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Found 8 results

  1. Hi QLDAF Members We (Queensland Cichlid Group) are having a fundraiser for Bill Smith. As you may know he is in hospital recovering from a leg amputation when he returns home (in a couple of weeks) the house needs to be wheelchair friendly this includes ramps on external doors and grap rails in the bathroom and toilet. Also he needs a wheelchair and shower chair amongst other things. He will not get any help with this as he has a business that he only just started with his wife two weeks before this happened. This is a hard time as there starting from the ground up and with Bill in hospital Sue has been doing crazy hrs at the shop. Keeping house and visiting Bill every night. With all the worry on top she is just holding it together Now if Bill never worked a day in his life everything would have been given to him for free but because he pays tax they have to find the money themselves Not really fair is it what I'm asking is for ppl to donate a gold coin to Bills fund (I'm sure he has helped everyone in some way or another) and $1 or $2 or whatever you can give is not much to ask for Money can be deposited in to the following account Bank of Queensland Queensland Cichlid group Bsb. 124 039 Acc. 90109429 Thanks for your help. We will hand Bill a cheque in due course with a video being posted of his response pls also post your messages on this thread and I will make sure he reads them all Fish junkie
  2. As members will be aware QCG is seeking to raise funds for a LEGEND of the hobby, who is in need of a little support. If you can give a donation please go straight here and do so: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qldaf-events-calendar-announcements-38/bill-smith-fundraiser-125435/#post834662 QLDAF supports this 100% and will be running an auction in support of this fund raising. We will open the auction for upload of lots from Saturday 31 October. The auction will be open for bidding From 8.00 pm Friday 6th November and bidding close at 8.00 pm Saturday the 7th of November. This date is chosen to coincide with the QCG meeting.... just for fun. We ask that when a lot is raised the seller state the percentage of the sale to be given to the fund raising. We suggest that at least 10% of the sell price go to Bill via the QCG fundraiser. If you wish to give more please do. Thanks to Dave [MENTION=1378]Fish[/MENTION]_Junkie for raising this issue here, and Steve [MENTION=4423]steveandjules[/MENTION] for pushing for an online auction. Hopefully we as a group of hobbyists can give something back to a man who has given so much to the hobby.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. So I was lucky enough to have Brent Smith "Greenterra" come round on sunday night to take some photos of my Fish. A few didnt make it into the final cut which was a shame, but the ones that did make it in, look fantastic! So here they are, hope you enjoy, and a big thankyou to Brent for the pics!!!! .....think I need to get a good camera
  5. My KKP, not real colourful on the night, and of course she went a deep red the next day....:mad: And one of my little blood parrots, just starting to change colour
  6. hello everyone, The other night Brent smith came over and did a photoshoot for me, and as usual they are amazing, so a huge thanx to Brent for the awsome job. here are a few of the images (my favorites)
  7. Drove over to Boondal today to have a browse around Smiths. Major refurb underway by the looks of it. I think they are closed for a couple more weeks. Will be interested to see how it turns out. New owners????
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