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Found 19 results

  1. Hi I have to send south a couple of hundred Praecox Rainbow youngsters, having trouble getting a foam fish box from my usual sources. Anyone in South West Brisbane got a spare one they are willing to part with ? Thanks, Phil
  2. Is there anywhere in Brisbane I can get a Eheim 2213(250) Impeller shaft? I'll take on-line places too. Cleaned the filter for the 1st time today and tonight it was making this grinding noise and when I pulled it apart, the impeller shaft came out in 2 pieces. I have put in something to steady it, but would really like to replace it asap. All places I have checked have been out of stock.
  3. Does anyone know if you can get replacement end cap covers(not the wired in part just the screw on cover) for the Hagen Glo T5 HO lights mine are getting brittle and starting to crack. Have rung a few local shops but none carry any spares for the lights. Also need to grab a few of the clips that hold the tubes a few of them are broken too.
  4. hey dose anyone have like a unused reptile tank or fish tank? willing to pay would prefer a set up reptile talk or at lease a 1/2 set up one sorry if this is in the wrong spot
  5. If you had a spare 1k (resuming you had the tank required, and the fish in question was for sale) what fish would you buy??? I'd be getting an indo dat!
  6. I use Otto internals as air flow and cause I can in all my tanks, on top of canisters. German made built like a brick house, works fine but a few sponges getting old now ( 7 yrs old) anyone sell just the sponges?? Sponser's preferred obviously, just can't find them by myself. Cheers
  7. Got a good deal off another member (Thanks!) and also picked up a hailea hap-100 off him. Wanted to replace the 2 diaphrams from a local shop rather then shipping but I seem to be unlucky in finding the right store from the usual suspects. Anyone able to point me in the right direction saving me from calling every store in brissy? Cheers Dan
  8. I currently have a 9 x 6 shed dedicated to fish Has tanks with plumbing and without Two big massive blowers Heaps of Supplies food chemicals etc. I was think as i dont have much time these days is the see if anyone is interested in renting the whole shed or maybe even go halves in the shed. I own my own house so the shed wont be going anywhere Also the house and shed is fully insured for accidential breakages Also guard dog onsite Just dont want to the whole shed to goto waste and if it helps someone else who is renting etc would be good WIll also be creating another shed just before summer. Just pm me if interested or anyone has any ideas
  9. hey guys i got given a 4ft tanks pretty sure its a aqua one (120)? but has not light or overhead fliter. basically the tank and the stand. would it be worth while to get the proper light and filter for it or buy an external filter and another light and make a hood for it (my parnters dad is a cabinet maker) will try to get a photo of it. and not sure what i will be stocking in the tank maybe just a grow out or display
  10. I keep trying to stock my 4x18x18 but when i bought my five footer i literally ran out of room in the living area, so the tank is in the hallway (dont laugh) Ive put fish in there but find everytime i walked past they spook, as hallway is narrowish....Sooooooo moving the tank is not a option. Im thinking of putting a single fish in there that wont spook easy, can handle lots of human interation, It Has a good canister on it, ideas???????? Cause im stuck for them haha!
  11. like everybody else i have spare parts for various filters, heaters or whatever basically does anybody else think a spare parts section or registry is a idea u would have to categorize alphabetically or have some kind of order because the down side to this would be the amount of pages ud end up with.most o-rings or anything small is stored for years in a exact place then magically lost the second you need it do u think it will work
  12. Hey Guys, As the post says i recently got 2 spare tanks. The sizes are: 60cml x 30cmw x 38cmh 45cml x 25cmw x 28cmh I dont really need any hospital tanks or quarantine tanks at this stage, so could i try breeding in them. Also any tips on how to setup a breeding tank would be awesome, aswell as what could i breed. I was thinking some form of cichlid or Pep BN? Any suggestion would be great. Thanks
  13. does anyone know where i can get spare parts for Sun Sun products, i have a HEL-1200 light and looking for a replacement plastic side cover, my other one got brittle and has broken, anyhelp would be great as i dont want to have to get rid of this light,
  14. Anyone on northside have some spare hikari food stick i can buy or borrow off them? Redlands have run out and LFS is last resort as it costs an arm and a leg....
  15. Hi everyone, I am going to be purchasing a eheim canister filter. I am chasing a 2217 and a 2215 or either. Just curious the best spot to purchase one of these filters and cheapest price online or store wise. The reason I am saying online is it is far more convenient for me and I know many people on this forum buy most supplies online so does anyone have a good reliable online shop selling a GENUINE eheim canister. I am well aware many buy these filters so surely some people on here know a good reliable online shop that sells them? Have seen them on thereefshop but is that the cheapest around? Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone has one for sale in GOOD condition and would like to sell me, please PM me or reply via thread. Wanting one with a warranty and receipts please, otherwise one that is cheap to compensate for lack of warranty and yet still in perfect working order. Thanks, Adam
  16. Anyone know of any store on southside that stock eheim canister parts? I know many places will order them in but im too lazy and if a store has them i would rather do that. thanks guys
  17. Does anyone know where I can aquire spare parts for these filters. I have the prime 30 external cannister and I need to get a new bucket for it as it has been cracked and also need the priming button that goes in the top. any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hi all, I have a spare 6ft tank in my shed, I was thinking of perhaps setting it up to breed? Or as a growout tank? If so what fish would be best for either? Or should I just breed some feeders in it, I have a large Toga and Barra that would appreciate it, again what fish are best as feeders? Any ideas?
  19. I was wondering if anyone knows who in brisbane sells Eheim spare parts? need a spray bar, intake setup, hose and some suction caps .. thanks
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