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Found 13 results

  1. At last auction I bought some Pearl Gourami. Moved them from a tank in the garage inside to get some form and my wife saw them and loves them. Reminds me the pleasure of simple fish. Pearl and Moonlight gourami. Cherry Barbs, Neons, glowlights........ List your favorite simple fish.
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  3. Not sure if this has been posted before but anyway here it is. Simple way to remote login to your computer, ipad or spare phone as a webcam to check your tank/s while away using Skype. 1.Setup account i.e. Granttank01. 2. On the device your using as webcam. Computer, ipad or spare phone. Login into skype using selected tank account. 3. Settings. Change to automatically answer contacts video calls. 4. Setup camera to desired position. I've set mine up so i can view fish and could also tell if i have a pump failure. 5. Login to your personal Skype account on your phone. 6. Add contact names to both accounts. 7. Call your tank account i.e. i would call Granttank01 and test connection. 8. All done. Call your tank account or multiple accounts to check up on them.
  4. i have recently purchased a 6x2x2.5 tank of a fellow member here, i had given away the stand that came with it to build a new one, so i will dedicate this build on the making of it for all to see. hoping you guys can give it ago for ur self in future....................... is simple, strong and will hold a decent tank mike just dressed pine from bunnings mmmmmmmmmm the lawn
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  6. Hi all, I have a water level switch that I am trying to use for my auto top up system, the plan is to wire it to a 12v bilge pump which will be sitting in an aged water tank which will come on when the water level in the sump drops to a pre set level. I am not an electrician but do like to attempt to do DIY with 12v stuff, can anyone here draw up a simple diagram and a list of addtional parts (if required). Thanks
  7. The two tube worms featured are from Early December till late January in the millions in Qs south east at two sites. Once the ocean hits 25c they start their massive die off that happens every year unless a rain event wipes them out first,that has happened two years in a row now. I wanted a couple rather then take out the temperate endemic tube worms from the top tank to the bottom tank. These tube worms are only found in Australia’s east coast, so that makes the massive die off each year twice as sad. The oyster that is pictured is transparent and I would imagine few have seen one of these. I have never been able to get and ID on its name, but I assume it is a type of oyster due to three types we find in the south east of Queensland on many trips and where they exist. There are many beautiful and unusual things I might put up overtime.
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  9. It's so simple it can't be true so I really want to get another opinion on this system that I have dreamt up. I have been looking into solar systems but aren't really practical for heating cause obviously you don't loose much heat when the suns out. So on to LPG. Will this work? now the Instant hot water boiler is a low pressure unit and I don't know if I understand it properly but it runs on / below 12ltr p/min has inbuilt temp control (with LCD) to set at perfect levels and from what I gather an inbuilt turbine to run the display and ignition source. what I'm guessing is that If I run water through it constantly or on a set timer VIA a pump at least 720ltr p/h (as long as it can pump the height of the unit) it should measure and adjust according. the stats of the unit are as follows: * Stainless Steel Panel * Low Water Pressure Starting. Fire & Water Separate Regulation * Over Water Pressure Protection Device * Anti Dry-burning Protection device * Over heat Protection & Anti Frozen device * 20-Minute Timer Is Optional Exhaust Way - Open Flue Type & Force Exhaust Type Ignition Mode - Automatic electrical pulse ignition. Use Gas Type - Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Rated Gas Pressure(Pa) - LPG:2800Pa Energy efficiency - 84%-87% Suitable Water Pressure(Mpa) - 0.02~~0.8Mpa Heating Status - Heating time <=15 Seconds; Over Temperature <=2c; Stability Time:<=15 Seconds Connection Pipe Specs - Water Inlet: G1/2" Pipe; Water Outlet: G1/2" Pipe; Gas Inlet:G1/2" Pipe; Rated Heat Input Power(KW) - 24KW Rated Water Output(T=25c)L/Min - 12L Product Dimension(MM) - 620×340×180 Packing Carton Dimenision(MM) - 750×390×240 The only thing is the rated water output - (T=25c)L/Min - 12L which I gather is 12ltr p/h @ a max temp of 25c so will I have to lower the flow to achieve a higher temp? secondly cause the unit isn't designed for this type of application will the unit be constantly burning while the water is pumped through or will it only burn when the temp is down? And how bad is burning copper when it comes to adding minerals into the water? any way here is a link to the actual product Wholesale 12L GAS TANKLESS INSTANT HOT WATER HEATER LPG STAINLESS, GOOD QUALITY
  10. Guys Just posting this for Jordan who has just got one of these so I thought Id share some very simple mods to get the best out of this cheap but not too nasty hang on. First problem I noticed was the blue coarse filter sponge at the bottom of the filter basket covered the inlet. All water flow was being fed through this tiny area of the media. So I simply stacked a couple of the ceramic rings (that it comes with) on top of eachother to elevate the sponge. Now water comes in to a big bottom chamber for a more even dispersion through the media. Secondly, theres a void area in the media chamber that is absolutely useless and encourages alot of "flow by". I have some filter wool stuffed down there to slow down the flow but a better idea is to seal it out with a piece of plastic, an ice cream lid will do and some silicon. I have demonstrated this with a tupper ware lid lol. So thats it really. But i think that these simple mods work wonders in the efficiency of this filter. Last thing I would do is cut some quality filter matting to size for a very snug fit in the basket. Took a of pic of my tanks while I was there.
  11. I bet a lot of you guys and girls hate doing constant water changes. Especially if your doing them all the time. I was feeling constructive the other day and decided to make a contraption that will make it a lot easier for myself. The idea was to cut a hole in my security screen window and have a permanent siphon hose with corners and taps that can stay there permanently and make changing water as simple as turning the tap. The idea: Finished project: (my terrible wallpaper from when I was young lol) When the tap is opened, it automatically siphons about 20% of the water outside. Then its as simple as plugging in the hose, And filling it back up!!! :frog: Comments and ideas on how it could be improved are more than welcome! Thanks for reading
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