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Found 48 results

  1. This is a smallish spawn with 25 -30 fry. A good number to work with and getting great growth rates. They are only 9 weeks old. Should be ready to jar in 2 -3 weeks. Just love when they recognize you as the bringer of food and swarm the corner of the tank you're on. Used that to my advantage last night to take some photos, so dunked my finger in. Have to say, they all had a taste to make sure I wasn't food. Some power behind some of those little nips too!
  2. Here is the Dad. The fry are 5 weeks old now.
  3. I got a pair of angels from [MENTION=10706]Robbo89[/MENTION] who got them off [MENTION=313]ssdiscus[/MENTION] and they spawned about a week after I got them. Unfortunately the eggs went rotten, so this time I'm going to put a wire cage over the eggs and put in some methyl blue. Looks like they will spawn again today. And here is a bad photo of the dad (I think lol) (he is a blue silver and the mum is a platinum)
  4. Did a big water change today, to try to kick off the angelfish spawning, right on cue, the two of them started to clean up a spawning spot, the same spot she used last time. Lets see how it goes this time
  5. So I decided to put my colony of pepps back in a 3ft tank cus the person who was going to buy them had problems with his tank and told me he can't buy them anymore... Had a look this morning and seen another pepp in with my biggest male... Then I had a look again and she(guessing she is a female) was sitting outside the cave.. But then she tried to get back in again but the male won't let her back in but she still looks a lil plump.. Don't know if I was checking up on them too much and it was freaking him out or they have already done the deed.. So now iv closed the window, so it will darken the room... Thinking it will make them more comfortable.. Would really like to know what you guys think about this and tips will be much appreciated.. Thank Troy
  6. Just thought I'd show the variety you can get from one spawn even "quality"parents. All these fish came from one spawn.
  7. The title pretty much sums it up. I'm hoping someone can tell me a place I could find slate in nature, call me cheap but I don't want to pay for it. Preferably close to Manly on the Bayside. Not sure if this is in the right part of the forum. Sorry if it isn't. -Kyrin
  8. My Duboisi just had their very first mouthful!!! I haven't bought them to breed but just so happens they did, Go bless water changes and spectrum! Aww yeh. Most of them still have their spots which is odd but, I have never bred these so I'm pretty stoaked!
  9. So my juveniles from my June 23rd spawn are currently spawning in their tub out side. Took a couple of quick photos and a video. The photos don't show much, but the video is awesome in full screen. However, as they are in a tub, the photos and video are from above, so you don't see as much. The bubble nest is under a Java leaf and is about the size of a 50 cent piece, but there are hundreds of really small bubbles. I'd say the pair are 4cm~ TL, and max size for a male is 7cm. Two photos. Video
  10. FINALLY my apistogramma cacatuoides have spawned, have noticed my super orange female (mum) has coloured up and been hiding in one particular part of the tank among wood. Got the torch out and found a bunch of eggs!!!! she is guarding the eggs well, but hard to tell how big the spawn is!!!! very exciting
  11. found another spawn that has been kicked out of the log. Is he just clumsy or does he not have enough room?? Thanks, Richard.
  12. Well after paying my fishes more attention my cuckoos have spawned. I'm very new to these fish so learning as i go with them. I stripped 3 female crimson tide hosts. One had just crimson tide fry free swimming. (Cuckoos must of been distracted and missed the spawn.) Second one had a couple of crimson tide fry and 7 cuckoo cat fry. Third one had eggs. Normal african looking eggs then some were a yellow clear sort of colour. (I'm guessing maybe catfish eggs.) Free swimmers are now in a fry saver. The others are in seperate tumblers. I did leave a few fry in with the cuckoos. So now i need to know what i need to feed them on for the start of their life. Is brine shrimp ok or do they need something special. How many do people normally get per mouthful ?? The crimson are only around the 8 to 12 cm mark i spose. Would i expect more with bigger female hosts ?? Cheers JP =)
  13. bought these just over a week ago, obviously settled in quick and nice, very happy with the buy, cheers troy!!!,....just not sure if I should be breeding tangs though, they seem to be getting no interest lately at all, e.g. is anybody interested in these once they are at selling size??? ,,,,,I would guess no ay, because nice tangs are dead,,....but all are welcome to prove me wrong by buying some when their ready lol
  14. Hi All, So was sitting down watching telly when I noticed the behavior, said to the wifey I bet they spawn real soon .. Got up for a ciggy & thought I would take a lil look see ... This is what I saw Worst part about it is were they decided to lay right in the back corner of the tank (4x2x2) not that bad you say, well its the same corner that is hard up against the wall :mad:, So got the old coat hanger and airline out and commenced sucky sucky time. End result is 300-400 lil bubs .....just when I thought I would give up breeding for a while Anyone up for some Firemouths in a few months lol
  15. had some friends over Christmas day and showed one what my L134s look like and found some wrigglers awesome Christmas prizzy and its my first L number spawn too
  16. Hey guys Well the love birds have been at it again....... Their 4th spawn together although the last spawn i think had more fry, check out the pic off all these things at feeding time. crazy shiznit. last ones a video
  17. Had my first pair of discus spawn in my 6x2x2 planted tank last night on the filter pipe. ma n pa are fiercely looking after their eggs. Looks likre 100 + eggs. Time will tell how this one works out :-)
  18. Just went outside to check how the fish were taking to the rescape i did earlier today. As i walked outside i noticed my male lombardi going nuts chasing everything away from the stack of pots i put in the tank, as the the fish all got along peacefully i was pretty concerned to see such aggression. Watching more closely i noticed he had a female in a pot and i was able to watch for the first time cichlids spawning. Its brought a smile to my face as i had just stripped one of the other lombardi females from the tank getting about 60 eggs What a good day!
  19. After all the drama over the last few weeks, a positive finally *L* The new female finally spawned with my old male Some piccies!! Castiel tending the fry while Zachriel patrols Castiel Zachriel Zachriel taking his turn while Castiel is off checking the perimeter!
  20. have a 4ft grow out tank with a massive alge problem could i put the pleco back in now as the fry are swimming and about 4mm just need to clear some of the alge he was in there but ate the first lay of eggs soo the missus outed him to the sump lol
  21. Hey guys As you may know my Rivs, spawned on saturday and i got little wrigglers..... But i just got home to see my male and female Geo Braziliensis all coloured up beautifully, and i thought thats strange. there has been a section near an oasis i made that had been moved around into a mound and i thought it was just current from my fx5 filter. So i thought hmm i wonder..... i checked on the side of thank tank and on a rock bam here they were. Both the male and female are chasing other fish away, but they havent been showing any breeding behaviour which is strange lol. Heres some piccys!!!
  22. Hi guys, Looky Looky Ivanacara Adoketas.... They look stunning when they are spawning.... Sorry for poor photos it is hard to get decent shots in this tank and there is a layer of algae that is hazy all over the front glass Cheers, Adam
  23. Seeing as how i'm sick today (well sick enough not to go to work) i picked up the trusty ol' point and shoot and took some photos of what i found last night. I moved my 6ft tank from downstairs to upstairs yesterday and in the process of stripping the tank i found these on the under side of a rock, taken from the rock pile in the pics. The leleupi (x4) have been in the tank for about a month, with only a gold comp and bn to keep them company. Not sure if they'll survive in the other tank, and it's their first spawn! Now they're upstairs i'll be able to keep a closer eye on them. Hope u enjoy
  24. Hi guys, Picked up a breeding pair of Apistogramma Trifasciata a little while ago and finally their first spawn Unfortunately with lemon tetras in the tank this will be long lived I am assuming I might consider removing them in the not so distant future and maybe then I will get some success with the spawning (does not bother me as it is a display tank not a breeding tank) Here is a pic; Mum guarding the eggs on the wood closely Adam
  25. Today i was in the fish room plumbing up my fry tubs. ( about time too ) So i thought I'd turn the lights on and see what was going on in the land of the fish. My crimson tides must of liked an audience because i witnessed my first spawn. I've had many african's breed before but this is the first time seeing it. She spat out eggs like there was no tomorrow. I was stoked to say the least. Made a bad week of fish keeping so much better. I was too the stage of selling up but now a new lease of life in the fish world for me. Everything went right for the last 2 days. Thats my 2 cents. Cheers JP =)
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