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Found 38 results

  1. Hi guys anyone know if you can get Monocirrhus polyacanthus (South American Leaf fish) in Australia?
  2. Wondering if there are any other South Australian fish keepers on here besides myself, if so, what are you keeping, where did you get them from, cheers.
  3. Just wondering what other Rainbows are found through out South Australia besides the Desert and Murray River Rainbows, does anyone know? Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, Nate here, I've finally got my license back, so keen as mustard to go out looking for some native shrimp for a nano I've got I'm most after glass or riffles. I live in the Logan area, but keen to go for a little drive, set up 2-3 traps, then come back in the morning to check on them I'll be using just the normal rectangular bait traps with probably a can of cat food or tuna in each with a few hours poked in Regards, Nathan Aka BarryToucher
  5. .Hello all from South Australia's beautiful Barossa Valley. I am new to fish keeping and also new to this forum site. I found this site by accident when doing an internet search for an aquarium problem that I was having. At first I thought it was an information page from the University of Queensland Aquatic Centre. Anyway hopefully rather than constantly pestering John at The Tech Den with many, many questions on how to deal with aquarium and fish problems, I will learn to use this site and tap into all of your experience and know how. I never intended to take up fish keeping, but one of my sons caught a wild Bearded Dragon lizard that had come up to our backdoor. On the spur of the moment he went out to a pet shop and bought a two foot (65 litre) glass tank to put "his" lizard in. After some time I explained to him that keeping a fully grown wild lizard in a terrarium was wrong, even cruel. After he reluctantly released his pet back into the wild I had an empty glass tank to do something with... And thus the adventure began: first with Goldfish; then with tropicals. And now I have two tanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, It has been about 15 yrs since i was playing with fish and i thought it is about time to get my act together and enjoy my favorite hobby again, just wondering how many fish breeders there are in the South Burnett area and what they are breeding as i am looking to get back into it and to try and have something different to everyone else if possible. Cheers Neville.
  7. Hi All, I happened to come across this site as I wanted to leave some feedback for The Tech Den,which in turn led me to here. Still finding my way around the site,but excellent info, what I do like is the willingness from members to help out.Very impressive. I was going to throw the towel in on fish keeping many months ago due to a major outbreak of B.B.A.,but I am glad I did not. I got a lot of reading to do,so back to it. Thanks for having me on board. Cheers Andy.
  8. Hey guys, I recently split my apisto trio of cacatudous into their own 2 foot, and have moved 3/4 bristle noses into my Central tank, so now all I have left in my South American tank is 2 keyholes, 2 neons, a bn and a royal whiptail. I keep looking at the tank and feel as though tank mates are needed! I'm about to start a geo tank, so I won't be looking into them and I wanna keep the apistos in their own environments, I'm just stuck for ideas to add more tank mates to it. The tank is a 4x15x18 and has coralmax planted substrate with plenty of plants and filled with driftwood. I was thinking of some rams, but none of the balloon ones as IMO they are ugly. Just wondering what ideas others may have? Regards, Nathan
  9. OK I admit I only joined to chase down some shrimp... but then I spent about 4 hours reading post after post with some very big inspiring tanks. Decades ago I had a breeding pair of Jags but now I'm more about prissy planted tanks and flying the flag for native plants and smaller Australian native fish and inverts.
  10. On the north side were used to going to visit aquarium stores and being somewhat disappointed with what we saw but yesterday while we're staying on the south side we went around and visited two of the sites sponsors. Age of Aquariums and Pet City. It was incredible, completely and utterly impressed. Great stock, large range and very friendly staff! Would actually consider looking at moving to the south side instead of the north side just for the great stores around.
  11. Can anyone recomend some large sth american tetras 5cm+ that are readily available?? Dont care what they look like just after some topswimmers that wont cost an arm and a leg. Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys I am trying to find out if any of the brisbane fish stores have a decent range of large south american cichlids. Looking for vieja sp., chocolate cichlids, angelfish, GT's, geos, jags ect. If anyone knows anywhere that would be great! Thanks
  13. im wanting to buy a breeding pair of Galahs but they are in manly (south brisbane) and im in Caboolture (brisbane north/sunny coast). they are $200 and i can offer you free 10cm male peppermint bn, hoplo breeding pair, female red fin kadango and female red forrest jewel or a fee that you... i guess quote, and the $200 for the birds aswell. please send me a pm and we can work something out. Cheers Jaiden
  14. Hi Guys, I recently acquired a second hand 2.5L CO2 bottle and was wondering where I can have it checked for safety and filled in South Brisbane? The bottom does seem slightly corroded (Rust). Cheers, Smurf
  15. This reference area is for any one to look at and if any body wants to find out the correct Latin names for the ones not named yet, that would be wonderful. Obviously the larger creatures that are not for marine aquariums in some of the references will not have a guide for use in the aquarium.lol. As time goes by all will be described as to how they respond in reef or fish only aquarium situations or the non suitability for either. The bases for this reference centre is SEQ only,its finished and the tidying of all references and further additions begins now. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f20-fish-invertebrates-found-in-seq
  16. Over the last month or so there have been some top collecting trips the club has organised, especially for the new members to start stocking their tanks with some local marine life to add to the species they have bought. This is just a few pics of the collected species in their tanks and of the sport of recreational collecting we carry out to keep the aandtsociety,once the diverse Aquarium and Terrarium Society of Queensland, now south east Queensland aquarium society with only marine/reef aquarium keepers these days. Some of these photos are from some recent trips the club members have been on to collect their own reef aquarium life forms and enjoy the southeast’s free dive sites and low tide rock pool spots as well. One of the better sunrises as we arrived at the water for a low tide trip. Two boat loads of us on our way to collect and appreciate the ocean on a club collecting trip. Some colourful variations of zoanthids seen on our trips. This season has had some chunky muddies at our collection sites.
  17. Hi all, Recently acquired a nice second hand 6 footer from Justin69 (thanks bud and can't beat the price). Thought I would post up a build journal of a SE Qld Biotype I am attempting. Will be going low tech on this. No CO2 gas, minimal ferts, basic lighting and filtration. Tank Basic 6 footer (180cm x 45cm x 45cm) with lids Tank Stand Basic Pine 6 legger (what else can I say) Substrate Mix of Coarse Potting sand, Coffs Gravel and some mixed black gravel with Calcium Carbonate chips through it Home made mix of 1 part garden loam, 1 part Laterite, hand full of calcium carb substrate/coral/shell grit spread only in section of tanl were rooted, hungry plants are going (rear corners and back basically) Filtration 1 x Resun 280U • Dacron wool • Ceremic rubble • Purigen (once tank is cycled) Lighting 1 x Aqua-One T5HO 4 Foot Light (But will ikely add another 3 footer to suppliment this once plants are in) Heating 1 x Jager 250 W Fertilisers Will be using Dino-pee and spit once plants established. Suppliment substrate with Manutec Water Garden tablets or DunoDung Hardscape Three nice pieces of Melaleuca Roots Assorted small rocks for substrate mounding and some varaition in substrate type for fish. Plants Still investigating and colleccting speciemens from the wild, but will be a mix of Vallisneria Hydrilla Ceratophyllum Myriophyllum Hydrocotyle Aponogeton Fish 1 x Saratoga (ring in but will persist for now) 2 x Jungle Perch Rainbows (M. doubolayi) Gudgeons (M. adspersa, H. galii, H. compressus) Blue Eyes (P. signifer) Hardiheads (c. stercusmuscarum) May alter this to drop the rainbows and Purple Spot in place of a large shool of Ornate Rainbows (Rhadinocentrus ornatus). Foods Mixtures of pellets, flake, and frozen foods supplemented with live Daphnia, mosquito larvae, bloodworms and black worms. So anyway here are some progress shots. Week 1 - Test the tank, and size up the driftwood Week 2 - Hardscape the tank
  18. Summer land aquarium is selling all his fish out of the 10x4x3 tank go have a look if you are into large fish!
  19. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good aquarium maintenance company on Brisbane Southside? All for that matter anyone local to Drewvale / Browns Plains Area that would be willing to help with routine maintenance on a few fish tanks for 4 weeks?
  20. These are a few pics from our Brisbane,Logan and The Redlands clubs recent activities with mainly free diving, there will be some low tide walks collecting more so into winter as the tides get smaller, exposing more areas to observe for the collecting of peppermint and boxer shrimps,a part from many other rock pool variaties. There have been 6 trips during the holidays since the last post on here and these are just a few pics out of the many from those trips to show a tiny amount what we do a part from the standard aquarium club and marine aquarium keeping activities. Hundreds of these surgeons ,well it appears like thousands at two of our trips, heaps around at several sites this season, as with the olivacius as well, they are quite small as well yet. Another hepatus surgeon,a few caught lately this one was caught accidentally while trying to catch a hawk fish over the stags. Lots of lovely inverts around at the sites we frequent. A young Moorish idle caught; the last one kept is huge now in Marks tank, it looks obese! Hope you like them and until a few are taken out of trips next time for you to put on here,enjoy the reef keeping!
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  22. There hasn’t been much in the way of free diving or scuba trips for the club over recent months due to our pres moving home and the main trip organiser having to deal with serious family issues,plus there were some pretty ordinary weather and water conditions over the last 6 to 8 months as well. The last month or so things have picked up quite a bit and 25 plus metres vis and warm water will be enjoyed amongst heaps of trips to just look or collect for sure over the next few months,now that things are much better. These are just a few pics of a few collected species and the areas within two spots the club made do with while conditions were not so good. Finaly some nice weather to enjoy. The vis on the last two trips. Some underwater pics of the two spots from Ian and Danny,much better ones from now on with a bit of luck due to ocean conditions becoming very nice. more in the next reply.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Hi All Thought it was about time to check out our northern cousins forum John
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