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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all. I got this little guy on Sunday and today when I was doing a head count of the newbies I noticed the what looks like peeling on the top half, kinda like peeling skin after you get sunburned The spot on the fin is a bit of debris floating past from the others feeding just out of shot. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 last water change: Sunday before "it" was added and done weekly approx 30% each time water temp: 26c dropping back to 24, Jaeger heater wasn't calibrated Tank size: 24x18x18 Filter: Eheim 2215 with 6 balls of marine pure Food, Hikari staple(Gold/Koi) and tropical Tank and filter running for nearly 12 months. Other tank mates: 1 Common BN 18 months old and and a Pearlscale goldfish 2 years old plus 3 Albino corys and a bubble eye gold. Added melafix with new additions and each day since at 5 mm/40L, and 1mm/40L Formalin Malachyte for the first time tonight after I saw this. It is hiding under/in that drift wood but since adding the formalin it seems to be more active. Should I do anything else for meds or just wait it out now. oh and happy to be corrected on the species of goldie
  2. Hi. Quite a few months ago I bought some shubunkins to help cycle a tank and could never bring myself to rehome them. One of them seems to be quite stunted and I was wondering if anyone might have some clues as to why and whether or not I need to do something about it. I've had them in quite a small tank until today so overcrowding is definitely a possibility. They have been moved to my 3 footer as of today. This first shot is from when I first brought them home and you can see he's about the same size as the other guy in the photo. He hasn't grown much and may just get called Nemo as he's not a strong swimmer. This was taken today. This is him beside the other two. All were bought at the same time (from the same lfs) and were of similar size. You can see how much smaller he is and his dorsal fin is down. Thanks for any advice in advance. Geoff.
  3. Hey guys just a little hello from me, im a noob when it comes to fish as i only have 5 fantails, a ryukin a albino shortfin bristlenose and a shubunkin, looking at branching into breeding the bristlenose though so will be hitting the breeders up for some peppermint bristlenose couples. If anyone has any hints and tips for other easy fish to breed im open to ideas Say hi ask anything you like im open to most topics lol lee
  4. Had this guy nearly a couple of years now. not a bad one, he's getting a nice tail.
  5. I have a shubunkin, which I posted a thread a while ago about how it seemed to have bloat or was constipated as it would float to the top. Anyway, after feeding some peas this seemed to clear him up. Was good for a few days. The extra fibre seemed to have worked. But now nearly everytime I feed him (peas, pellets whatever) he gets a little "floaty". 12 hrs later after food has been digested he's fine. Can anyone explain whats going on inside this fish??? And if anything can be done??
  6. hi so i noticed yesterday morning that my largest shubunkin had a white filmy stuff all over his body and didnt rush up and push all the other fish out the way when fed them. so i took him out of the tank and put in shallow water in a bucket used only for the fish tank. he was swimming ok when i left went to pet store and got fungus and fin rot medication. the woman in the store said may as well treat them all so when i got home i did a 25% water change and put big daddy back in. did the treatment as per instructions on back which sent the tank a wonderful shade of emerald green kinda freaked me out and i dont think the fish liked it either!! they were all sitting on the bottom and hiding behind the plants when i went to bed but the other 2 did come up for dinner earlier. this morning he didnt have the white filmy stuff on him he just looked pale not bright orange and black like normally is. was just sitting on bottom of tank and same again didnt eat but the other 2 did. when i got home this arvo he was lying on his side at the bottom of his tank, seems ok breathing wise and can moved around the bottom. so i removed him and put him in the bucket again. should i put him back in the tank and do water change in 2 days like the instructions say to do or leave him isolated. if i leave him isolated do i put the treatment in that water? i havent done a test in a while as have had the fish for over a year, started out as babies and have never had issues before. i should also mention i went away for 2-3 weeks and just got back about a week ago. i did 25% water change and cleaned filter before i left and same as when came back. nothing new added to tank in about 6 months. any help would be greatly appreciated. i'm going to do som water tsting now
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