat? Blackbird rd. Logan River carpark,boat ramp etc at Eagleby side of Gold Coast freeway. Clark Rd
  8. Some random shots i took just then thought id share....
  9. My Americans Escondido Super Green Texas (Male or Female??? - Looks to be male thanks to some info from Bidkev)
  10. Thought id share some of the shots Green terra did for me and some i took of my discus that i got a couple week ago.
  11. A few random shots of my pond yet to be stained!! Home to 2 turtles, red claws, prawns, couple goldies, 1 random flower horn getting big too,40cm black shark & for the moment red devil juvies lol Bad pics i know, need a better camera !
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. just a couple that I took with my new camera.... note didnt clean the glass or turn the filters off.... flash come on in the darker one as I was playing around with the different modes. still working the manual focus out as well... but getting there. taken with a canon 600d 18-55mm lense.
  14. The multispinosa were getting it on this morning so I just had to capture the male's colour. Not brilliant pics as I shot with only the tank lights and thought I might as well shoot some of the other fishies whilst I was at it............best I could get was 30th sec wide open at iso1600 so very soft and with plenty of noise due to cropping and iso. These multispinosa take some beating for colour Satan was pacing backwards and forwards as usual Female festae not at her best as I'd just woke her up
  15. Some of my L066 fry - pulled out over 100 fry this week out of the tank as it started to leak. Some L278 fry - put them in the fry saver earlier in the week. Male is back on eggs. Some L333 pulled some of these out last week and male is on eggs again. Also put some L397 and L104 into the fry saver today and have two lots of L002 on eggs so not a bad week except for the leak.
  16. 63 of the little fellas swiiming round happily thort i would take a few quick shots lol will get some better pics when they settle :thumb: :popcorn:
  17. Had a bit of a play with my underwater camera before. Got a couple of my Giant Gourami. Going to try a few with the flash off and tank lights on to see if that makes them better. ^^That one is my favourite^^
  18. Female apistogramma hongsloi II corydoras axelrodi apistogramma hongsloi II Male Got these yesterday so still settling in. They don't come out much yet. Just got the camera also so trying to get use to it. Not to good at photos. Any one know how to get them larger? Still deciding if i should get more corys or some pencil fish.
  19. Took a few quick photos tonight of what's going on at my place right now Got my discus pair breeding. The male likes to eat the eggs so i attempted to artificially raise the fry from the last spawn but only ended up with 4 out of 50+. this time i have just taken the male out after spawning and will leave the female to raise the fry. fingers crossed. Dad Mum with new batch of eggs The fantastic four
  20. some quick shots i took last night hope you like em, photography skills are really bad as you can see =[
  21. Hello all. Some new pictures of my tetras, I love this new camera, considering the fish in this photo are barely 3cm, the detail is awesome. Cheers, Eric
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