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Found 10 results

  1. What's best and why ? whats the ups and downs on both ? FJ
  2. After being pretty impressed by the 3watt Cree LED's and members asking about LED's for nano's, we had a opportunity to check out, well a play really, with a single 9 watt Cree LED in a nano light. I feel we are still in the infantry stage of LED's and how hard they can be driven. Looking back 10 years we had "Super Bright LEDs" with a MCD rating of 3200 which were handy for finding keyhole in a door at night but no where near as bright as the ones that we are seeing today and the way they are being developed are showing they are really gaining momentum and look forward to what they will have in future. Our rep mentioned that they had a new nano light with a single 9 watt Cree LED and I could not help myself but to get a couple in and see what they are like. Here is quick little youtube I did today.
  3. Hey guys, I decided to rescape my shrimp tank and I decided to go high tech to avoid algae and get the look I want. CO2 is a big consideration, but its only a JBJ 6.6gallon nano tank, so I dount I will need a lot for HC and E. belem. I was going to use the Fluval 22g kit, but I can't be bothered priming it everyday so I was wondering if I could just run a t-valve after the solenoid on the CO2 on my main scape, through a second bubble counter --> needle valve --> diffuser? I can't see why not, but I imagine I would need to increase the working pressure of my regulator and hope the solenoid can handle it. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if I get enough interest I will even make a sweet journal to track the setup
  4. Hey anyone know if it is logistically possible to run two 2ft tanks on the one cannister, ie two intakes two outlets ?
  5. If a filter is, err, filtering.....how many passes does it take for ammonia to be reduced to nitrates? Is it a single pass, or are several required. Lets assume that the amount of ammonia is able to be fully converted by the bacterial load, to nitrites. Will the conversion of nitrites to nitrates happen almost simultaneously? On another note, how big should mbuna fry be before I reintroduce them to the adult tank, so that they don't become a snack?
  6. hey again... no ive been looking over what i am getting, most of you will know that my tank is not very large and i do own americans inside of this tank. As my birthday is coming up (legally an adult ) i will be able to talk the plunge and get a larger tank. Now i have looked into what it will talk to fit ALL of my fish in the same tank, that aint gonna happen any time soon. so i will have to sell some off. Then i looked at what it will take to keep some of them in a tank together where they will survive not so much thrive. Now comes the carbon tax, so paying more for electricity that means the bigger the tank, the more i have to pay each time. So now i am thinking a single species tank, with an american cichlid of course, now i will be able to get the money a 4 x 2 x 2 is definatly within reach. I COULD get a 6 x 2, but then i would not have enough for the extras such as filter, light, heaters, substrate ect. but now i am thinking a single display fish, or even a pair of small americans, but they MUST be agro. So guys, im pretty set on the idea of getting a 4 x 2, i am not bothered at the thought of only having a single tank running, just want to be able to comfortable own a large american, without ever having to upgrade the tank. till death do they part so it would seem. Aquariums R Us Price List This is the 4 x 2 i am looking for, i have had a bad experience with pre owned tanks and try to just buy new, as i want it to look as nice as possible. so guys. place your vote down as to what american (lets just include polleni for the fun of it) and why
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hey guys Im in the fun process of planning a nice big american tank. Going through a few different stocking senarios. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a friend who had a red devil all alone in a tank. With a bit of gravel in the bottom and nothing else. It might have been only a thin 4fter (cringe). But back then (it seems a long time ago) all I remember is this fish swimming mindlessly back and forth like a robot. It didnt seem to have a personality or mind of its own at all. Bored to oblivian. Nothing to stimulate its senses . So I'd like to know what people think of keeping a large american alone in a tank? A nice tank of course, apropriately decorated with lots of room. Does anyone have this with a fish?? Is the fish happy without other tankmates?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hey guys I have some 3ft x 18 x 18's (180L) Im setting up. (I know theyre small but its all I got) Would I be pushing sh_t up hills to have a single cuban in one of them?? I would like a single male american. Can someone help me with a suggestion? Thanks Matt.
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