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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys I'm after some duck weed so I can put in my shrimp tank to try and lower the nitrates, if you have any around Ipswich/surrounding suburbs that would be great free or cheap. Thanks
  2. Hi Guy - I have been breeding L No's for a while now & was thinking of dabbling in some L046 's (zebra's ) -( I know little about them except I love the look of them ) & was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers to help me identify the L046's from other similar L No's - thanks
  3. .Evening all, I'm looking for a cheap solution for packing about 200ltrs of filter media into bags for use in the sump. Ive tried locating onion bags online, seems silly but I didn't know who or where to ask? Any suggestions would be appreciated, doesn't have to be onion bags it was just the first thing I thought of. Oh, & Im not keen on stockings for this media, or just in general…. Cheers
  4. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has used ADA under soil products and do they really give you better growth in a planted tank? Just starting out my first planted tank and I want everything to be right, so wondering if it will be of a benefit to have such supplements (or something similar) Thanks, Jake
  5. Hey guys I'm wanting to get some silver dollars or something similar that will school. Just wondering where the cheapest place to get some would be? Somewhere close to Marsden (south side)
  6. Hi guys, I often search on the sides of creek beds around where I live, looking for interesting stones for either aquascaping or bonsai. I found this stone a fair while ago, and it's one that I've absolutely fallen in love with. It's what I consider the perfect looking iwagumi/general aquascaping stone (IMO). Anyway after finding it I spend numerous hours searching for any stones in the same area that resemble it, but found none. Any ideas as to where I could find some similar looking stones? I'm only looking for a cpl more just to balance out any scape that I would want to use it in.
  7. Hi all, Today I added some anibus to my tank with my Jag in it. I couldnt help but notice he wanted to fight my hand and got very close to it a few times I didnt let him get me... But what would happen if I did let him bite me? Would I loose a finger(Doubt it)? Draw blood? Tickle? Has anyone been bitten by one before? or something similar? Oh and while im talking about my Jag I am currently feeding him protein pellets and "New Life Spectrum Lg. Fish Formula" (which he loves ). Is there anything else I can feed him? Veges? Mince? I do give him the occasional feeder... Cheers PS if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it
  8. Hey guys hoping someone might be able to help...I am looking for a member who use to go by the name GUPPYLORD(not sure of exact spelling they were using or if it had a _ - , etc! any help would be greatly appreciated...cheers guys!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. thinking of starting a small coloney of mulifasciatus , i like these guys read up a bit on them but get conflicting advice . What's a basic tank size for them ( small coloney ) have a 2 foot ( holds 60L) but dont want to go bigger than a 3 foot( holds 130 L ). Also where i can buy any fairly cheap ( incase i'm not real succesful ) , also after some leptosoma jumbo or the smaller variety ( what ever they are called ) same as above ( basic tank size ect ) never had either of them but like what i see and read about them so any help would be great , live 1/2 hour west of ipswich so some where within a hour or so drive from ips to buy if anyone knows where to find these guys would be good, but any reasonable distance is o.k CHEERS TERRY
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