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Found 49 results

  1. Hi, I have peppered corys and Corydora trilineatus and was wondering at what size do corydoras start spawning? They are separated, but does anyone know if it's possible to interbreed the two varieties?What fresh veg can they eat? I've heard of feeding zucchini and thought it would be nice to add more fresh variety to their diet currently on sinking pellets for bottom feeders, as well as flake and occasional blood worms.thanks
  2. Well just got home from shopping and was checking my tanks and found my recently aquired female polleni and my male have spawned a mass of salmon coloured eggs in the rear right corner of their tank. The female was introduced to the male by dividing the tank for a week. I then removed the divider and watched them to see if the male was going to be aggressive but all he did was swim around the tank with all fins outstretched and shock like a jelly on a vibrating machine. The female did similar. They then swam around the tank showing off for about an hour. That was onTueday just gone. Since then they have rearranged their tank substrate pushing it up against the sides, pushing the 2 pots all over the place and finally moving 1 pot to the corner where they spawned. The pot just seems to be a barrier and they pushed all the substrate around and laid on the glass bottom. The eggs seem to be a glutinous mass more than stuck to the glass as she fans the eggs they move around in a globe and she then fans again and the roll back. Sorry can't get a picture and when I drop food in the tank the male charges and attacks my fingers. It looks like about 2 tablespoons of eggs. Can anyone tell me how long before they start to hatch all going well.
  3. I have just taken a couple of pics of my Rhad spawning tank . I have gone back to old skool with Java moss and floating plants and river sand substrate , The fish just about completely drop their colour on the sand substrate but seem more at ease and spawn better . The breeding tanks are 30x12x15h in 3 tier racks ( I have 6 racks totalling 18 tiny tanks ) With just simple air powered sponges . This will be the first lot of fry since I moved them .
  4. Anyone got any methods to get blue rams to spawn. I have a pair that just have no interest in spawning.
  5. Got a replacement camera due to a faulty seal within 4 days thanks Canon So tested it out to see if my P mellis were spawning yet and guess what? I hope to do some more in better light and with more mature fish as the weather warms up. Also hoping to get P signifer in a similar video as I have some really spectacular males
  6. Hooray, my Macmasterei Gold have fry! Have been trying for a while with ph, hardness etc and seems like easy-life did the trick! This was by no means a controlled experiment and I have no data whatsoever to back it up, I'm just very, very happy:)
  7. Well here is a turn up for the books. I just checked my Bribe Island Rhad tub. Fry everywhere. Didn't think they bred over the winter. Sweet
  8. Hey guys, Was just poking around and came across this paper. Has some really good descriptions of mating behaviors of maternal mouthbrooders for people who aren't quite sure. A lot of the other stuff in the study is really interesting as well. Just thought I'd share it. Here's the link: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=D7vjVKKZJIbu8gWzwYLwDA&url=http://digitool.library.colostate.edu/webclient/DeliveryManager%3Fpid%3D211056&ved=0CCEQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNF89wHgE9fWZpkBguu4Ufiqqngbhg&sig2=NtYASZc_9cXkJ55oEqgTdw
  9. I am doing mops of Snapper Creek Ornate rainbowfish atm If you want some send me 1. a mop or ball of acrylic yarn or $5 so I can by a replacement 2. a return prepaid postpak pm or email me for address both redtail and blue variants in broodstock After January depending on interest I will do Teewah creek strain
  10. .Looking for some advise just looking to do some spawning for fun an see what i get i have about 3-5 female goldfish (2yellow common, 1white an orange fan, 1white oranda, 1calico mix) oranda an mix fan i am unsure about, have been chased but couldnt see egg drops an have 4-5 males (2yellow common, 2calico mix fans, orand an white oranda) was going to try spawn next year but noticed the 2 female commons being chased so thought why not. Took them out into a shallow container of tank water then put 2 males in an done the fish by hand males first so water went cloudy then the females about 80-120 eggs each (small females already chased for a while) eggs went white by the next day, is there anything else i can do next time?
  11. Ok so upon my several hundred daily inspections of my tank I noticed this on one of my Amazon Sword leaves.... This is only the second time I've ever had angels spawn on me and this has happened over night. I'm assuming it's this pair of angels as they won't leave the leaf alone and chase all other angels, neons and silver sharks away from it. What do I do??? Remove the leaf? Which isn't really an option as the only empty tank I have is ingested and cycling, do I remove all the fish that could attack/eat including parents?? Or do I cut the leaf out and put it into an in tank fry basket type thing? Or just leave them to their own devices?!?! Help ASAP!! I'd love to actually get some babies out of this!! I don't even know what to feed them?!? Luke
  12. How about this! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=13b_1377633230 NASA - A Fish Friendly Facility for the International Space Station
  13. Just been mucking around again, gotta have something fishy to do when too windy for actual fishing
  14. It may just be a co-incidence but after the storms last night I checked my tanks this morning to find a clutch of eggs on the bottom of one of my tanks with a colony of Pepps in it (all my Pepps kick the eggs except for 1 male) . These guys have not bred for a while so I'm thinking the storm (rapid low pressure change ?) was enough to spur them on. I am well aware of the theories about this but wanted to know some results as we haven't had a storm like this for a while. I'd like to know who else had a spawn overnight, what type of fish they were and especially if they hadn't bred for a while.
  15. I recently moved 8 Pristella Tetra into their own tank and BAM .. they spawned for the first time ever. Would have been great if they hadn't killed a female in the process! I found her dead the next morning and I can only assume they exhausted her? Would this be right? Turns out there were 6 males to 2 females (I can't tell them apart until they are spawning). Last week they started on the last female, so I've moved her to another tank until I can work out what to do. a) first thought was to do a WTB ad for more females but what if they still target one at a time and exhaust them to death also? then thought of re-homing the 6 males, buying 6-7 new ones (all too young to sex at pet shop) in the hope of getting a lower male mix, to add with the adult female I still have... not easy though when I've had them over a year and they were my first fish. c) This is my preference unless anyone can see a problem with it: keep the 6 males in their 3ft with NO females and leave the single female in the 4ft with the guppies, neons and sterbai (they all grew up together). I know this isn't great for a tetra but right now she seems happy.. she's eating well, being very interactive and showing no real signs of stress. From Day 1 of getting them she has always done her own thing, whereas the other 7 stuck together. Could she possibly be ok long term as a solo tetra? Anyone had experience with that? All thoughts appreciated.. Cheers.
  16. I've been lucky enough to catch the start of my Peacock Bass spawning for the first time. Enjoy
  17. I had a pair of Whiptails spawn the other day. Problem is that the eggs didn't stay attached to the 'glass'. I've collected about 30 eggs off the substrate and they're definitely fertilised and tumbling okay, should hatch in the next day or so. The tank is a Sun Sun acrylic type. Just wondering if anyone else had had the same thing happen, is there a difference between glass and acrylic where the eggs have trouble sticking to the side of the tank in acrylic aquariums or is it something else? I plan to put a piece of slate in there to see if they use that instead. Thoughts??
  18. Hi all, I'm fairly new to fishkeeping, I currently have one Veiltail Betta (male) and ten Neon Tetras. Over the last week the Neon Tetras have been spawning like crazy! There are clusters of eggs everywhere, I'm not sure what I need to do. The Betta just looks at the eggs and swims away, he's not quite sure what he's looking at... LOL. Any tips on what I can do about these babies? I only have the one 20L tank, and have nowhere to put them, I don't really want to move the eggs.
  19. This goes out to all the breeders out their. My new jack Dempsey male must really know how to treat the ladies cause I already have a second spawn of eggs in my tank in the fortnight. Last time as it was their first spawn I just thought I might leave the nice bit of slate with all the eggs on to see how they would go not expecting great success in my community tank. So I geared up for the next spawn ready to take the rock out this time with my new fry tank setup, and as I feared when seeing them clear a hole down to the base glass they went away from the 100kg of slate to choose from and spawned on the glass. Am I safe to assume that u can't scrape up the eggs and move them without killing them? How often should I expect this spawning to occur, is it usually this frequent? Thanks guys/gals Mitch.
  20. I bought this pair at the start of the week and have conditioned them during the week. I setup the spawn tank yesterday and released the female last night. I woke up this morning to this.. They have been going at it since at least 8:30 this morning and only just finished
  21. hey all, was curious what everyone has used, liked, loved or hated. personally i have used nylon rope separated and tied together to a floating boy. wool tied into a bundle and floated. mop heads. i think this year im going to try a pot filled with rockwool and planted with a big bunch of ambulia
  22. Hi all, what material should be used for making mops, I thought it was synthectic wool but when i went looking at the shops they had no idea what i was talking about & that was lincraft & bigw. Pete.
  23. I have had these guys less than a year. Noticed they were all flaring up at each other yesterday and this is what i woke up to Check out the hump on my little male!! He is around 23-4cms
  24. I thought I might share some photos of my two angel fish spawning. It might help other newbies to see what happens and how to tell the sexes apart. I was lucky enough to buy only 2 angels (they were babies not much bigger than 5c pieces) and they paired up. They have raised fry 4 times now. But being in a community tank the fry have only lasted a day free swimming. This is FEMALE: This is MALE: Eggs: Fertilization;
  25. Whats a good food that gets plecos into spawning condition?
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