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Found 139 results

  1. Hi everyone, Have just ordered a Laguna 2000 pump, rated at 7,600 LPH, it replaces my Tunze 3000 LPH in my 700 Ltr tank + 200 Ltr sump. It runs with just under 1.5 meter head, so expecting around 6,000 LPH throughput. Hagen/Laguna state it is suitable for 19/25/32/38 mm fittings. My intention is to make a dedicated PVC pipe return line, not wanting to risk using hose this time round, if possible. But I dont know what the 'ideal' size pipe to get. I suspect 25 or 32. Would running it with 19 or 38 place extra load on the pump? 38 seems like a lot of weight for it to lift, 19 seems like a lot of speed for that flow rate. Is their a formula to work out an 'ideal' pipe size for any given pump? It is good of Laguna to say what size pipes 'can' be used, I just wish I knew which size is 'best' to use. Any advice or tips are appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Looking for ideas sizes for a sump for a 5x18x20 tropheus tank want to build it myself what size tank do I need and any diagrams on designs , thanks Ben
  3. Ive grown up being told that 3cm is the size to reach before selling BN catfish, be it any type. I'm now at a stage that my peppermints are breeding like crazy, and by the time their fry are 1.5cm (in a separate tank) they have hatched another batch (in our community tank). My question is, what size is to small to sell? I understand when they have their egg sacks, thats crazy too small. But what about 1.5cm? They are bigger, eating solids.. Whats your thoughts? xx Cheers, BNgirl
  4. i cant decide what size cube to go. 2ft, 2.5ft or 3ft. love a 3ft but cleaning could be abit of a problem. 2ft is looking abit small. im thinking 2.5ft would be the best size. what is peoples ideas? the next problem would be stocking ideas, throw them in too.
  5. I've got a few Red Forest Jewel Cichlids growing out from the last batch of eggs. Just wondering what is an acceptable size to sell them at? The red forest jewels are smaller than other cichlids fully grown. Any input is welcome. Thank you.
  6. If I have a 3 foot tank around 150 litres and a 2 foot sump around 70 litres what size return pump would I use thanks
  7. Hi All, Setting up a 3 ft tank for my son's turtle that he is getting for his birthday next month and I was wondering what would be the best filter to get Brand and size for this application. Any info would be great. Thanks
  8. Next part of my fish room build is some fry grow-out tanks mostly for Tropheus. What size do people recommend here? 2x1x1??? Prob gonna keep filtration simple and use sponges with regular water changes. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using Tapatalk
  9. Hello all. For an 8X2X2 freshwater would a 3foot sump be big enough?
  10. Hey guys so I'm bummed my 8×2×2 blew out a few days ago. Now I am getting a 6×2×2 for the time being. I have a fair few fish and wondering if they will be ok in it. I have a 25cm red devil, 27 cm zonatus, 25cm silver scat, 15 cm black belt, 20cm blue acara, 12cm festae, 2× 20cm featherfin catfish, 15 cm gt and a 15 cm clown loach. All the american cichlids are male 100% except not sure on the festae and black belt. I will have heavy filtration and doing big water changes. Will this be ok for the rest of the year?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know how big are macropore beads in microns? Would a 250 micron mesh screen contain it? Cheers!
  12. Hi all, I currently have a 3x2x2 that is temporary housing for my male and female festae. Would my 6x2x2 be big enough for the female 16cms and the male 23cms ? i am also looking to put some sort of other fish as it is a display tank in the loungeroom.. They are a breeding pair so would they eat a school of silver dollars or tinfoil barbs? chris
  13. Hi people I will be replumbing my system in the coming months and was wondering what size pipe should I attach to the Laguna pump to get the most out of it. It will be pumping about 2 meters high and then traveling abit everywhere as there are plenty of tanks to go too. Is there a guide to using a certain size pipe to a certain size pump to get most water delivery to tanks. Thanks. Mark.
  14. .hey guys, info needed please, im trying to source a hose ( pref non kink- ribbed type) i think u know what i mean, its to go from pond pump to filter, the outlets are the staggered type ie, 19,25,32 and 37mm, trouble is, where do u find the 37mm ?????? or whats ur thoughts on running 32mm from pump to filter ???
  15. .Hi guys, this question has probably been asked before. I am just wondering what size hole needs to be drilled for a 32mm bulkhead? Thanks Will.
  16. Hey all Just wondering what size tank would you recommend for a fully grown Oscar.? As I'll need to look for a tank for my new friend when he gets older. Thanks all Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  17. I just got some S+ CRS today and I'm wondering wat size do they have to be for breeding. Thx
  18. just wondering what size pepps will start breeding at??
  19. Here are a couple of photos of my Andes fry. About 4 weeks old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hi everyone!!! Was wondering which size coral pieces are best suited for filtration??? I've previously used the 3cm-5cm pieces in my sump, but now need to set up another sump and only have the gravel sized pieces (0.3cm-0.8cm)... Which is best suited for filtration benefits??? Thanks in advance!!!
  21. hi guys was wandering if a 5x2x2 tank or a 5 x 2 and a half x 2 tank will do for a single ray just trying to get some ideas rolling with size of tanks and gonna just have a few americans in with it
  22. Hey all.. What size do Venustus start breeding..
  23. Need a female for a very nice male or maybe you know where there is one , willing to try all avenue's so far seem to be rare as rocking horse **** ! Most likely need to be shipped to gladstone pending area
  24. Hey all newbie here, Just got a 4x2x2 setup and want to keep just a single predatory fish in it. Just wondering what size of fish I can keep in this tank fully grown (ie like 30 or 40cm etc) as I want to keep a fish happy and healthy for its life time. Reason I ask is so I can start looking for fish that come in at or under the size limit for my tank. Really like peacock bass but after just buying a house I can't afford to house one perminatley at the moment! Any help is greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance, Andrew
  25. What are the biggest size bulk heads you can buy or what size ones would I need on 3 x 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 footers
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