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  1. Does anyone know if you can still purchase small fry powder foods such as golden pearls or larval fry foods in Australia. I know golden pearls were popular a few years back but seem hard to find now. I have been buying my fry starter powder online from a marine shop but postage gets expensive for 20g food as they stock only marine and coral foods. I am looking for the very small size food ie 50-100 micron and 100-200 micron size to feed till they are big enough to take nls fry powder which is about 300 or so micron from memory.
  2. Hi all, I currently own a fairly small 30 litre tank, but in the near future I would like to upgrade to a 4ft tank. When I do that, I will most likely use the smaller tank for a quarantine/breeding/secondary tank. I have a full setup for the smaller tank at the moment, but when I get the larger tank I want to put the smaller one on a desk or table. I don't want the smaller tank to be covered in wires and what not (I want it to look somewhat clean and low-tech), so instead of using a T8 fluorescent tube over the smaller tank, I would like to use something more subtle such as a reading lamp. However, I've been looking online and can't find any globes that grow plants which would fit in a lamp. I was wondering if anyone knew of any screw-in light globes which can fit in a lamp and can be used to grow plants and/or is aquarium specific? Thanks!
  3. Ive grown up being told that 3cm is the size to reach before selling BN catfish, be it any type. I'm now at a stage that my peppermints are breeding like crazy, and by the time their fry are 1.5cm (in a separate tank) they have hatched another batch (in our community tank). My question is, what size is to small to sell? I understand when they have their egg sacks, thats crazy too small. But what about 1.5cm? They are bigger, eating solids.. Whats your thoughts? xx Cheers, BNgirl
  4. After getting more interested in my tropical tanks at home, I'm thinking about a small marine tank. I've always loved them, but believed them to be too much effort for what I'm prepared to put in. Anyone able to give a quick overview on how much work is involved - water change frequency, hardware costs, fish/coral cost and lifespan, etc, etc. The Techden has a great little (nano?) setup on their counter with a tiny little tang (I think?) which looks cool. To me, just like plants in a tropical tank, coral/rock is what makes a marine tank, so definitely interested in learning about coral. TIA!
  5. Looking for a small canister filter for my 75 litre corner tank. Pretty happy with my Eheim 2213 that I use on another tank. Possibly overkill but this is the smallest Eheim make. The Fluval 106 is rated up to 100 litres, but a bit more expensive. Any other suggestions (preferably from the Techden?
  6. Bought some Vietnamese takeaway on Saturday night, very pleased to see they had flicked the Goldfish bowl and replaced it with a Reef tank, looks like its about 100 litres, with a rear sump. Nice I just wonder if they have too many fish for the size of the tank. Haven't keep marines for 20 years so a bit rusty, but I would suggest its overstocked. take a look. I count 8 but there may have been another clown that popped down behind some live rock.
  7. Hi, I have a small tank set up as a tropical tank. Are there any dealers in SEQ selling fish that have been genetically engineered. I am a huge science fan and skeptic and would love to be able to own a GMO pet fish. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I have a small tank that I want to give to my mum but it is without a lid and has no lid supports, I bought the tank about 5 years ago and it had plastic lid holders and a glass lid but somewhere along the line all that crap got lost or thrown out. So I need an idea for a cheap easy to shape lid. The tank has a hang on back filter so it needs to be easily cut. I'm thinking acrylic but I don't have any way of keeping it on top without the supports.
  9. MarinePure Small Rocks!!! Usually $32.95, this week we have reduced them by 24% so you will only pay $24.95. WOW! Marinepure creates the perfect bio home for bacteria with its porous inert structure and is designed to maximise filtration with bio film technology. MarinePure Small Rock is more effective than 4.5kg of live rock and it is man-made so there is no environmental impact. Deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification provide effective ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate removal. Head on over to our website to take advantage of this bargain. Your 10% members discount will still be able to be used with this special as well. Only while stocks last.
  10. Hi all, Starting to get excited to start my tanks once I'm back home. Will be doing it properly this time. So I'm in need of a quality plumber local to the bay side or happy to come out to the bay side to do a cashie for me. Simple job, I could probably do it myself but working on the island these days means I have limited tooling & time at home & it has to be done neatly. So I am willing to pay a pro to get it done quickly. If you know anybody or can recommend anybody please shoot me the details or post here. Thanks guys.
  11. Just thought I would show you guys the start of my little breeding setup. This is my first time attempting to breed so all tips are welcome. Ill be purchasing some electric yellows from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] in a few weeks and cant wait to get started. Will be running these three fry/ grow out tanks all through 1 sump underneath ( next weekends project) Thanks to [MENTION=5332]lloydashton[/MENTION] for the tanks they are perfect.
  12. Hey all, I've been thinking for a while to plumb 2 3 teir racks (1 4footX18X20 and 1 2x1x1.5) into one system. They have been just running with Sponges. I'm planning to have another of each rack into the system in the future. I'm new to sumps and plumbing and have a couple questions. 1.For the return would 1x 32mm bulkhead in each be enough or 2x25mm bukheads in each be enough? 2. The bottom tanks are 200 mm off the ground so they may not be high enough to have enough space to go into the sump especially the 2 foots? Any other tips or better options would be aprecciated. Cheers Will.
  13. Just wondering if it would be cruel to keep my festae female in a tank I recently got. The tank is 72x57x70h She is around 30cm long and 6cm wide, probably one of the biggest most people have ever seen. She basically sits in her log all day until I get home and she comes up to be hand fed. She doesn't swim the length of the 3x2x2 she is in now but I just think it might be a bad move putting her in something even smaller. my other option is a 3x18x2h or the 4x18x2h I was originally going to put her in to live out the rest of her days. Let me know what you'd think but I'm pretty sure most will suggest the largest tank possible. Thanks :-)
  14. .Im interested to add a few small gudgeons to my native tank. At the moment I have pacific blues and threadfin rainbows and would like to add a small gudgeon or two. Apart from fire tailed gudgeons are there any other small gudgeon species?
  15. Im getting some small fish and have a small 2ft cube tank for them. I was thinking of using macropore white and gold (likely gold) as my subtrate as a have some stocks of regenerated ones. Would it still function - clear the water and soften it even if just staying at the bottom of tank? Ill just be using a sponge filter for it. Also considering placing marine pure spheres as ornaments (marble effect) on the same tank. Let me know of your thoughts?
  16. Hi brains trust, I want to breed small feeders for my little bass. I have tried RC shrimp, but they are too cool, so they got their own tank What sort of species should I go for? Cheers Ez
  17. The way my bottom tank looked and was performing till late January 2013 was great, it was a bit more work then I would prefer keeping it like that, till that Aus day catastrophic power outage from Cyclone Oswald killed most all of it. So from my stupidity in trusting our power supply and not getting a generator, it was back to square one! From coming up here in 1977 I can not remember the power off for more then 4 hours, till then! A cheap one from aldi fixed all that. These are pics of how I screwed up by trusting that I will always have power reduced to a nothing tank, to not such a hard work tank any more. As always-another screw up of the thousands I have made is hopefully learnt from. I am also changing everything and all out of my top tank as it am getting bored with it, for me having mostly sps in that one is so boring! This first pic was 2 weeks before Oswald. A few weeks after Oswald. Morphs go in. Morphs and much more doing well Sun corals the next day from introduction just before lights out doing well. Sponge and some more algae in. Now.
  18. Hi guys, Can anyone suggest the best way to kill off small pest snails on subwassertang? I will be soaking the subwassertang before I use it in a new tank. A fast and effective method would be great. I was thinking gassing the crap out of a small bucket with co2. But from memory snails can survive without oxygen for a while. Also thought about glutaraldehyde but don't sent to damage the subwassertang. Have also considered using copper. I would use the method of no planaria, however this method takes three days!!! Thanks, Andrew
  19. These guys are multiplying there is hundreds of them in my tank I don't know where they came from or how to get rid of them please help . They are in with my bristle nose breeders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hi guys, I am on the hunt for a sump pump (preferably adjustable) that has a flow rate between 2000 and 3000Lph. But I'd like to be as small as possible in width. The ones I've found so far seem to be around the same width 85mm (Tunze, Eheim, Hydor seltz) Does anyone know of one a pump that is narrower than 85mm? Thanks, Beau.
  21. I've got a 17 liter reef here that I would like to add a sump too, I'm just wondering what the best way to connect the two will be? The tank is stocked so drilling it and installing a weir is not an option. Doesn't anyone know the best way to go about this? It will have to be unobtrusive as well, it should only be handling around 100-200L/h. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi guys I have a 6 foot tank and there is a small chip I just noticed. It is about 150mm from the top so there is less pressure on it compared to the bottom. It's on the inside of the tank. It's about 2-3mm. I have attached a photo. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Just wondering what innovative ways people might use to cool ponds if too hot. Sprays? bubblers? fans? paddle wheels? I'm in Melbourne but I'm establishing some 1000-3000 litre above ground "ponds" in a glasshouse. (stock troughs, aquaculture ponds). I can insulate the sides heavily (e.g. rockwool or fill around them with sand to make them "below ground" to minimise temperature fluctuations which in a glasshouse are huge. On a run of 40C days I had some 200l black tubs exceed 45C water temperature (no livestock). Air temp in the glasshouse (with doors open) can hit 70C at the worst for a couple of hours - but this isn't sustained and most nights are ~20-30 but the water holds onto the heat. The larger the body of water.. the lower the temperature increase each day, but I think I'll need sprays, or fountains or something to cool the ponds down at night a bit so then next hot day isn't compounding the heat problem. In Melbourne this happens maybe for 1-2 weeks in summer only. ..so apart from refrigerated chillers and bags of ice - what works best to cool things down?
  24. 3 New NLS products came in this week being UltraRed, Nutri/Gel and Thera A Small Fish Formula 2.27kg Starting at the top NLS UltraRed - Red colour intensifier. NLS New Life Spectrum UltraRed 125g 1mm sinking. The UltraRed helps to bring out the red colour in your fish with a new higher concentrate formula. The next one seems to be pretty interesting NLS Nutri/Gel - comes in a powdered form and you just mix one part powder with 3 parts boiling water and pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes and wella you have a Gel that you can feed like a replacement to frozen food and will sink or smear it onto a tank for your fish to feed from. Would like to see a Ray having some fun with this - also read on another forum where some ingenious person mixed in a oral antibacterial and got great results. Number of things you could do if you put your mind to it. New Life Spectrum Nutri/Gel 220g comes in a powdered form and makes into a Gel Lastly the NLS Small Fish Formula Thera A in a 2.27kg bucket .5mm pellet
  25. Hi I have been a fresh water fish guy for quite a wile but am just getting into cichlids. I made an introductory post the other day some of you may have read it. basically, I recently acquired a 180cm long by 85cm tall and 40cm deep tank I want to start a cichlid tank probably malawi. Got lots of time to think about it cause I cant stock it until the extensions on my house is finished which could be upto a year away. I got thinking about this today and I am a very impatient man and I want some cichlids some time soon and not a year from now. So it dawned on me that I will probably need a smaller tank for a sump for the big tank, so I could get that now raise some Malawi fry in it for a year then graduate them to the big tank. I don't know if I would want an all male tank yet or a tank with the potential to breed but in doing this project I could select what I want and give away the rest or perhaps if some one wants to do a deal I could keep what I need and the person who supplied the fry could have the year old fish back or something. At any rate I am dead keen on this project as it would give me a solid grounding in cichlid knowledge from the ground up and I would have something to do wile I wait a year for my house to be ready to populate the big tank. If anyone has some feed back on this idea I would be glad to here it, or if anyone knows of someone that can supply good quality, non hybrid fry close to Brisbane. Anyway leave your thoughts
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