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Found 18 results

  1. .Hi All For everyone who is contemplating at tank repair or reseal, I found a place in Acacia Ridge called Glaziers Hardware Supplies. They are located in 12 Lombank St. Price $8.50 per tube and they also have a silicon remover from glass called GHS Supersolve ($11.00 per can), it works at treat if the directions on can are followed. I had hells own trouble in finding a supply for myself and stumbled across them by accident. Give them a go. I hope someone will benefit from this information. Enjoy. Greg
  2. So what brand/type is that black silicon used in tanks? Also where to buy it from? Cheers Rowan(RJ)
  3. Hey guys what's the best silicon to reseal a tank? Thanks
  4. I am going to have a tank empty and dry for about 12 months. Is there a risk of silicon drying out and cracking or anything like that? If so what precautions should I take? Mick
  5. I am in the process of building a drip tray out of Perspex, just wondering if i use silicone as a glue or is there some thing else you use. Thanking you Alf
  6. I want to glue some rocks together to put in the tank, i am not concerned with colour I just want one that is not going to be harmful to use. Can anyone help??
  7. Hi everyone, Just wondering which silicon (silastic) is safe to use on tanks etc. I have a few repairs/mod's to do but don't want to harm the fish when they go back in. Rob
  8. as tittle any conacts for supplier or what to use its a 6x2x2 so no cheap stuff
  9. Has anybody encountered one of these little fellas? I just noticed one in my tank and want to know what's the best way to get it out? I noticed it in the skimmer section of the sump. If I get a fairy wrasse will it eat it up really quick or will it get hit by the skimmer first? I have CBS in the display but it's 1.9m long and I am just thinking it will take them ages to find it. I can completely empty the skimmer section of water and top it back up but I am also thinking he will survive no water for a long time. Can somebody help me on this one please? Thanks
  10. hi folks just a query on how i can remove silicon marks on the inside of my tank. i bought the tank and it had been seperated into sections but the glass was removed. its a 5x2x2 and on the front and back panels is where the marks are. i have tried using a scraper to peel it off but it didnt work. a guy at the pet shop told me to use mineral turps and steel wool and he said it wouldnt scrath the glass and to give it a good rinse after using the turps on it. im just wondering if this is the way to do it or if there is a better way of remove it? any help will be appreciated cheers guys
  11. Hey Guys, Just siliconed a mesh screen over the overflow of my tank, just wondering how long before i can submerse it in water? Its completely non structual so... There are fish in the tank also.. Cheers Alex
  12. Hey guys and girls, does anyone have secret way to clean old silicon of the glass?? I want to repair and old tank and I've used a razor to scrap of most of it but there are still marks left that I want gone before I reglue a new bit of glass in.
  13. hey all.. Due to a dishonest and a complete liar, one of the forum members has sold me a tank that has previously been leaking from the base edge of the tank where the silicon is and said it will hold water however he did another silicon job on top of the original one and said it was just to make sure it doesn't leak??. so now im stuck with a 6x2x18 tank that leaks. SO just wondering if anyone know where i can take this tank or know of anyone that can fix it....? any help will be appreciated. thanks all.
  14. hey guys just wondering what is the correct type of silicon to use for aquariums and where might i find it/ the best place to buy it. thanks
  15. hi, i have scrapped off old silicon off my tank but still have some residue on the glass inside the tank, can i use metho to clean them off? will it contaminate the tank? if metho no good what can be done? thanks
  16. I need to silicon a fake rock into place (i hate the fact that the fish hide behind it) ... Problem: It has a heap of juv fish in it ... Where can i put them for a few days while the silicon cures? Will a big tubby thing from bunnings with an internal filter work? How long will it take the silicon to cure and be safe to fill with water? I will use the same filters (uncleaned) and the same substrate, and alot of the same water too ... Thanks in advance Hamza
  17. Does anyone know what type(s) of silicon sealer are aquarium safe? Thx in advance Dave.
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