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  1. Hi all, I am or have not been a fan of frontosabut recently I looked up how many species there are of frontosa. I was amazed to find there are around 15 various strains geographically located around the lake. Of those we seem to only have about 4 of the sepcies. I don't know if it is cost or not but I was looking for C. Gibberosa "Nangu" as these are a deep water frontosa and the adults look impressive. I may be a bit naieve but the import of Cyphotilapia spp does not identify the individual species. Surely there are people with the contacts or ability to coordinate a buy and possible add in other species that people may want such as new blood in apistos or other species. What do you think?
  2. Could anybody out there tell me how many different species of peacock bass there are in Australia? I am looking for Cichla temensis young ones. If anybody could help out. Thanks
  3. It could be a sad sad day if this does go ahead and comes to fruition and the damming of Amazon, Congo and Mekong basins. 450 additional dams being planned or under construction. The we season plays a integral role. Interesting article in Practical Fishkeeping http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=6983
  4. Hey guys, found this thread over at PerthCichlid.com.au and thought it was worth posting here as comprehensive lists of fish we have available here are always helpful. Original thread: http://www.perthcichlid.com.au/forum/in ... ded&start= (Thanks to Alan and Tammy) ---------- Corydoras: adolfoi aeneus, albino, black, Peru green, high fin ambiacus arcuatus atropersonatus axelrodi agassizii barbatus * reclassified Scleromstax barbatus bicolor (Doubtful) bifasciatus (Doubtful) bondi brevirostrus burgessi caudimaculatus cervinus concolor davidsandsi duplicareus elegans ehrhardti gossei habrosus haraldschultzi hastatus imitator julii kanei leopardus leucomelas loretoensis loxozonus maculatus melanistius melanistius melanistius melinotaenia melini metae napoensis nattereri nijesseni oiapoquensis ornatus paleatus, albino, golden, high fin panda polystictus punctatus pygmaeus rabauti reticulatus robineae schwartzi serratus seussi similis simulatus sodalis sterbai, albino surinamensis (Doubtful) trilineatus undulatus venezuelanus virginiae weitzmani zygatus These guys are said to be more closely related to Corydoras melanotaenia then aeneus. Thanks to Ian Fullers Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish for clearing that up. sp. green stripe * sp. orange stripe * sp. red stripe * Following C numbers are also in the country: C38 (colour variant of serratus) C40 CW45 C90 Hope this helps some people out there looking to get into some of the less common Corydoras.
  5. what are the best sand sifters around? i was looking online about somileptes gongota aka moosehead loach, jaguar loach, gongota loach. has anyone had any good sand sifters?
  6. Can anyone I.D this plant? The bulb was given to the original owner during a plant swap and apparently it's an uncommon plant, it's been steadily growing since I purchased the tank, however not fast enough to know what it is yet. The leaf pattern remains consistent with each leaf. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  7. Hi everyone, After some one advice and assistance. I saw a small tank at a shop which was around 2-3 feet long and only about 15 cm high and wide and thought that would look good with some shellies in it. So so I want to make this my first DIY aquarium project. So decisions: Size? 3x1/2x1/2? Dimensions? Exact glass measurements? Glass thinkness, the glass shop said they can do 6mm or 10mm, so I'm unsure. Filtration, heat etc! so many questions, any help would be awesome.
  8. Just thought I would start a thread to see what geos are still available in aus. If it's been done before could someone link me in the right direction. It seems that there popularity is growing again so it would be a great time to know what's here. I would also like to get as many species as possible before they fade away again, so start breeding them up lol THE LIST; Geophagus orange head tapajos Geophagus orange head arugiga Geophagus steindachneri Geophagus brachybranchus Geophagus sp rio branco Geophagus brasiliensis Geophagus cf Argyrostictus Geophagus alfritons Geophagus alfritons aripuauana I Geophagus alfritons aripuauana II Geophagus abalios Geophagus pindare Geophagus sp columbia venezuela Santoperca luecostica Gymnophoagus balzinii Biotodoma cupido Acarichthys hecklii Some of my spelling may be wrong lol If anyone knows of others I will add them to the list, if you don't want everyone to know what you have you could pm me and I will add them. Please only guaranteed sightings. Cheers mick
  9. I am having a little trouble identifying my fish i got from a friend. He says its a Melanochosmic and then someone else has said its an electric yellow, if these are one of the same, Im not sure since I'm stlll learning or if its something completely different. If someone can help that would be awesome. thanks.
  10. So i have a spare 4x2x2 in my african nreeding rack now, so what i've decided is to breed something that people want but are hard to get hold of or don't see enough around any thoughts on what i should consider throw them at me i'm all ears? Currently i'm breeding, venustus (just kicked them out too many fry now), electric blue (not sure if i will stick with them), mpanga, maingano, electric yellows (not creamy yellows), and my absolute favourote Demasoni
  11. I know there isn't that many around of the Buccochromis species so interested to see who is keeping what. If you are, What species of buccos are you owning? I'm breeding Buccochromis Lepturus and have 70+ wigglers now and growing out Buccochromis Rhoadesii for future breeding. Such stunning fish the buccos are
  12. I have 6 albino corys and I'm looking at buying a range of different corydora species from around the Gold Coast area. Preferably closer to adult size rather than juvies but open to almost anything, just let me know what you have, pictures and a price. Thanks!
  13. Wondering if someone has something like this Checklist of the Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi (Lake but an up to date version. This one is 2009 and much has changed since then.
  14. Hi guys new to this sight and looking to get involved I have been keeping a tank with rainbows , purple spotted gudgeons and fire tail gudgeons anything I catch in the creek that flows through my property at Daguilar. I have caught the fish below this is the second one and it's not native and would like to know if anyone can identify it for me. Also if this is not a native and a population is growing is there a authority that should be notified so this fish doesn't cause a problem down the track like the carp has? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - Monty1968
  15. Wow, although in the picture he doesn't look all that healthy. New Species of Giant Fish Arapaima Discovered in Brazil | Biology | Sci-News.com
  16. Hi All, I'm in the process of setting up a 4ft (200L) mbuna tank and I was looking for some advice on species to stock. I'm aiming for a pretty easy and peaceful mix and at the moment I'm thinking of Yellow Labs and Rusties. For the third species I'd like to add some blue and have been thinking of Mainganos. Will these be too aggressive for the other two species? If so, what would be a good alternative? I appreciate your help. Cheers
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Bamboo corals and more! The Large Picture Blog: Marine Biology
  19. Hi all, I set up a 4 x 2 x 2 tank at my school last year. Everything's been going quite well, but the last few months I've some serious aggression issues. Three of the Pindani I had in there were killed by a very aggressive Albino Eureka red male. I removed him from the tank and things settled. Now unfortunately, the female Eureka Reds I have in the tank are all showing severe fin damage. They show aggression to each other as well as being targeted by the last albino female I have the tank (soon to be relocated). I only have three Eureka females and one pure Eureka male. Other tank mates are 6x Black Acei (from butch on these forums. One is ready to spawn.) 4 x Electric Yellows (I think 2 male and 2 female but I haven't sexed them yet) 2 x remaining Pindani from a batch of 5 1 x Chinese algae eater (recently bought to control alage on back of tank) So, I'm wondering if I need to throw a few more females of the Eureka's in the tank to spread the aggression. Currently one is in my little iso cube so she can rest and recover. That only leaves two in the main tank and today I noticed serious tail fin damage to both of them. If I throw in another three females, will that help? The other option is to scrap the Eureka's completely and go for something else in the tank. I stocked it based roughly off a guide from the Cichlid Forum site (American site, really helpful. I discovered it before I found out about this place). I could swap the Red's for another colony of Aulanocaras. Apparently the Eurekas are fairly aggressive for their type. I know Butch is selling breeding colonies of other Aulanocaras and I could happily purchase from him again, since his fish are quality. The only problem with that option is I don't have anywhere to put the Eureka's if I do that. No room in my home tanks and none in either my brothers or brother in laws tanks. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  20. Hey, do anyone knew any breeders that sell stingray species such as Leopoldi and Hystrix ray ? I do not want motoro stingray as they grow to 36" in the wild, however, I am not very sure about the motoro stingray max size in captivity and also I am not interested in the native Australian stingray as I know they are freaking large.
  21. this fish was apparently caught in Brazil. wouldn't this be awesome to own!
  22. this fish was apparently caught in Brazil. wouldn't this be awesome to own! Edit: somehow i made this in the african cichlid thread :S Delete please
  23. Welcome to OBIS! | OBIS Not a bad little toy, and getting better all the time.
  24. New Species of Fighting Fish Found in Thailand | Biology | Sci-News.com Well not quite. Just that B. sp. "Mahachai" has officially been described. Now I have to remember to add a ensis on to the end of the name every time I type it.
  25. Thought this was pretty interesting as to where each species is in the lake
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