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Found 20 results

  1. Great read... I have read about plastic sexing in Cichlids, but this takes to a whole new level http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/science/nature/article/2016/03/24/female-fish-grew-testicle-and-made-babies-all-herself Frenchy
  2. They are promoting plankton I think it is called dymico and advanced----- did a thing on it, I haven't read it, the link follows, but no I do not use plankton, I synthesis how it works by other means but still naturally, its far too complex to go into! It took me all these years to get each bit working and understand it all and I have tried to show others how it works but they don't get it! Period!!!!!! Plus it is labour intensive and the ways in which it works, defy all the ways you are advised to achieve a reef at home. I mean just one part of this I was destroying the importing low caulerpenyne algae trimmings in certain ways and not throwing it away and using its contents and returning it to enable valuable natural actions, it makes no sense to the way reefers are advised I mean its been a given from many years back from quite a bit of diving seeing life out there in action and taking many home and much more, then you get to understand that plankton is the oceans cleaner, let alone where the start for near all marine life occurs and having this function for my tank was a must and it took well over 20 years focused on just that, till I got it to work out, really well and not with plankton!! There are no algae, single or combined species that can achieve what diatoms, as just one major part of plankton, can achieve in filtering the ocean of basically everything! But I found one after looking for over 20 years, well my wife actually found it and the implications were astounding! Sadly I found once I got on a site or two that the net is chockers with monetary interests and opinions, not much else! I once read what gave earth it's oxygen and life to autotrophs, so I was inspired, there must be a way to achieve that in a small space and there was! So stupid me went to "that forum else where", what a stupid thing that was to do!! Anyway with my well versed physical understanding of all this and hopeless with any wording, I did it! No one i have shown can get it right, no mater what I did to show the multitude of functions that are all required to make it work, so its no more and I am glad of that! Oh and on a south African forum, that sadly bears the same initials as "else where", lol, said my ways were like the new triton method, lol, not likely! At least this idea will let some folks get an insight into how incredible important plankton is to ours and all lifes existence. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2012/2/aafeature
  3. I put this guy in with a girl friend on Friday and have not seen them since, till today! Not seen this species here before but due to warmer waters here these days they usually live at the tip of auz, the school of them was over 50 or so, they are happy here now, lol. I am not into anthias but they were so cute and colourful, tonight they came out and fed then darted back in, at least I know they are alive and where they live. 20 to 30 years back winter temps got down to 14c to 15c on the SEQ outer reefs by late August, it has not got below 17c for over 15 years now. 18c is the beginning of stress for tropicals that come here in the east auzy as planktonic life to fin d a home and grow and by 16c its death. The guys face.
  4. .Hi guys found loads of these on top of the root mass in my Rhad pond, I don't think we are looking at a Malaysian livebearers, as the end is truncated where as a Malaysian has a pointed end. What is strange is there are little critters swimming around in the substrate near these guys that look like Daphnia at first apperance, but under magnification they appear to have a similar shell pattern to the adult snails. Is this how baby snails of some species get around ? By swimming ? Is this some sort of free swimming Larvae stage or such. No biggy, the Rhads scoff em down just the same as if they were Daphnia or Mozzei Larvae. Thx, Phil
  5. Hi Getting back into this after about a 10 year gap, so this is my first post and is a real newbie type question.. but after so many years away I am sure much has changed. My last tank had a sump bio filter set up, but not looking to set that up this time. My setup will be for a standard tropical freshwater 4 foot tank, location is in a nice darkish room, no direct sunlight. Basically I am after info on what would you recommend for filtration as I see so many options and unsure whats best these days as everything from under gravel thru to external canisters all seem to be suggested by different shops so unsure which way to go. Cheers. Steve
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. No answers on previous thread so sorry, thought I'd try again as those who have viewed the other thread may not view again, but likely view a new thread. Mum and dad,,,,,,,,,,,,,dad veers more to blue than green (when the mood takes him). Don't know what's going on with photobucket but the pics aren't as saturated from there as the originals. Both have stronger colour than shown. First brood and only around 10cms so I reckon they'll have more colour when older. I'm guessing Escondido?
  9. recently purchased some peacocks, too cheap to pass up and was only really planning on using them as cuckoo hosts. Previous owner purchased them as dragon bloods whilst they were juvies, i pretty sure that they aint. Im thinking just a tangerine and i aint fussed, hes sexy, he has an amazing blue sheen over his entire body, much more like a white knight than anything else ive seen. Anyway heres a pic of the dominant boy, apologies for dirty glas blah blah blah lol. Ron
  10. hi everyone i havent had a fish tank for about a year now and i have just got a 4ft tank and ive had it for about 4 weeks now i got it off my uncle half full of aged water and a filter with established bacteria i filled it up and added stress coat and stress zyme and left it with the filter on for a week and i put the heater on 2 days before i got my fish just wondering if this is good i have a rough idea on what im doing but yeah just want to make sure my main question is if the fish i will have will work when they are bigger at the moment they are all juvies. 3 normal angels 1 veiltail angel 1 black ghost knife 1 aussie native eeltailed catfish thats what i have now and apparently the catfish are schooling fish so i am going to get another 2 or 3 next payday i also would like to get one normal pleco or a sailfin pleco and hopefully they will be all sweet when they are bigger also im going down now to take pics and will post them in like 10 mins
  11. Hi all a quick search of the forum revealed that there seems only three aquarium magazines? TFH -which i gather is US based Practical fishkeeping -UK? and AQUARIUM KEEPER AUSTRALIA which seems relatively new surely thats not it ?!?! which is worth subscribing to? i gather most are heavily loaded with marine and reef content -which is fine but i don't keep salt water fish anymore -just makes me jealous!
  12. Hi All, In my always changing endevor to be a aquarium enthusiast i constantly change my mind I have mostly kept Africans (some others also) in my time but am slowly branching out to learn more about this wonderful hobby and what it has to offer. So in saying that i believe there would only be a handful of true enthusiast around on this site. Many people keep fish yes, but a real enthusiast is truly a different thing. I would like to gauge the level of keepers on this site to see where the hobby is really headed. Alot of people seem to rush in and buy tanks and fish purely because of the price they can be brought for on this here site. Then call them selfs fishkeepers and experts overnight . There are the few that just see dollar signs from breeding and may know sfa about fish in general but other's who use this income to support there addiction :petrified: . So i guess the point of this thread would be to gauge from the forum community as a whole the number of true blue keepers and the others !! lmao I personalty would love to hear from the true enthusiast's about how they made the transitional journey from fish bowl to fish atlas ! This may spark some people to take the next step and maybe question where they think they are in there own development. Luke
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Well I finally had an oh SH!T moment......... Today I made up a hose with a U-shaped bend from a canister on the end to make water changes easier, the thing worked perfectly, whilst one tank was siphoning to the correct level I was working on another tank. Then came the time to fill em back up, I turned the tap on and started filling, went to the fridge to get a beer but got side tracked by the latest For Sale threads on this website, by the time I remembered about the hose it was too late and I had flooded the whole garage . In the chaos, I ran out to the tap to turn it off, and stepped on the plastic drain grate outside, my foot went straight through it and sliced the side of my foot wide open!!!! SO I had to get Leanne to mop up the mess and then tend to my foot (she doesnt mind ) I suppose if this is the worst thing that happens to me in this hobby, Im not doing too bad
  15. hey guys im currently setting up a 4x2x2 and was wondering what would a stocking list be like for natives, i want to keep stuff like bass and smaller cod but i also want a few archer fish in with them? Thanks heeps
  16. Hi there, I got this Plecostomus which I have named him/her Plecky on Thursday from our LFS. We paid $50 for it. Did we pay too much I don't know if Plecky is a he or a she can any one give me a clue The lighthouse in the background is around 45cm tall (but photo could be distorted) I would say that Plecky is around 12 inches from from tip to tip. I took these pictures last night so I hope they turn out as this is the 1st time I have taken Fishy Pics Also can the flash hurt their eyes Plecky is in a tank with a Kissing Gourami and 1 female Guppy. Also inside the Lighthouse is Plecky's favourite place to be, surprising he/she doesn't get stuck. Jane
  17. Hi it was sold to me a year ago at about 5cm as a sailfin, but it looks darker then the ones I've seen on here since then... he is about 25cm now. plec1.jpg[/attachment:325v71p9]
  18. Arvo everyone, First hello, as I'm new to the forum! I'm just in the process of setting up a 4ft tank and my girlfriend and I are looking at stocking it with assorted Peacock Cichlids plus a few others (we are not sure of these yet, apart from we want some electric yellows) - can anyone reccomend some good combinations to start with? Thanks heaps oh and Merry Xmas!
  19. Unfortunately don't have any photos thus far so it makes it a bit harder - will get some tonight however. Have seen some strange growth on the filter and also the slate that is in the tank - it's a very deep orange colour, almost brown.. it seems to only grow on the slate and filter however. All levels of the tank are fine, except nitrite as the tank was never properly cycled and it's slowly taking it's time to properly level out. Any ideas? :sweatdrop:
  20. As above got apistogramma cacatoides and would like to plant the tank out, what plants would best suit? Cheers Leanne
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