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Found 6 results

  1. Hey I just came down Moorak St, Taringa and there was a corner spa on the footpath for council collection. It would make a good pond if anyone is looking for one. I would hurry though. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Moorak+St,+Taringa+QLD+4068/@-27.4905407,152.9791072,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b9150fa0f416fbf:0xd762fed16eab0b51?hl=en
  2. hi all new to keeping shrimps so don't give me a hard time lol I've just started a tank just for the cherry shrimps ive put 12 in there atm,temp set to 25 but yesterday set it to 27 thinking it might be too cold,checked the water and all is good, loads of filtration,live plants etc, when i first put them in they were all over the place having a good look around but for the past few days there just sitting around doing nothing and hardly moving is this normal? any info for a newbie would be a great help thanks mick
  3. Im babysitting a tank for a few days while someone is taking a holiday - and it looks like one or two of the fish are getting sick. Water test parameters - all good, no ammonia / nitrites (some nitrate, maybe 20/40ppm) and Ph about 7.4 The fish are harlequin rasboras, and one of them looks a white/grey kind of colouring on its body. His fins are a bit tattered, but not sure if that's because he's been bullied, got stressed, then sick, or just a symptom. They are only about 2 weeks into the tank, don't know if he's just stressed out from that. He seems to behave alright, eats ok and swims around etc. I've looked into ich, but it doesnt seem like there is is any of the discolouration on the fins, its body based, and only on one side of the body. Fungus? Photos attached, but a cameraphone and little fish does not lend itself to well focused images. I suppose main questions are - What is it? - What can I do about it? Ancillary to that is how harmful is it likely to be to other occupants (other fish, some RCS and a snail) is it worth getting him into isolation (or is too late?) Tools I've got would be - Can do a water change - Stress zyme and / or stress coat - table salt (no marine salt - so this probably doesn't count) - can isolate into a small container.
  4. Hey all, is there such a thing as a fish sitter in brissy. Im planning on going away for a few weeks and would need someone to feed my discus daily. Can anyone recommend a reputable business if there is one? or am I stuck with using friends and family
  5. Hey all, I've got a question about my new fan tail gold fish which I bought about 2 weeks ago, he was doing great Sunday, but now he keeps sitting on the bottom of the tank only at night, also sometimes not all the time he has his top and bottom fins pressed against his body...my black moores have never done this, so is something wrong with my fan tail Gilbert? He does swim around during the day, does come to the surface so I'm a bit confused as to why he sits on the bottom all night. My fish tank is a 40L Blue Planet Aquarium which is new only bought it a month ago, it has a 3 stage filter, so the water is crystal clear all the time. I use water ager about 20 ml which I put in the tank once a week. Could it be a stress related problem, as I've only got blue gravel, a small log tunnel, and an aquarium decoration. All the fish are about the same size (9-10 cm). Any help will b greatly appreciated. Sean 😉
  6. hey i have one platy in a tank with half dozen and a redclaw and very small oscar in small tank, yet to cycle new tank to move them one platys is sort of floating on its side but does swim down occasionally but upside down only fish in there with the syptoms ph 7.6 no2 2.0 n03 20.0 amm 0 thanxs
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