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Found 4 results

  1. I remember a past thread like this and I quite liked it so I thought I'd throw a few up ....
  2. Hello! I have a newbie question please for anyone who has a bit of spare time to read. I have had my first 3ft (120l) tank for 6 weeks. I had two mini molly's, 1 dwarf gourami and a small catfish in there for 4 weeks no probs. (I have a few live plants, add flourish excel for them, added stability for the first seven days, always use water conditioner for water changes and my filter is a Aqua One 1000.) I added four guppies two weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. Suspected Ick then cotton mouth and now bulging eyes??? Tried white spot remedy, then pimafix, don't know what to do for the weird swollen eyes. My questions are: Are the guppies the cause? Did I get a bad batch? Are guppies prone to disease? Or is the 6 week mark that time of the cycle that problems crop up? Is it my fault for something I am doing or not doing? I want to try another tank (eventually) with more aggressive fish but if I can't even manage a guppy / molly tank I am screwed...lol I had thought that if I added fish too quickly the ammonia and nitrites would still be high. I have an API testing kit. Currently - Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 and Nitrates about 25-40 but not surprised there as found intake pipe full of brown algae. So my filter was most likely not flowing at full capacity. (Common new tank problem according to my google sources...lol. It must have been quick growing as I cleaned the filter/pipes a fortnight ago and didn't see any algae.) Usually nitrates are 10-20. I flushed it all out and cleaned pipes. I did a 20% water change and will do another in the morning. Anyway thanks for reading my long winded post. Can anyone shed light on my problems? I really want to make this work. I am just a little disheartened here at all the problems cropping up. Would love pointers even if they are harsh..... smile emoticon Thanks again. Criss
  3. This is my 2' tank housing a pair of Keyhole Cichlids which I decided to adopt as my project. I can't remember ever seeing a nice big one in person so decided i'd grow one. The tank has a few dithers such as Neon and Glow-light Tetras, and a clean up crew of Adolph's Corydoras, Kuhli Loaches (two striped, one black) and a Peppermint Bristlenose. I'm only growing the fish out some at the moment before i'll set the tank more up for breeding, at the moment it's just to keep to fish happy and to look pretty in my room. Thanks for looking.
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