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Found 7 results

  1. Problem:- In the last few days, we've noticed that the fish in question had what looked like a sore on his belly where it's swollen. To me it almost looks like a skin ulcer. Thing is, I've been googling around and any of the skin diseases supposed to affect tetras or cause similar lesions cause other symptoms like behavioural ones, clumping of fins, swimming issues etc, of which this fish has none. Apart from the lesion, the fish is behaving, swimming, eating and interacting normally. The fish in question has always had a slightly swollen belly, we just figured that he's just a funny shape. We've recently (1 a week ago, 1 a couple of months before that) lost 2 tetras, but nothing seemed to be happening to the others, so we put it down to the female cichlid being a feisty little *****, as she has been laying recently. None of the other tetras seem to be affected. Ph:- 7ish, maybe slightly above. Little higher than I usually try to run it (trying to keep around 6.6 ish) Ammonia:-unknown Nitrate:- unknown Nitrite:- unknown Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 58L Temperature °C:- 26C Been running for:- 6ish months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Internal filter with sponge and ceramic noodles Fish in tank:- Apistogramma Cacatuoides M & F pair, Longfin Albino Bristlenose, 4 X Cardinal Tetras Plants in Tank:- Val, crypts, anubia, chain swords Feeding:- Algae wafer (1/w), Spectrum Betta Pellets (to get rid of them - very small pinch daily), Cichlid flake (small pinch daily) Recent Medication Treatments:- None Last water change:- 1 week ago Water change: weekly to fortnightly
  2. Has anyone ever had ever had clear looking bubbles on a pleco before? There small and look like pimples. We were given one @ 30cm to try and heal so seeing if anyone has seen that before. cheers
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  4. Here is a short vid of my 10cm + snake skin gourami, along with a few angels. I know most of you would have not seen or heard of these guys so I hope you like them. I absolutely adore them & wish I could get my hands on some females to breed them... The tank is a 5ft Aqua One Aqua Grande 180 540L tank, with the standard overhead filtration, along with a Aqua One canister. I really want to turn this tank into a completely planted tank & will hopefully soon. Feel free to comment
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  6. I just saw an empty shell of a cherry shrimp just sitting at the bottom of my tank, just wondering if someone ate him or if they shed? There is only yoyo loaches and endlers in the tank so i don't think endlers would but maybe the loaches?? anyone else had this happen
  7. in my african cichlid tank the fish have started to get a Black spot an marking in skin most noticable on the electric yellows
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