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Found 22 results

  1. What a nice little surprise !! If you look reaaaalllly hard you may see a few hundred little damsel eggies!!! This just may be the beginning of a marine breeding setup... Hahaaaaaaa noooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  2. .Had the best last 2 days in the fish room, after 4 months of patiently waiting the Msobo spawned yesterday morning and then this morning the WC Ikola colony spawned twice for us we now have 2 mouthfuls in there which I was pretty amazed with.
  3. so, here it has come, the moment I've been waiting for. Months have passed and after deciding to plant the tank, my angels have spawned!! It's only the first spawn so i'm not TOO hopeful, but this could be an exciting display of things to come! Boy is the mummy proud, she lays her eggs and as I watch she finishes a line and wims over to me looking all excited, normally she snobs me, but boy is she a proud mumma! Here's some pics You can see the eggs, the proud mum laying and her male who is smaller than she sitting alongside. They've been chasing the other two ever since.
  4. G'day guys I am very new to keeping cichlids. I have a 6x2x2 with two oscars, two white saum males one gold saum male and recently discovered a gold saum female... All fish are quite small, the rivulatus are approx 7-10cm in size at a guess. I purchased the two whites last saturday, and very soon after adding them to the tank the bigger male immediately started following one of the gold saums around. Neither are overly aggressive towards the other fish- everyone pretty well leaves everyone else alone. The white saum male and the gold saum female have obviously spawned today, and the female is guarding a stack of eggs which they've stuck to a piece of gold vine driftwood in one corner of the tank. The male is actually leaving everyone alone, even if they swim near the eggs, and the female will only chase the others very briefly if they get within 10cm of the eggs. Now I know this is a bad combo... I wouldn't half mind being able to raise the fry, and I have a 2ft tank I could raise them in, if the eggs are viable. But I do have a few questions - if the parents are leaving the other fish alone now, is this likely to continue or are they likely to become more aggressive if/when the eggs hatch? - how long until the fry are free-swimming? - how early can the fry be moved into an established/cycled tank? and yes I am planning on rehoming the girl now Thanks, Laura mum and dad in the middle
  5. I recently moved 8 Pristella Tetra into their own tank and BAM .. they spawned for the first time ever. Would have been great if they hadn't killed a female in the process! I found her dead the next morning and I can only assume they exhausted her? Would this be right? Turns out there were 6 males to 2 females (I can't tell them apart until they are spawning). Last week they started on the last female, so I've moved her to another tank until I can work out what to do. a) first thought was to do a WTB ad for more females but what if they still target one at a time and exhaust them to death also? then thought of re-homing the 6 males, buying 6-7 new ones (all too young to sex at pet shop) in the hope of getting a lower male mix, to add with the adult female I still have... not easy though when I've had them over a year and they were my first fish. c) This is my preference unless anyone can see a problem with it: keep the 6 males in their 3ft with NO females and leave the single female in the 4ft with the guppies, neons and sterbai (they all grew up together). I know this isn't great for a tetra but right now she seems happy.. she's eating well, being very interactive and showing no real signs of stress. From Day 1 of getting them she has always done her own thing, whereas the other 7 stuck together. Could she possibly be ok long term as a solo tetra? Anyone had experience with that? All thoughts appreciated.. Cheers.
  6. Not sure if there's a thread simliar to this already on here, But I'll start it off, Just picked up a female albino bn yesterday and she has already produced a nice clutch of eggs so im super stoked! Thanks again to luckyfish Keep the ball rolling with what you have had spawn in your tanks today!
  7. My L144 colony spawned in the same log they spawned in 2weeks ago...but there are still itty bitty fry in there that only just consumed their egg sack. Will the fry be ok? I will post a pic in the morning.
  8. I got a pair of adult Orange Spot Bristlenose from the last auction at Caboolture. 13cm male and 9cm female, the female had some problems not long after I got her home, she had an infection and died about 2 weeks ago. I had picked up another 4 (what I thought were sub-adult) females about 6cm. I didn't think they would breed yet but when I got home from work today I did my usual check of all caves (much to my surprise) I found the male sitting on a clutch of eggs (about 20-30). Woohoo!! This sort of thing helps you to forget about the negative stuff that can happen when keeping fish. Stoked!!! Just thought I'd share...
  9. so this morning i as i was feeding the fish i noticed that a rock that i put in the rainbow cichlid tank is covered with eggs. maybe around 100-200 (hard to count as they are up the back) I will try and get some pics to put up here but because the rock it at the back of the tank and there is pot plants in front of it etc its a bit hard. but what i found strange was that the male has become quite.... defensive of the eggs. i thought that the male and female will both guard the eggs and fry and not be aggressive towards each other? I found her this morning trying to hide next to a pot plant that i have in there. and every time she would try and swim out the back of the tank (about 75 litres) the male would chase her away... she has not been attacked like her fins and tale are all 100% intact. i just dont want her to die from stress. so should i move her to another tank or just let them sort it out? I am sorta thinking that i could let them sort it out as they reckon the eggs will hatch in 2 or 3 days? Thanks
  10. just had to post, no pics yet, just found a huge spawn from the split pair of jds we got sunday from raycam and sarah1234 we are pretty stoked, now fingers crossed that he did the job and we get lots of little ebjds, we know you said they were sexy, well they are stunning, we couldn't be happier, thanks heaps.............. steve and jules...............
  11. at last !!!! My hoplos have spawned and there bubble nest is huge, now i only have to raise the fry when they hatch. 8O8O
  12. Hey guys , as stated just watched 2 of my females mimpimbwe frontosa spawn... and they have mouthfuls well 1 of them does the other spat / ate them shes relatively still a young female so i aint worried about that 1... ive had fronnies before spawn so im not new to it, but the way the big male is acting he is going crazy attacking everything pretty much.... and he never did this before... i think its more or less just waiting for him to calm down and know hes already spawned with the female my sub male is at the point where all his fins are pretty much cut up and he has a few cuts on him nothing major tho just hes stressed to the max!! he is swimming at the top of the tank.... the alpha male has died down a bit but im just worried about the sub male.... ive added a fair amount of salt to the tank so i know he will heal up with that.... people have also told me to use melafix... but LFS are saying only use that if he has major cuts etc ??? my questions is do i pull him out of the tank ? or just leave him in the tank and see how he goes as i know if i pull him out it can do more damage then good.... i just dont want him to die.... thanks all.
  13. we've been waiting to get some nice red jewels for ages now, finally got a nice pair the other day from bundy1, this morning we found their first eggs, they have hid them in a pvc pipe so no pics, thanks bundy1 for letting us have the chance to buy your pair, now the waiting begins, lol, also got our first convict fry a couple days ago, now we are waiting to set up our kribs to see how they go, cheers, steve and jules............
  14. my gold sevs just spawns and wondering what i should do, leave parents in, remove 1 etc? thanks.
  15. Well I didnt think it was gonna happen till I got them in their new tank but amazingly my geo altifron tocantins spawned last night. Was amazing to sit back and watch. As info for these guys is hard to come by its gonna be a learning curve for me.
  16. as title stated my 2 young blue rams have just spawned. as only a new comer to aquarium scene i havent had experiemce with fish breeding. so all help is very much appreciated. what to do now? remove eggs? hatch and remove? once again all help is appreciated cheers jacob
  17. I have 3 convicts, 2 females and 1 male. However the two females hang out together and the male avoids them completely. Now the girls spawned together and the male wont go near them so the eggs wont be fertilized. Am I best to remove the eggs? or let them sort it out? This would have to be the first time I havent been keen on girl on girl action haha!
  18. I got a pair of Geophagus brachybranchus on Friday, two days later in their new home there is now eggs on top of one of my pieces of slate. I'm just after some general advice and tips on how to sucessfully keep the eggs/fry alive. These are my first Americans so I'm not really too sure on what to do. So far all i have done is move my internal filter so its outlet is about 5cm above the eggs. If they sucessfully hatch and become free swimming, will i have to remove them from the parents? (Will the parents eat the babies?) Any other help or advice would be wonderful! Thanks! Brenton PS. The Pair are on their own in a 3x18x20. Temp is about 27C.
  19. We were worried about a couple of our fish as they were itching so we treated the tank with Multicure. We have just had some zebras spawn in the tank. Should we milk the mother and remove the eggs from the treated tank or will it not harm the fry? Any advice is appreciated.
  20. Hey guys, my trets finally spawned... and just as i posted them FS There laid on the bottom of the tank on the glass. I've taken the rest of the colony out of the tank so they don't get killed and just gotta remove a comp tomorrow. Hopefully the fry will hatch and i will keep some and give the rest to the buyer as he's getting alot of stuff from me in the next few weeks. Oh well, atleast they finally bred for me, another one under my belt Cheers Stace
  21. this was my first attempt so i am really excited!!! i had a quick look and could see 3 eggs but there are probably a few more in there. now i just need them to hatch lol see mark, the java moss works!!!
  22. Well me pair of Synspilum have been breeding like crazy, 2 lots of fry in 4 weeks Heres a little video i did.
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