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Found 48 results

  1. Have been cleaning some tanks the past days as I have a SNAIL infestation on some tanks. I was thinking of buying a chemical (snail rid) from the shops and was wondering if its worthwhile to treat it with this (if ALL snails will die). Any alternative and proven products? I have trumpet snails, normal round looking snails. The tanks doesn't have fish but still have some wood and plants as well as the filter running. Would I need to take everything out or just add the chemical and bomb it. I'll need to lower the tank water as well otherwise i'll need a LOT of the chem for this exercise. When done, what do you do? do a major water change and rinse before adding fish or the chem will just dilute itself overtime? Any suggestions and tips? what to avoid/watch out?
  2. ok so heres the lowdown, i bought some java moss at the auction saturday and now my shrimp tank is overrun by snails. my question is will copper kill shrimp as well as snails or is there another option ?oh ye they are cherries if that makes any difference thx guys
  3. Hi. I know i am somewhat defying the general trend favoring snailacide in asking this, but we all have our reasons. I'd like to ask for some opinions as to possible causes of mass snail die off. Looking at these snails, and many, many departed before them, my instinct has always being that their issues are pH related. My source water is not hugely stable and a pH of 8.0-8.2 is not uncommon. I am wondering however if there is more to this than just pH. I rarely medicate so don't see that as a definative cause. I have seen similar mass die offs from these guys, a common garden variety brown river snail, ramshell snails and apple/mystery snails. Ironicly, the one snail i wouldn't mind seeing a mass extinction of, malaysian trumpet snails, seem to be totally uneffected. Die offs aren't issolated to a particular tank or overall water conditions either, with random die offs occuring over numerous different tanks and ponds. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  4. I've Got 3 snails in a 15-20l fish tank i when i got them they shells looked like slightly decaded i guess like gritty i guess i describe it as that. & i was reading they need calcium to fix there shells but. i read you can use aquarium salt/ cuttle bone which i have. But what it doesnt say how much to put in & how much cuttle bone to place in the water. & when ill start to notice snails shell heal. Also what is it a GH test kit? General hardiness of the water? what should that be for snails? but also have 2 prego female guppies in the tank at the same time.
  5. Hi, It is a tiny snail, about 2mm full grown, about the size of a match head, light orange in colour with a spiral shell that lays flat against the glass withe the snail poking out the side of the entrance to motor around. They live on the glass and also through the gravel substrate. They don't appear to eat the plants but just look ugly. Very hard to thin out due to small size. i can live with them if they are really harmless. Before annoying the forum I have read everything I can find on snails but don't see them get a mention. Just curious about what they are. thanks, Vic
  6. . Just wondering if anyone can ID what type of snail these are and what the best way to get rid of them as I've noticed some of them moving around lately
  7. .Hi guys found loads of these on top of the root mass in my Rhad pond, I don't think we are looking at a Malaysian livebearers, as the end is truncated where as a Malaysian has a pointed end. What is strange is there are little critters swimming around in the substrate near these guys that look like Daphnia at first apperance, but under magnification they appear to have a similar shell pattern to the adult snails. Is this how baby snails of some species get around ? By swimming ? Is this some sort of free swimming Larvae stage or such. No biggy, the Rhads scoff em down just the same as if they were Daphnia or Mozzei Larvae. Thx, Phil
  8. Ive got three in a tank for my daughter and they are laying every 2 weeks on the underside of the lids .Am at 4 batches now but no sign of hatching , any thoughts? My daughter os checking them 3 tomes a day i think shes getting anxious
  9. Woke thiz morning to a lump attatched to the underside of their tank lids. Is there anything special needed for them and how long do they take to hatch:frusty:
  10. Currently have about 10 of these little critters rapidly growing in my native tank, which I'm pretty sure came in as eggs on some Elatine. They're doing a good job cleaning around the tank at the moment while it's still in the process of cycling (been flooded going on 3 weeks now, after a 3 week dry-start), & appear to be leaving all of the current plants I have well alone. Would love to know the genus/species of these little guys if anyone recognises them, so I can officially add them to the slowly growing list of native fish & plants in the tank:
  11. I have a snail that is floating around the top of my tank, Im 98% sure its still alive as its coming out of the shell still occassionally.. what is going on with it, will it sink back down or find the glass? Help plz!
  12. Can anyone tell me what kind of snail this is? And wolp Loaches eat them?
  13. Hey guys, I found a few snails in my tank (after trying to avoid not getting them -.-) I kind of need your help to find out what kind of snail it actually is cause I have got no idea, it doesn't look like my mystery snails or my trumpet snails :S I think they are kind of pretty though, they are only about 2mm long so they are quite small!
  14. Hey guys just saw this guy on the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what type of snail it is but looks cool though . Do you guys know what it is?
  15. Escapee snail making his way out of the fry tank into the lungfish tank.
  16. Hey all looking to get some snail rid has anyone used this to cull there snail issues I have tried a loach but as soon as he was removed they come back so looking at a chemical solution please let me know what you have used and how it went thanks
  17. Found these in a tank I got (already planted w/ gravel etc) and was wondering if they're a pest snail or not as there were a lot of pest snails. Nothing my clown loaches could fix though haha but these guys survived and they're quitse pretty but yeah, never seen them before.. Steph =)
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. I hope I have not done the wrong thing here. I thought that a separate thread dealing with snail infestations may may be helpful. I searched all forums for snails and posts were everywhere. I had 4 Clown Loaches in a 70 litre tank and they were great until they got 'white spot' (I think) and died. Obtained some additional plants from LFS with snails as a free unwanted bonus :mad: The 70 litre tank has a few guppies, 4 Pearl Gouramis (3 yr old) and about 25 juvenile BN. My smaller tank also now has a snail problem - it has a few guppies and 60 BN about 2 months old. Purchased a few YoYo (Pakistani Loaches about 4 cm long now) but they don't seem to be winning the battle. Is it safe to put some copper sulphate (bluestone) into tanks? I have 1 kg of Copper Sulphate crystals - how may grams for 70 litre tank and for how long should I leave it before complete or partial water change to remove chemical? Do I have to remove fish first? To completely eradicate the snails and their eggs, the treatment would have to include the cannister filters. Will the chemical kill the needed bacteria in the filters too? If so, may as well flush the filter with hot water! Any comments please?
  20. Hey guys, Just found a snail randomly in my tank. It's about the size of a pea and I have NO idea how it got in there. Can they be harmful in anyway?
  21. Just noticed a little purple snail slowly making the rounds on one of my bits of live rock, and I am quite curious as to what he might be. He is quite a cool looking little fella, with a purple shell and what I can see of his body appears to be purple too. Not going to make any rash descisions about getting rid of him, but if he is actually a pest then he will need to go. Can anyone help with an ID?
  22. I hope I put this in the right spot I'm after some nice looking apple snails - almost any colour other than golden, as I have a bunch of them. I'm on the northside of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. PLEASE let me know if you could help me out or tell me where I could get some Thanks
  23. Hi all I have a 165lt tank set up with breeding comon bristle nose and butterfly plecos.I got a couple of caves off a guy and there must have been snail eggs in it,now I have hundreds of the *******s.I can transfer fish to another tank and treat with chlorine which I have seen in other posts but what about the plants and wood etc? I have just been throwing hand fulls into my big cichlid tank every so often to keep on top of them but my son recons the snails were eating the bristle nose eggs. I would prefer not to NUKE the tank,some have said clown loaches clean up the snails but what will they do to bristle nose fry? Cheers for reading,advice will be appreciated.
  24. I need to get rid of these frickin snails, is their a trap? Or does someone have a method of getting them out? I'm thinking of just chucking some zucchini in and taking it out couple hours later, or maybe a minute later because i have so many.... Seph
  25. I have a tank with cherry shrimp in it and in the java moss i got there was a heap of snails that came out of no where. I want to get rid of the snails as they are breeding and getting outa hand. I have been crushing them but they are like flys you kill one and three more appear. I was thinking of getting a clown/yoyo loach but they will eat my cherrys is there any other way to kill them? Thanks
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