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Found 111 results

  1. Hi, I have just joined QLDAF am hopeful you may be able to help me. I bought my male angel along with 2 females about 3 weeks ago. They seemed fine initially but the male has gradually become lifeless, doesn't eat and seems to face upwards most of the time. When he does move he seems to be off balance and can even turn upside down and sideways. I have separated him from the main tank a day a go using existing water and gave him a double dose of Easy-Life fluid filter medium. Last night, I did a 100% water change thinking there could be some bacteria in the water but there has been no change. I have now given it a dose of Pimafex in case it is internal fungal. Other angels in the main tank are all doing fine. Can anyone offer a solution to my problem as I don't want to lose him. Many thanks
  2. So a week ago today I picked up 8 7-8cm discus from Darren Thomson aka Gold Coast Discus. First couple of days where fine apart from the normal settling in period. Then late on day two I noticed white spot on quiet a few of the fish. The following day I started Protozin treatment and seems to have cleared up nicely. (3rd day of treatment yesterday) However on day 3 I noticed that the Penang eruptions gill plate was raised on one side and the membrane is sticking out around 3-5mm when it takes a breath. Also there are some barely visible white lines/spots on the membrane when you look inside (please see photo) He is still breathing from both gills, colour is nice, behaviour is normal and eating fine. Then today I noticed that my blue diamonds eyes have gone cloudy (pop eye???) he is not eating and is very reserved. Are these problems possibly related and what can I do? I have spoken to quiet a few people and done hours of research with no firm diagnosis on what's happening to my tank. Apart from the Protozin treatment for white spot I have been doing 50% wc daily and added 1tbs of salt per 60l. Sorry for for the long story :/ Any help or advice would be very much appreciated... I have no idea what to do! Ph: 7.5 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate 0-5 30 deg Bare bottom 4x2x2 with a 3 foot sump, no plants, no other fish. Setup in run completely on pre filtered rain water.
  3. I recently got my first Betta for a couple of years. He has character and spunk but seems to loose his motivation very quickly and he doesn't really seem to be eating his food. I can't work out if he is sick or if he is depressed. He seems to be spending a lot of time under his driftwood. When he sees me he gets excited and does a little happy hello dance but after a minute or two of attention goes back down under the driftwood and either watches me or turns his back to me. When it comes to feeding time he gets excited but spits his food out and swims away. He hasn't really 'swallowed' any of his food for a few days (yes I clean out the uneaten stuff). i put a mirror up for him for stimulation today and he flared beautifully a few times but then started swimming in the corner looking at the mirror and started to visibly appear stressed which I've never seen him, or another betta do before. im really not sure what's happening. Here's a couple of pics I took today. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66379-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66377-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66380-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66378-image/
  4. Hi Guys, After having my 4 foot tank packed up in a shipping container for the past 4 years I decided to recondition it and start fresh about a month ago. I had an old 1200L/H Resun AE-806 External cannister filter which I was sceptical about using but decided it was worth a shot. I cleaned it out, adding new padding and filter media and then replaced all of the input and output tubing I let it run for a day or so. The water cleared up and the flow was average. Due to the height of my canister filter I had to put it at the end of the tank and thus run a 1.2 meter tube to the opposite end of the filter for suction. After doing this I noticed the flow pressure lowered but thought nothing of it. Then I added two oscars and 4 silver dollars and 1 gold spot sailfin pleco. The pleco only lasted a week or two before it died, it lost all its colour and had a sucken in stomach, I was feeding a mixture of algae wafers, spirulina flakes and zucchini but it wouldn't touch it. I did a amonia/ ph/ nitate and nitrite test the night before it died and it all came up normal. This was at the 3 week mark and as a safeguard I did a water change, the following days I noticed what looked like white specs growing on the glass which moved with the flow of the water and then my oscars started to get white spot. Living on a rural property means I only have access to tank water and I have made sure the temps are at 26 degrees and the water is testing normal but for some reason I keep having trouble. I was recommended to use melafix and pimafix for the white specs on the glass and after doing a course of that it was still there , so I bought some white spot medication for the fish and after 3 days they seemed happy and healthy once again. However just a week or two after medicating them I noticed my oscar had a hole in his dorsal fin and scapes on his body as well as a flesh wound on his jaw which weren't healing and he stopped being interested in feeding. Then yesterday he showed up with some white dots again. I bought a 400L/H Otto Filter to aid in cleaning because I noticed the Resun cannister filter lagging, i just checked the input and output tubes and they have black and white blobs growing inside them... Can anyone help me in fixing these ongoing issues?? I assume I need a new cannister filter perhaps?
  5. Hi need help as im confused to what has happened with my Jack and not sure what i should do. I bought a mangrove jack about 4 weeks ago now and is currently around 15cm in length. He is in a 180gallon 6x2x2 tank with a redbay snook, pbass, 4 silver dollars and a sailfin pleco. The snook and pbass are around the same size. The mangrove jack was doing really well eating and swimming around like crazy and no signs of any bullying from him or any other fish. I went away for a few days over the Easter break and just came home and noticed he was really pale in colour stomach looks a little swollen, gasping rapidly and when swimming he would just drift around nose facing upwards with tail twirling underneath. I also noticed his fins and tail have been torned up a bit, I also noticed when he got close to a few silver dollars they chewed on his top fin and he just took it twirling around, which straight away raised alrm bells. He is the biggest and thickest fish in the tank other than the pleco and couldn't belive my eyes when I seen the silver dollars chewing on his fins!! I straight away did a 40% water change and put a divider up to seperate him from the other fish. I also put some*aquarium*salt in the tank to help in case of an infection and to help with the fins.* Its been a couple hours now and at times he looks like he is doing ok (still gasping rapidly) and has some control of his swimming, but every now and then when I look back over at the tank he would be whirling around at the surface of the tank!!* All other fish are doing just fine. Cant understand why the jack is acting this way. Is there anything else I can do? I have a male dovi about 18cm in a 90 gallon. Should I swap the two around while I have the divider up and treat the 90 gallon as a quarantine tank and give the jack a salt dip before I put him in the 90 gallon tank?
  6. I've been playing around in the fishroom today on my day off and noticed one of my Dimidiochromis compressiceps (aka malawi eyebiter) females looking quite gravid with her tube down. So I kept an eye on that tank and have now just spent the last half-hour or so watching them breed. I've been keeping and breeding fish for 50 years or so and malawis for 20 years and I just never get sick of watching them spawn. Particularly spectacular fish like these guys. Almost makes me interested in getting a decent camera so I could spend countless hours taking countless pictures trying to get ones good enough to post up for everyone's enjoyment. But only almost, I just can't see the attraction in it. Sorry. Cheers Doug
  7. Hi, I bought a flowerhorn from a member of this forum 2.5 weeks ago. I've run into trouble quickly and need some advice from someone knowledgable about flowerhorns otherwise I'm going to lose this fish. He is an adult male over 30 cm long. He is on his own in a 6x2x2 - I have the water at 29-30 degrees, ammonia 0 and nitrate 10-20 ppm. I bought cycled filter media with him, so there was no ammonia spike or anything when transferred from the old owner to my tank. I have done two 25-30% water changes (water temp matched) since getting him. I was feeding him a food from rarefishfood that the seller supplied me but am in the process of switching to hikari cichlid gold. I have kept other fish for many years but not flowerhorns before. Since getting him he has never been very active and I wasn't sure if this was normal for flowerhorns. But he would swim over when something attracts his attention and would always be waiting for food in the morning. Eating fine, normal looking poo. Feeding him 4 3mm pellets/day as per old owner. On Sunday I started to become a bit concerned as I thought his breathing looked a little more laboured. On Tuesday I noticed a small hole had opened up below his Kok, with a tiny pin sized hole beside it. Prior to the hole forming I had noticed like small pimple. Looks like HITH to me. At that point he was still eating and behaving normally. By Wednesday he was looking worse - hanging at the back of the tank, less reactive to stimulii, but still eating. On Wednesday I started treatment with the best information I could find from a sticky from Den on Flowerhorn Fun - which was metronidazole 400 mg per 40 litres - suggested regime water change and repeat every 48 hours. Today he was still eating this morning but colours fading fast and more lethargic. He ate tonight but only by hand feeding. Still pooing but they look smaller in diameter. I have started to change his food because of the possible dietary component but haven't switched over in one go. I have human metronidazole and can get enough to treat my tank (I've reduced the volume to 400 litres but don't want to stress him more by putting him in a smaller tank) every second day for about 8 days. Treating orally would be better but I can't find any suggested dosing regimes and the window on that is rapidly closing because I think he'll stop eating soon. Any help in the way of suggested treatment regimes would be much appreciated. I would be really sad to lose such a large and beautiful fish so soon.
  8. Hey everyone, ive got a adult male mirror ball hap (phenochilus tanzania) that now just sits on the bottom of the tank. He can swim fine for food but once hes eaten just plants himself. Wasnt gradual, just one day he sits on the floor of the tank. Other than slightly high nitrates parameters are good what could it be? Swim bladder issues? Any help would be amazing!
  9. Hey guys, I've had a group of 6 corydoras sterbai for about 1 month in a fairly new (2-3 months old) tank. Some of the cories have lost their barbels, but in the past couple of days one of the cories has become really bloated and lazy. The water chemistry in the tank has stayed fairly consistent with 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, 2ppm nitrate, pH of 7 but high (up to 10ppm) phosphates. The cory in question has become bloated, rarely moves off the QT tank floor, is breathing rapidly and has protrusions coming out both from its belly and either side of the dorsal fin. At first, I thought they were scales caused by dropsy, but after a better look, it actually looks more like bubbles coming up from under the scales. I think I may have to euthanize this cory, but I would like to be sure my other cories won't get it. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Any idea what the underlying cause may be? Any early warning signs? I'll try to attach pics to help. Cheers, Schmitee
  10. I got 5 discus form a guy off gum tree. The other 4 look helthy the 5th is brown. Seems happy enough (eating swimming to the front of the tank and not getting picked on by the othere.) Was wondering if he is sick or just a brown discus?
  11. New member with fish problems! Before I begin: they're mums fishes, but I've had to take care of them the past 1.5 weeks and problems have popped up. I've been reading non-stop about these things online, but if someone can give me some advice specific to my situation, it would be appreciated. - In short: New fish, new fountain, new plant, overfeeding for the last week, recent heat wave saw water levels fall a fair bit To save you all from a whole heap of reading: 9 y/o goldfish is sick - red streaks through its tail, which is torn and ragged. Occasionally seems listless but observed swimming around normally otherwise. Been told it could be ammonia or other types of poisoning Other goldfish was added ~1 month ago, 1yo, tips of fins are black, just slightly, ammonia burns? Fishes have been moved recently into a new fountain by mum. Don't think it was cycled? Size ~55L Pet store told me that: new tank, new fish, new plant in tank, recent heat + low water levels are the cause Was given Melafix bacterial and anti-fungal remedy for 9y/o fish, plus water conditioner to use for both Told to take out the plant just in case the soil is problematic? Separated the fish after the 1yo fish started aggressively trying to nip at 9yo fish tail when plant was removed. Not sure why it suddenly did that [*]Yesterday - partially changed water + topped up levels, separated fish, put water conditioner & Melafix in. PH around 7.5 [*]Today - got an ammonia kit, reading was about 4 Partially changed water 15-20% twice today in my panic, not sure if this was a good idea Ammonia levels were low after the water change, but I understand I should give time after water change before measuring it? Advice needed on: Water change frequency/amount? Should I get something to lower ammonia? Anything else that could help me save them, because if they die on my watch, I'll end up suffering the same fate too Pic below is the 9yo fish. Red streaks through tail and seems torn. Top picture is from yesterday when I just noticed it, bottom picture is today. Lighting is different because I've moved the fish. Just to give you a clearer picture about its condition. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey all. I got this little guy on Sunday and today when I was doing a head count of the newbies I noticed the what looks like peeling on the top half, kinda like peeling skin after you get sunburned The spot on the fin is a bit of debris floating past from the others feeding just out of shot. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 last water change: Sunday before "it" was added and done weekly approx 30% each time water temp: 26c dropping back to 24, Jaeger heater wasn't calibrated Tank size: 24x18x18 Filter: Eheim 2215 with 6 balls of marine pure Food, Hikari staple(Gold/Koi) and tropical Tank and filter running for nearly 12 months. Other tank mates: 1 Common BN 18 months old and and a Pearlscale goldfish 2 years old plus 3 Albino corys and a bubble eye gold. Added melafix with new additions and each day since at 5 mm/40L, and 1mm/40L Formalin Malachyte for the first time tonight after I saw this. It is hiding under/in that drift wood but since adding the formalin it seems to be more active. Should I do anything else for meds or just wait it out now. oh and happy to be corrected on the species of goldie
  13. i bought this plant about a week ago and it had a few tiny black dots on it but i just had a closer look tonight and there all over it now Q 1:- what is the plant? Q 2:- what are the black dots? (they rub off with a bit of rubbing and you can feel them ) Q 3:- what can i do to get rid of the black dots?
  14. Hello! I have a newbie question please for anyone who has a bit of spare time to read. I have had my first 3ft (120l) tank for 6 weeks. I had two mini molly's, 1 dwarf gourami and a small catfish in there for 4 weeks no probs. (I have a few live plants, add flourish excel for them, added stability for the first seven days, always use water conditioner for water changes and my filter is a Aqua One 1000.) I added four guppies two weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. Suspected Ick then cotton mouth and now bulging eyes??? Tried white spot remedy, then pimafix, don't know what to do for the weird swollen eyes. My questions are: Are the guppies the cause? Did I get a bad batch? Are guppies prone to disease? Or is the 6 week mark that time of the cycle that problems crop up? Is it my fault for something I am doing or not doing? I want to try another tank (eventually) with more aggressive fish but if I can't even manage a guppy / molly tank I am screwed...lol I had thought that if I added fish too quickly the ammonia and nitrites would still be high. I have an API testing kit. Currently - Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 and Nitrates about 25-40 but not surprised there as found intake pipe full of brown algae. So my filter was most likely not flowing at full capacity. (Common new tank problem according to my google sources...lol. It must have been quick growing as I cleaned the filter/pipes a fortnight ago and didn't see any algae.) Usually nitrates are 10-20. I flushed it all out and cleaned pipes. I did a 20% water change and will do another in the morning. Anyway thanks for reading my long winded post. Can anyone shed light on my problems? I really want to make this work. I am just a little disheartened here at all the problems cropping up. Would love pointers even if they are harsh..... smile emoticon Thanks again. Criss
  15. Ok so I have my first real concern regarding a fish in my recently stocked 8ft aquarium. I have what is seemingly a case of sunken belly in one fish. It is not as active as the other fish but is still active. Other items to note; He is eating well He is not showing any colour and is quit dark all the time He is showing small signs of damage to his scales, which could be from fighting but he doesn't seem to fight and generally takes off if troubled by any other fish. What product should I purchase to treat this fish and the other fish in the tank? Cheers Grimace
  16. .So still following the aftermath of a week away, the other juvie Albino oscar seems to be getting sick. He has began to lie on his side on top of the internal filter. The first juvie albino oscar I came home to nearly dead has been separated and in a separate tank and is recovering and thriving - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/injured-oscar-help-please-again-116394/ (while I was gonna the third little albino had jumped). Family was looking after them while I was gone. I got these three from the same store and had no problems for a couple of weeks by themselves. Then from the same store but two weeks after I got a normal tiger oscar of the same size. All four were fine all together for a few weeks, with the normal tiger asserting himself as leader but nothing overly aggressive. Then I left for a week and came home to what is described above ^ What happened?! Now the last healthy albino is looking sick, and I need help. What do I do? I put Melafix and aquarium salt in immediately when I saw his sores, which are on both sides.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. .Hi guys! I'm hoping you might be able to help me out. My husband and I have a 650L tank with a variety of fish in it at the moment. My favourites however are the three Geophagus that he bought me for my birthday. I have one male and two females. They've been pretty easy to look after so far and I haven't had any problems with them. But now one of my females is looking quite ill and I can't find much information. She's looking very pale and very bloated. She is also kind of floating around the tank rather than swimming. (she's not floating upside down or on her side. But she is hovering near the top of the tank rather than down near the bottom where she normally swims and she's quite slow). She also seems to be taking in a lot of water, her mouth is gulping a lot. I thought at first she might be pregnant, but the male isn't showing any signs of raising young and I can't see any eggs or fry in the females mouth. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!
  19. .I noticed my albino b/n laying on the floor on his side a couple of times and when I looked closer I seen these little red think out of his anal. Is it normal? ?
  20. Hi, I'm after opinions please. I have an approx 4 year old Angel that has stopped swimming and is laying on it's side constantly. Will swim a little if nudged but otherwise it just lays there breathing (oddly its breathing looks normal). No visible signs of disease or trauma. All other tank mates are fine. 4ft tropical FW community tank. No new tank mates. Tank has been as is for over 2 years. I have checked water parameters and they are fine. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, PH 6.5 (has always been this low, we are on tank water). I have done a 40% water change, salted the tank (no improvement) and then added Melafix (no improvement). We are now on day 6 and I'm not sure if I should try anything else or euthanize It's not eating and has lost weight. I don't want to lose this angel but I'm at a loss for what I can do to help it. It is currently in a XL mesh fry cage in the same tank. I hate seeing it laying there on its side. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. I'm puzzled it swimming fine on min then falling over and and laying on its side for a min or to then it's back up and swimming around there is no loss of colour rest of the fish r fine and water are all grate had fish shop test then 3 days ago I'm puzzled
  22. Hey every one I need some help with my peacock bass so I purchased 12 p bass about a month and a half ago and had the intention of selling on about half of them down the track. So about 3 weeks ago I lost one and the week after another and just today I noticed another resting on the bottom breather heavy and darker in colour and can't for the life of me figure out what's happening I did feed them some live gudgeons about a week before I lost the first one which might point towards parasites or worms 5x2x2 tank with 700mm sump/ internal filter 2x jäger 300w Size. 10-12cm Tank mates. Large gold spot Have been doing frequent water changes every 2-3 days at the moment. I have been using water out of my laundry tub mixer and bringing it to around 26/27 degrees for the water changes Feeding carnivore and hikari koi pellets more carnivore pellets at the moment Ammonia. Very little to none Nitrite. Very little to none Nitrate. 10-20 ppm Ph. 7.2-7.6 Any advice will be much appreciated
  23. I have been concerned about this fish for awhile, however after the water change today it's just sitting in the bottom. Previously it was sitting in the back corner but did come for food and eat. I took a water sample a week ago and the ammonia was high so from advice from the aquarium have used amguard and stability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. About a week ago I euthanized one of my Jewel cichlids after about 4 weeks of strange behaviour. He was laying on the bottom most of the time, lost colour, and fins clamped. He was swimming in a weird jerky way, like a nervous twitch. He was still eating occasionally but eventually lost enough condition that I thought it was safer to get rid of him. None of the other fish had any symptoms. Now a week later 2 more jewels are starting to show the same issues. Water chemistry is fine (ph, amm, nitrite, nitrate), all the other fish are fine (20 other mixed africans and bn's). Tank is about 5 months in this config, 300 litres. No changes to food etc. Any ideas?
  25. My red devil is about 5 years old and he has recently got this white fluffystuffon his hump....one of his females picks at it, but not in an aggressive way. Kinda like she is cleaning it maybe. Does anybody know what this is and how to treat Cheers
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