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Found 82 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried apple snails in with Oscar's, I had an 8cm B/N in with them for about 4 months but woke up 1 morning to it half eaten. Any help or guidance would be appreciated, the Oscar's are around the 12cm mark (approx) Thankyou
  2. I was thinking of a couple of apple/mystery snails in community tank which has 3,(8+cm) clown loaches, I know they eat snails but do they eat these?
  3. This area is dedicated to showing off your pictures of your Shrimp, Snails and Crayfish
  4. Hi, im trying to find freshwater snails that will eat algae but not damage plants, any ideas? thanks
  5. Just thinking about bio-accumulation of calcium and KH. The animal that comes to mind is the snail. Obviously its going to work in ratio.... but I can't shake the feeling that this could be viable as a super low tech method, perhaps combined with aquaponics. Thoughts?
  6. Hi people, I have a snail problem and just read about assassin snails, does anyone know where i can get some?
  7. Afternoon guys. I am seeking some advice, I want to restart my 2 largest tanks utilising the sump that was used including the 2 tanks on a rack system. which as we all no went south super quick! White Spot (ich) & then ammonia spike finished everybody off. The 2 largest tanks 6x2x2 & 6x2x700 are the only tanks left with the 4x2x18 sump, still sitting as they were when I drained them including sand in the tanks & I also had bulk little black snails that lived in my sump & drove me nuts! Basically I want to fill the tanks & sump, plug the pump in & if possible BOMB THE **** outa it with whatever. I want every last bit of bacteria, be it good or bad DEAD, also I want the snails DEAD. Then once all this has run it course, I want to clean out the sump, IN TAP WATER :0 OMG! Then start the cycle fresh & new. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I get everything including what lives in the sand substrate. Thanks you guys & girls.
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been planning on moving the fish from my 50ltr tank to a 75ltr for a while now, just haven't found the time/energy as the 75ltr was used by a friend and ended up infested by MTS so it had to be soaked/scrubbed before use. Anyway, discovered yesterday that my 50ltr is infested with MTS now, I'd seen a few in there a while ago but now they've exploded! There were none in this tank until I put the fish from my friends tank into it, I'm guessing there were eggs in the water. No plants or ornaments were added, just fish. My question is, how do I move the fish from the infested tank to the now clean (soaked in condies crystals) 75ltr without accidentally getting MTS eggs. Is it even possible? This is my "rescue" tank (fish from friends/family that are no longer wanted). So it's a mix, a few mollies, serpae tetras, albino bristlenose plecos, Khuli loaches and a handful of RCS. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. I have a small growout tank ( 40lit) with young wag tail platties, and many snails, I noticed today that all snails were dead. Fish are perfectly well I do not know why snails died (but not sorry) can anyone enlighten me?
  10. Hi all, I must have introduced snails on new plant from lfs probably eggs, have colony of bristlies (sub adults) and some mollies, would a couple of clown loaches help control them?if so how many and how big. Tank 3ftx15x18.
  11. Are there any native snails that will help clean my tank containing 1 very large jade perch (25cm+), 4 rainbows, 1 PSG and 1 tandanus?
  12. I have recently had a snail invasion in my 4 foot tank there are hundreds in my 2 foot sump what are the pros and cons? should I try get rid of them and if so how?
  13. Hi I have gone to my tank today to find billions of tiny snails they have clogged the filter to the point of it almost stopping I have BN, cherries, and about 100platy fry and adults in there. How can I get rid of the snails every day there are hundreds more.
  14. Hi all, I have a tank of the above, I have some sea shells in it and add some egg shells, I'm told that, that is a good way of giving them some calcium. Is this true? What else could I do, to make sure their shells don't go soft? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Hi guys, Can anyone suggest the best way to kill off small pest snails on subwassertang? I will be soaking the subwassertang before I use it in a new tank. A fast and effective method would be great. I was thinking gassing the crap out of a small bucket with co2. But from memory snails can survive without oxygen for a while. Also thought about glutaraldehyde but don't sent to damage the subwassertang. Have also considered using copper. I would use the method of no planaria, however this method takes three days!!! Thanks, Andrew
  16. These guys are multiplying there is hundreds of them in my tank I don't know where they came from or how to get rid of them please help . They are in with my bristle nose breeders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Is it possible to get Assassin snails in australia?
  18. hey all. i have a bit of a problem with ramshorn snails getting a little out of control in one of my shrimp breeding tanks. i grabbed some "no planaria" form AOA to help out with killing a snail problem (smaller different breed of snail) in my other tanks which worked a treat but this stuff has little to no effect on the ramshorn snails. i just spent 15 minutes grabbing them out by hand but that game got old pretty quick. understandably if i cut back my food my snail population will reduce a bit but they are pretty quick at getting hold of the food before the shrimp get to have a good go at it. If anyone has any ideas on a shrimp safe snail solution that they could share i would greatly appreciate it. cheers Brenton
  19. Hi all, Just want your view on wether you all think snails in the tank or a problem or not. I will be breeding my BN catfish soon and wonder if they will harm the breading cycle in any way. the problem is I have guppy's and Red cherry shrimp in the tank so I cant get loaches atm or they will make a meal out of my cherry's. I am getting another tank soon and will move the cherry's to that thank but are the snails a real treat to anything ? i.e plants breading ect ???
  20. Saw paddock to plate last night. They were farming garden snails for human consumption. Where does the apple snail come from and did they eat them. Would you eat them. I read somewhere that you can feed them to fish and chicken. Do you have any uses for your apple snails?
  21. Hey Guys.. I've got two Mystery/Apple Snails, one in a tank at work with a Betta and one in a 3 ft with Guppies and Khuli Loaches. Their shells seem to be thinning, and deteriorating would I be safe to add some form of Calcium/Cuttlebone into either tank? I don't want to affect the fish in either tank, but I'd also like to avoid losing either snail too.. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  22. how do i get rid of snails in my breeing bristlenose tanks? any info would be grate thanks
  23. I want these, not a million of them though
  24. no srsly! http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2013/07/05/3795110.htm
  25. Hi All, Just wondering what people recommend to use to get rid of snails. The snails are the little brown ones that you can't crush with your fingers. Tanks are empty so don't have to worry about fish. Haven't used Snail Rid as the amount I'd need would turn out to be quite expensive. Ideas? Did a quick count last night and all up there is about 3,567,649 give or take a few. Cheers, JB
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