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Found 10 results

  1. Are you keeping fish that like soft water? Well, we have the product for you!!! Macropore Gold.... it's the Ion-exchange resin that softens your water!! It will also remove hydrated lime, polish your water and remove tannins!!! Wow!!! Perfect for fish like Discus, Apisto's, L-Number Catfish, Angels, Barbs, South American Dwarf species, Tetra's and Rams. It's fantastic for your shrimp tanks too!! Just place it in a media bag and put it somewhere water will flow through it like an internal filter or a canister. Can be recharged. This product really is amazing. It would also work really well being run in conjunction with Macropore White. Click on the link below to add one to your shopping cart today!! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Macropore_Gold_Water_Softener_1Litre_p/mpg1l.htm
  2. I've recently turned what was once a refuge for fish that didn't fit, into a softwater biotope! It's only a small tank and I'll be moving all these fish into a 3x1.8x1.5 after christmas. I especially love the Red Scissor Tails (Thanks to [MENTION=801]floppingflamingos[/MENTION] for help with them!). Thanks, Finn
  3. These pics show a crays soft shell upon shedding, it would have completed this around 4 hours ago by the feel of the shells sponginess. These ones you boil and eat all of it ,including the shell due to it still being meat at this stage.
  4. i have a black water setup (well getting setup) standard 4ft tank substrate is half sand and small ish pebbles i have soft water gh0-1 kh 2-3 however my ph is 7.6 - 7.2 i have buffered down with acid however it is very unstable and bounces back quickly i have removed all ornaments to stop leaching is the substrate to blaim i have added almond leaves for leaf litter only been in the tank a couple of days thanxs
  5. Hey Guys, I am currently setting up a 150L tank that will be semi planted tropical tank. I plan to have tetras, corys and angelfish in it so I am aiming for softish water (50- 80ppm) and a slightly acidic to neutral (6.5 - 7.0) pH. I have done a bit of reading on ways to soften water. I am not intrested in reverse osmosis as it's quite costly and can't justify it considering i will only have the one tank and am not trying to breed discus or anything like that. Collecting rain water and blending it with tap water seems to be the best option for me. Now for the questions, Should i filter the rain water before using it? If so, how should i filter it? Will i need to add salts to the virtually salt devoid rain water? Or will it get enough of these from the tap water its blended with? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Beau.
  6. What are the issues running small Malawi fish in water set up for L numbers. Baz
  7. Hi guys just wanted to know if there are any other ways of bringing down the hardness of water besides the gathering and use of rainwater. I want to incourage b/n breeding and i heared that soft water helps.
  8. I have been told it won’t harm the fish but it is spreading and makes cleaning the sump extremely hard .
  9. hi all just wondering what the most effective way for soft water.???
  10. Has anyone tried feeding this to their cichlids before? I tried feeding it to mine and they absolutely hate it. I made the mistake of not syphoning the left over from the tank, sent the nitrate level through the roof and end up killing most of my fish. From now on Im sticking with NLS, I thought I give my fish something else to eat but what a mistake.
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