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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, after some advice on what would be an appropriate sized air pump to run up 24 sponge filters. I'm after something quiet and very reliable. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm going away for a week and want to throw in some feeders. Anyone here selling gudgeons or anything a bit bigger? Obviously need to be disease free Feeding a silver arowana (50cms) and a couple of peacock bass (20cms) Cheers Rick
  3. Over the years I've seen quite a few little 'nano' tanks set up in shops around the place. They've usually got some sand, few twigs, maybe a little greenery and some tiny tiny tiny little fish. My question, what do people stock in these things? I'm interested in getting some TINY (5mm - 15mm) little fish for a project. Just wondering what people use. Looking for something hardy as well. Opinions? Cheers Felix
  4. I have decided that once my oscar goes to the great fishtank in the sky, ( or takes the down elevator I sometimes think), my next residents will be natives. I am not a wealthy man, so feeding costs are a factor in my choice, which rules out cods, barras and the like. What natives grow to around the 30cm mark? I am looking for a local species as well, as I may consider wild caught fish. Tony
  5. hey all. have one lot of afra cobue fry and another lot of maingano fry. the afra's were "born" about a week and a half before the maingano's were "born". the afras are now about 1 - 1.5cm long and the maingano's would be .5-1cm long. both were in large breeder nets in a two ft tank, but have heard that keeping them in nets for too long stunts their growth. my dilemmas come now. i have moved the afras out of the breeder net into the tank, with the maingano still in net. these two batches of fry would be the only inhabitants of the tank. 1. will the afras eat the maingano? 2. will all the fry be able to find enough food? (at the moment the afras are hiding behind the filter whenever i come near) 3. should i provide rocks/coral for the fry to hide in or will this also prevent them from getting as much food as they need? any help would be great. Cheers, Trent
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