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Found 22 results

  1. Sunshine Coast Aquarium Society First Meet SAT 15th June 11am (Cotton Tree Park, Sunshine Coast near Maroochydore) Ok we have decided to meet as a group of hobbiest on saturday 15th June at 11am until when ever you would like to leave We will meet at the Cotton Tree park located on the river (GPS The Esplande, Cotton Tree) It will be a family outing where you can bring your own lunch or BBQ on the BBQ's provided in the park. The park has an excellent playground for children so KIDS ARE WELCOME. The purpose of this outing is so that aquarium like minded locals can meet. We will discuss about a regular meeting where we can run as a club and do some cool aquarium related activites. We will try to get the tables near the play equiptment and will organise some kind of item that will symbolize who we are so you don't just go and join in on some other familes day out We will start at 11am and will judt have a nice casual day and everonce is welcome to leave as they choose. Any questions please ask here and we will try and answer them.
  2. Over the last month or so there have been some top collecting trips the club has organised, especially for the new members to start stocking their tanks with some local marine life to add to the species they have bought. This is just a few pics of the collected species in their tanks and of the sport of recreational collecting we carry out to keep the aandtsociety,once the diverse Aquarium and Terrarium Society of Queensland, now south east Queensland aquarium society with only marine/reef aquarium keepers these days. Some of these photos are from some recent trips the club members have been on to collect their own reef aquarium life forms and enjoy the southeast’s free dive sites and low tide rock pool spots as well. One of the better sunrises as we arrived at the water for a low tide trip. Two boat loads of us on our way to collect and appreciate the ocean on a club collecting trip. Some colourful variations of zoanthids seen on our trips. This season has had some chunky muddies at our collection sites.
  3. Hi All, you may or may not be aware that there is actually a Gold Coast Aquarium Society, in an effort to improve the club and get more people involved, we have just updated the website significantly and it now has a signup section. This will allow you all to be notified of when events are on, auctions and meetings in the Gold Coast region. Website is Gold Coast Aquarium Society - Please take the time to go and join and hopefully we will see you there at the next meeting. Regards Jason
  4. Hi Everyone, Gunther Schmida, renouned fish photographer and author of books and magazine articles regarding Australian Native Fish will be speaking at the Gold Coast Aquarium Society meeting on Friday May 13 2011. He will be giving a talk about keeping native fish species and will be on hand to give pointers on the best way to photograph fish in aquariums. The Gold Coast Aquarium Society meeting will be held on Friday May 13 2011 at the Southport Community Hall - 6 Lawson Street, Southport and starts at 7:30pm. Hope to see some of you there
  5. These are a few pics from our Brisbane,Logan and The Redlands clubs recent activities with mainly free diving, there will be some low tide walks collecting more so into winter as the tides get smaller, exposing more areas to observe for the collecting of peppermint and boxer shrimps,a part from many other rock pool variaties. There have been 6 trips during the holidays since the last post on here and these are just a few pics out of the many from those trips to show a tiny amount what we do a part from the standard aquarium club and marine aquarium keeping activities. Hundreds of these surgeons ,well it appears like thousands at two of our trips, heaps around at several sites this season, as with the olivacius as well, they are quite small as well yet. Another hepatus surgeon,a few caught lately this one was caught accidentally while trying to catch a hawk fish over the stags. Lots of lovely inverts around at the sites we frequent. A young Moorish idle caught; the last one kept is huge now in Marks tank, it looks obese! Hope you like them and until a few are taken out of trips next time for you to put on here,enjoy the reef keeping!
  6. There hasn’t been much in the way of free diving or scuba trips for the club over recent months due to our pres moving home and the main trip organiser having to deal with serious family issues,plus there were some pretty ordinary weather and water conditions over the last 6 to 8 months as well. The last month or so things have picked up quite a bit and 25 plus metres vis and warm water will be enjoyed amongst heaps of trips to just look or collect for sure over the next few months,now that things are much better. These are just a few pics of a few collected species and the areas within two spots the club made do with while conditions were not so good. Finaly some nice weather to enjoy. The vis on the last two trips. Some underwater pics of the two spots from Ian and Danny,much better ones from now on with a bit of luck due to ocean conditions becoming very nice. more in the next reply.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This month the aandtsociety have been on several trips to collect our own marine aquarium species, but two were outstanding club trips to catch for our marine aquariums and than is our general appreciation of the magnificent areas we frequent in Queenslands south east. One was a boat trip and three others were shore dive days out. A couple of the guys while collecting got some pics of the life below as we swim along looking for that special something for our aquariums. Heaps of what we get has been shared around other members as usual when there are so many different levels of experience and desired species for their tanks. There was a trip to the spot where it is most likely we are the only ones that collect there because the huge latezonatus pairs at such a shallow reef come right up to you and show no fear and disappear like most latz a part from the other teeming life there. There have been lots of tasty fish from combined spear fishing by a couple of us free divers and a scuba dive or two swim off while others do some free dive chasing. Over all we achieve good times from our roughly two trips a month, also high levels of knowledge on the marine mechanisms and save heaps on the hobby as well. There have been manta rays, leopard sharks, lots of turtles to help make these trips we have been having since the late 1920s absolutely excellent. These are a couple of the many under water and over all trip pics for this month from our trip threads. The trip home on one of the trips,lovely clear water. A couple of the collected species. Two of the club members chasing a fish.
  9. Another rewarding and down right fun month of aandtsociety free diving marine fish and invert collecting trips in Brisbanes south of Aus and some scuba diving as well. We got some video of friendly manta ray we swam with and a shy leopard shark and heaps of underwater pics. There were five trips we have actually completed threads on this month and two were simply fantastic conditions. Two trips were in Open Ocean,one standard depth trip at 7 to 17 metres deep, one low tide trip and the other to a very lovely club spot in only 1 to 3 metres of water alive with fish and corals. These are just a small amount of the pics copied over from the clubs site for all to see some of our collecting trip and fun dive pics for March.
  10. This month has been nicer than February and two excelent trips of life filled blue warm water were had out of the four to get our own marine aquarium life forms as the club has done since the 1920s. We took underwater pics and a lot of fantastic videos of all kinds of marine life in some very nice conditions for the collecting trip threads. These are just a couple of the pics copied from the clubs site collecting trips to promote the club and show how lucky we are here in the south east to catch our own marine aquarium fish and inverts,plus catch a cray or two and spear a few eating fish for dinner as we go along sometimes. The interacting with marine life on scuba to look or snorkel to collect is not just to make our marine aquarium hobby very cheap,but gives us an insite into how these creatures actualy live their lives to give us a broad understanding of how to keep them and acheive excelent out comes for our display tanks. If it wasn't for clubbies adding more tanks to the hobby,toxic substances,equipment and power failures along the way our collecting trips would be far less to the places where the roughly 12 local commercial collectors go to and some that we know of and they do not,to supply the shops with unlike us,what you buy. On average this month the water was extremely good with at best 40 metres down to 8 metres vis, 26c average water temps and with some very careful planning and watching on coming conditions and some connections at these spots to give us the exact conditions at the time and their changes helps us work out some top trips amongst conditions where you would not normally think you could get it this good. These are a few pics from this month which included a cyclone copied over to here. The water this day was so warm at 26c that there was no need for wesuits. A couple of the clubbies in very early on this trip. A slightly unusual akindinos,heaps around this year as well as many latezonatus. A very young moorish idle just out of its transparent stage,we don't normally bother with these but when we find one in a no coral area they are very easy to keep in the aquarium. Another semi,that a clubby brought the cake and bickies as a swap to the next meeting for this one caught for him. A nice humbug pic,no one wanted it as with most of these unless some one is starting a tank and we don't use these for that anyway. One of three bannana wrasse seen this month in one very easy spot to collect them,the single was taken and the pair near by was left behind,next time one of the clubbies may want another so they will stil be there,some spots we go to,very few people know of. A few of the many millions of tube worms we have seen this year so far,no one is botherd propergating (breeding) them at the moment. Several imperators this year are around but few to no one wants them as they are not a good idea in a reef tank. A puffer (bloat) not happy with being out of the water,no one wanted it so it was put back,we got mark one a while back but he has a huge tank. The smallest blue tang seen that day so it was enough of them. A cute little volitan,lots around again especialy the zebras,we must have seen two to three hundred this month. The smaller ocy of the two collected recently. One of the local frogfish,only a mother could love that face.
  11. The month of February hasn’t been that great with the weather and all, but we still got a couple of trips in at a few of the fantastic spots we frequent here in Queenslands South East near Brisbane. There has been heaps of rain and it has wiped out more or less half of all the aquarium life in the estuaries around here, in one or two all quality aquarium life is dead and gone from the rains. This happens quite a lot,the best we have had for many years was about 10 years back,there were two years with in that drought time that the estuaries had two years to build up life and it was something to see. We had excellent reef life in common estuaries to enjoy and collect, sadly it was all killed off again as usual by rains that exceed a certain level over a 24 hour period reducing salinity not letting the tide come in and wiping out billions of beautiful life forms. Out of the few trips we did our trip threads on a few pics have been selected and put in this thread to just show a bit of what has been done as an extra thing with in our aquarium club apart from just keeping the fish and inverts we collect for our tanks and subsequently learn so much about how they live in the wild ever since the club started trips like this in the late 1920s to use this info in the keeping of them. There are quite a few underwater pics and videos but this will show a little of what we get to do in the south east on our trips. Whether we get them for mates or fellow clubbies or our own tanks this is a small amount of what we do over each month. Just a few of the tank creatures collected. One of the clubbies relaxing on a discarded seat between collecting and spearing.
  12. Hi all,i have grabbed some pics from SEQASF threads on our club outings that we have had so far,three saltwater three low tide walks and two freshwater trips. These are just a fraction of the info on our trips,but its enough to get the gist of one of our activities with in the club which is collectin trips/picnic trips. There have been 5 trips i think so far this month gone. A nice sized clown trigger,one of the 30 to 40 seen this past season. A couple of the latz out of the ones gotten on one our recent trips,this were the smallest couple and was the only pair collected out of quite a few pairs in this particular spot. One pair,both male and female were over 6 inchs each in size,they were huge,we never take them at or very near full size like that,plus they hadnt seen a net before and were suprisingly friendly and interested in what was going on,we couldnt even if we wanted take them. Some tasty fish that were speared in these January trips. This female anemone shrimp was on the edge of a large radianthus anemone,heaps seen again. A couple of Chaoti wrasse that were hanging around the wreck near the brocken up floor. These are one the most harmless wrasse to put in a reef tank and they only grow to around 4inches,oh plus they are an Ausy indemic as well. These are a couple of pics from the two January freshwater trip threads,two trips this January were had. This february we are going to combine some water skiing on our freshwater late feb trip. A couple of clubbies resting between dives. One the many caught of the old faithfull Leandrites cyrtorhynchus,no shrimp works harder in your aquarium at cleaning fish than these little beauties,they literaly swim into the open water and start working on the fish as they swim. A nice Halichoeres Marginatus wrasse for dannys tank,a juvenile was caught for his tank as well. This is one of heaps of eagle rays seen on our trips. A box crab from a low tide walk. One of the many plate corals we see.
  13. The South East Queensland Aquarium Society other wise known as aandtsociety of late has had some top trips that we have made into threads and this is just a few pics from those threads on the clubs collecting trips from september till now. Since I last put in any trips we have had roughly one per week and with the onset of xmas it will get up to three per week for a while in there for the clubbies to get into the ocean and get some lovely marine aquarium fish and inverts for their aquariums and also get some for each other as we always do. I have a bit of time for a few weeks now so i have gotten a pic or two from each of the club trip threads for all to see and hopefully enjoy as much as the club has been since the late 1920s. One of the many rockskippers or lawn mower blennies (Istiblennius family) we find in the thousands here and there. One of a pile of feather stars for marks tank,from one of the clubbies tanks that are doing extremely well. One of the many local Pseudanthias we see and get,this is one of seven for marks tank. A common goby (phalaena) that one of the guys wanted. A common (chelmonops truncatus) Doing really well in marks tank one of the pair gotten for him- Chaetodon aureofasciatus In marks tank-Chaetodon rainfordi A nice sand weaver or grub fish that went into marks tank-Parapercis hexophthalma This fingered dragonet was not the easiest to chase and catch,but it went into marks tank eventualy. This racoon chaetodon is powering in marks tank. One of the young clubbies enjoying the water on our three day club trip. Good to see a new batch of juveniles of the very common ghost pipe fish (solenostomus paradoxus). Ealier on in the year the heavy rains wipped out the large numbers of the adults we were experiencing,as with virtualy all marine life,nice to see planktonic dispersal bringing them back. These are a few algae fom one of our trips collected for Danny's new set up and algae srcubber. One for Danny's tank-Centropyge vrolikii This interesting fish we found wanting a cuddle,lol,lol. This Danny have a dance and cuddle with this oar fish on one of our trips.
  14. Auction time..... When.....10th oct Where....Southport Community centre, Lawson st Southport..(behind the RSL) Time......fish to be entered for auction from 4.00pm and the auction starts at 6.00. plenty of food and drinks, oh and fishy stuff. cheers
  15. This wasn’t an overly planned trip, it just came up all of a sudden, because one of the clubbies needed a few thousand litres of water as a water change and a couple of us tagged along to get some fish for both him and some for the Beenleigh show display. The day was as good as you could get it really, though the 10 to 14 metres vis we had, could have been 20 plus, but that’s just not that common these days. There were plenty of fish and inverts which are good as this area is hit quite hard by the commercial guys, which is fine, it’s their job and if the fish were reduced that they catch, than as a result the prices would go up and put the hobby out of many peoples reach. One thing that struck me as being quite sad though is that there were two areas over the last 6 months or so that were good to visit and have a look at the clown fish in the golden bubble anemones, one spot is very obscure, so it is still fine, but a few weeks back we were going past this place in the boat and we noticed that one of the commercial guys was in that spot working on hookah and now all the bubble anemones are gone and so are all the clowns that were in those ones. Oh well such is life, it is a man made area so it is not like it is a valuable reef breeding area, so I would not begrudge the collection of them, it was just a shame that in just 15 feet of water you could see these fish and inverts going about there business and we had no intention of interfering with those so close for so many to enjoy so easily. It’s a good spot to go to as there is always something for some one to get there and carry out all marine activities, like swimming,fishing,snorkelling,spearfishing and scuba diving. Out of the four of us we did really well, not that we got a lot, just that it went very well ,conditions were very good and we all had a ball. These are the pics from the trip. It was pretty early when we left. This is how clear the water was. This pic is through polarised sunnies. A couple of videos. A couple of the tube worms on the day. Some of the fish on the day. One of the chunky male banded shrimps in the area. This was how very rough it was on the way back,lol! Over all a very good day had by all.
  16. Down the coast pics and videos What a day,very nice conditions,a little cool in the water,but pretty good over all. We got to the boat ramp with Dannys boat at around 9.15 am and the three of us this time were in the water by around 10.00 am and we had a ball. The vis was at the start,about 3 metres and by the time the tide was all the way in it would have been a good 8 metres vis and considering the deepest spot was around 8 metres,that's not bad at all for a estuary dive. We were in the water for around 4 hours and saw lots of clown fish,mainly! These are some of the fish and inverts caught on the day. Lots of anemone shrimp see on the day. One of the few times we bothered getting any of the millions of banded shrimp we see. One this trip there were between 25 and 30 akyndinos in a small area in 3 to 7 feet of water. some local tangs were asked for by a clubbie or two. These are for nick. what this is i have no idea???? When we arrived One of the more friendly eels on the day. A monocle bream we caught. A nice medium sized saddle back butterfly caught,i wanted to leave it but Danny has always wanted one,it eats like a pig in his tank. There is a clown in there,just to cosy in there to come out. Three clowns in this one. A purple radi with resident clown. Dinner sized cod. A couple of the divers feeding the fish.
  17. There has been 3 trips by some of us not all trips were for collecting, a couple of boats went out and i am not sure exactly how many were on one of the other trips, i will just put on a nice pic from each trip. The first pic is of some marine species collected on a trip to by Daves and kens boats and another in just kens boat,i think? While on the first trip both boat loads had a three hour snorkel for some fish and inverts for our tanks. The water was nice and clear and this pic is one of the 10 pics of the day including the area as well(it looked like a perfect day),over all a very nice day out collecting and just general ocean water activities. This is an underwater pic of a clown trigger from a trip to frazer island and the day was very calm and the water very clear,this is one of nine photos from the day and it was a boat trip to a reef off frazer very few have been to because of it's extreme openness as it is 2 hours of open ocean off frazer isl,it is one metre deep on top and a hundred and thirty plus feet deep around it. This place has far more life than even flinders reef,you put your fin or hand on this reef and a clam will most likely close on it(no it won't)there are just so many life forms on this reef there is no room to stand on it. There was one group of snorkellers chasing and spearing(you should see the fish they got,nice fillets) and one group on scuba with a good camera,not like mine,sad! The reef in this photo is flinders reef and has one of the most concentrated amounts of corals and reef life in queensland and is just over an hours trip in the boat from home.The life here is rediculasly spectacular.There were nineteen pics from that day and the conditions that day were like being in bath tub with the barrier reef in there with you and a couple of nice fish to be chased as well.There were a few blue tangs,some coral beauties,anthias,all the best coloured chaetodons,you get the idea! The collecting here is limited so check in our (snorkelling,boating----forum section) if you want exact info on what not to do. Basicly the northern third of the reef is open to all activities(conservation zone,in yellow),but limited to 5 creatures per person and 10 per boat per 28 days and as with anywhere(no coral creatures to be taken)that includes anemones. This is the point at moreton,than towards yellow patch. This area has some amazing snorkelling in certain spots,from 8 feet to 25 feet deep,some spots have all wrasse,blue angels and others,all tangs,oh and of course a cray ot two,very few places rival a couple of spots here for beautiful snorkelling,one spot in particular has the bath tub calm feel to it with barrier reef life in with you and you just swim off the shore to it if you want.There is a rock there that i have looked at several times over the last 20 plus years (last time a month ago)and it always has hundreds of tube worms in and on it,if you counted them it would most likely be more and we found a cluster of black tube worms once there,no not sea apples,actual black headed feather duster worms.
  18. Mud flats trip for orange sponges This trip was several weeks ago and only two of us were energetic enough to go down the water at a very good low tide to check out the wonderful marine life there and get a few sponges for our tanks. The videos are of what we see and at least one of them has the actual orange sponges sought after in it. Nice day, nice conditions, as usual!
  19. Feather stars(Comasteridae) or for the old school aquarium keepers,(me)we call them crinoids. Near on every collecting trip over the last 16 years by our Brisbane aquarium club and my own 14 plus before that,we have seen many varieties of feather stars and we have found that the types mentioned on the commercially caught wholesale lists are not always the hardy creatures as described. The colobometra and cenometra,to name a few are sometimes reffered to as the hardy varieties. This we have found not to be entirely accurate. The Comanthina schlegeli and general Comanthinas seem to,for the larger part,be easier to keep for many reasons i could not be bothered going into. These crinoids (feather stars)are incredibly mass produced in huge numbers and could never be affected by any commercial or private collecting and this is really only understood by those that regularly interact with them in the wild and have kept these creatures and have seen where and how they may live and anyone that understands planktonic dispersal as well. Also you should be aware of the types of natural foods that seem to best suited to them. In an aquarium the food source is mostly of a size a bit bigger than what is available as the planktonic food source that the ocean mainly provides as sustenance for the feather starfish. The areas where we see the largest numbers and the most variations,is in the open ocean directly affected by run off from estuaries, but to far out to be overly affected by the flooding that occurs from these, from time to time, thus reducing the salinity of the close in reefs. This can adversely affect the invert life forms as the bacteria resulting from low salinity events like these,can be fatal to most inverts,also by food reduction, but mostly by bacterial attacks and for most corals,reduced sunlight as well. The main problem with these creatures in an aquarium is that they do not have a food storage area as part of them for the lean times as our fat cells provide for us and the flesh area of most creatures provides for them, even muscle areas will sustain a creature for a while when food is not available. So we are left with a serious problem with trying to keep a feather star alive for the long term. The best and simplest way to partly solve this dilemma is to use an auto feeder for these and pretty much all inverts,than mainly have it set to release the powdered invert foods at night, which is when most of the star fishes feeding occurs as this is when the meat eating planktonic creatures come out to feed on mainly the phytoplankton, which is a form photosynthesising dependant algae. Now the food mix has to include some thing green so to speak, as the reason these lovely creatures do so well in non flood affected estuaries and inshore reefs is the abundance of phytoplankton going about its business of converting ours and most other life forms waste and silt. This type of food has to be a part of there diet and this can be easily utilised by incorporating spirulina, dried kelp, these types of vitamin,mineral and nutrient rich foods in the mix. Another important thing to remember is to use moisture absorbing crystals in a grillled secured container in with the powder mix or the auto feeder may become blocked. These are a few of the nicer cloloured crinoids we catch and keep. The first yellow Comanthina in the first three pics that follow is three months old and has grown quite a bit since its collection. These were in the last tank three years back. This is from Frazer island.
  20. This day mark from the club wanted to get four thousand litres of water for his massive systems as a water change. Some of the members tagged along to help a little and collect while there and this was the day. There were one or two sharks that were a bit of a hassle,but it was okay this time. Upon arriving there got, Mark threw the end of the hose for the pump into the water and a 5 or 6 foot wobby darted up from the deeper water straight at it, lucky no one was there at the time, or it may have been interesting. When they got into the water it was a problem and wouldn’t leave them alone, which was good as they went else where and found some nice tank species. The water was quite cold and a little green, so it wasn’t the best of conditions, but still fun. Mark said he spent an hour and a half pumping all that water up to the truck, so he didn’t get in until right on high tide, they were already shivering by then. It was so cold by near the end; it was hard to keep the camera still,lol! Some nice little green coral gobies, yellow assessors and heaps of dragonets were seen, all in two to four foot of water, easy as. It was great as usual, eat some lunch than get in,get out have a hot drink, get back in, another great day, just a bit cool in the water. This is the truck all went over in which is Mark's from betta car hire at cleveland,they hire out most vehicles and trailers. Geez did it fit a lot of gear in. As you can see it was very rough that day,lol!!! Another pic of how bad the day was,lol. These are some of the species seen. One of quite a few of these that were seen there,this ones for nick. Always one or two copper bands out there. Love the dragon nets,it's basicly a mandarin fish variation,in a matured tank,easy to keep and feed. The end of a top day once again. Videos of the day. The water we went in. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... erveiw.flv A butterfly and a dragonet seen. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ozonus.flv http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... llatus.flv A pair of akindynos http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ospair.flv Short video of the Akindynos clown community found http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ommuni.flv Two Akindynos clowns living together else where. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... clowns.flv A lttle community of life in cluding a dice box,cardinals,soap fish and a chromis. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... apfish.flv This is a fang blennie,we see quite a few of these. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... ynchos.flv A quite long video of the clown fish community. http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj19 ... fishco.flv
  21. This is our early morning monday june 8 collecting trip. We got to the water and it looked cold and dirty and it was dirty,so after a hot coffee or two and sit and look at the lovely ocean,we finaly got in. Danny was into it first,he was keen,than colin, Nick and myself sat and slowly got in,we were the delecate ones,especialy me,eewww cold. After we got in it was obviously low vis but it wasn't that cold,it was quite nice actualy,the plan than was to get Nick a tang,but that didn't work out. Personaly i was after nothing,but if any one wanted something in particular as the vis was no good for some video,thats what i was there for,oh and i absolutely love the ocean and the sports with in! The day was fine and the water was fun,so another great day out. It was so early the moon was still up,but not the sun yet. A couple of fish caught for colin and Nick. Danny took some pics while chasing a few marines along the way and as you can see the vis was not great that day. Once danny gets the shutter speed worked out more,there will be more and better. Not the best of catches or vis,but we were mainly there to have fun,get some excercise,catch a few fish and enjoy a very nice day out together to share our passions for the ocean and the marine aquarium hobby!
  22. The Gold Coast auction is on the 8th March at the Community Hall in Lawson st Southport (for the ones that know its the old place). Anyone bringing fish to be auctioned theres parking around the back of the hall in White st, where the entrance is for sign in... As always plenty of food and soft drinks, a great raffel prize and of cause great fish to be had.... Fish in from 5.00pm and the auction starts at 6.00pm....
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