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Found 8 results

  1. .Hi Folks, I have a small Aquaponic system with an automatic bell siphon, which is quite loud the end of the water flowing down. I tried to seal the siphon with Styrofoam and extended the hose where the water arriving to the fish tank, but it is still noise. Do you have guys any other ideas what could I do to reduce this noise? Thank you! Jani
  2. Been thinking of this one on and off for a while . what i am thinking of was usung a long gravel siphon adding a low volume 240 volt inline pump that will draw the waste from the bottom of the tank through a hose then straight out the door saves the bucket method . could be used from water storage to tank as well . That is if its not already out there Any opinions welcolm
  3. Hi I am trying to figure out how to siphon to the sump from the bottom of my tank (hopefully to pick up some ****e) without the risk of siphoning off the whole tank in a power outage. A member tryed to explain it to me and I my head it went like this I don't think this is right tho... Does anyone know how to do it??
  4. I do my substrate weekly but have very high nitrates constantly. Varying from 40ppm to100ppm an over in all my tanks. I also do15-20% water changes weekly too. I do not over feed and tanks are definitely not over stocked. Filters are keep in good condition, never have issues with Ammonia or Nitrite (touch wood) - Canisters, standard Sponge and Otto (not all in the one tank) So why the high nitrate. How often do you do your tank maintenance. Do sumps help with keeping nitrates down. Nicole
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I been thinking of making a siphon that doesn't take water from the tank, but works like a huge hand held filter. I don't have huge tanks but they need siphoning often, but I don't want to be changing so much water every time I siphon. The idea is to siphon the tank completely without losing 90% of your water, you can do a water change later.
  7. Evening Gentlemen, I am looking to develop a completely PVC overflow that's pretty close to this design. My question is as the topic states, if at the end of that connection I use a 25mm to 20mm reducer to allow me to use flexible/clear tubing (like you use with canisters), will the total flow rate of the overflow be reduced? My current understanding of the physics behind this is that the water will be pushed through faster as the only determining flow rate of a design like this is the dimensions (Primarily the length of the canister inside the tank) and piping size of the overflow itself, not the piping that would follow off into the sump/reservoir. Anyone able to confirm?
  8. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this syphon. They only sell them in USA. I have been wanting to get them, everyone I speak to ravessss about them....but they all yanks haha http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?aid=848 I can get one sent over, I emailed the manufacturer and for them to send it over will cost about $250 - $300aus. They only send premium express courier! They are only about $70US or so...depends where you go. They also said they do sell them to some Aust companies, they mentioned Pets Paradise. Wondering if anyone has ever seen them. Im thinkin I may jus get some friends over there to buy one and send it regualr post here. Any feedback would be awesome.
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